When you meet someone for the first time, it is normal to start conversation with them so you can get to know each other even better. Talking to someone can prove to be quite hard if you have been raised in quite a different manner then the person you are talking to. For that specific reason, we have to inform you what to pay attention to, and what you should try and use when you are talking to woman from Russia. First of all, most important thing for them , as a nation, is their culture and their legacy. You should avoid making jokes and trying to use some facts if you are not sure that they are correct. If you are unsure about some data, it is much more pleasing to say that you do not know much about their culture.

It is always best to be sincere as persons who are will always be respected and recommended to others for such attitude. Also, you should avoid putting pressure on topics such as turmoils in Russia and their neighbor countries, as it is somewhat delicate matter. You might end up talking to person who lost someone in conflict and that can be quite a terrible thing. Of course, if you get stuck in such topic started by the woman you are talking to, you should try and take all of the facts, maybe even use some of the data you might have heard, but do not forget why you are here. You are here to find happiness and not to discuss world politics. For that reason, you should try and start conversation by giving the woman few nice compliments about her overall look, hair, makeup, education or something you have seen on her profile what attracted you to start conversation with her.

When you finally get to the part of the dating, you must understand that it is very important to them. What it actually means to them, is when you are dating someone, it is expected to marry him one day. It is also one part of the tradition they are following. For that reason, they will not start dating with you right away, and they will spend much time in conversations. When you are dating woman from Russia, you will have to pay attention to all of the small things. For example, woman from Russia expect man to have good manners and to be polite as it is described in various books. As an example, it is expected that you are the one who will pay all of the bills, and that you will hold her coat to help her dress up.

Also, you should pay attention to all of the manners that come with that, like holding the door, pulling out chair and stepping up when she stands up. It is not something that is mundane, but it is huge plus for you as a person. We suggest you to try and get a grip to all of the things above mentioned so you can have happy life with the person who understands your needs and is willing to spend their life with you.