If you are interested in Russian women, you should first check out what they are like and what is their behavior in general as well as customs in their country. First of all, you must understand that they care much about their look and they will give their best to always be tidy while they are with you and in public. It is not something that should be considered bad, it is something they have been thought to do as it is something they get from their culture and home education.


Also, with that you should know that in their culture dating is very serious. Yes, they do get out and spend time with guys, but dating is something that is far more serious than spending time out. Dating in their culture is first step towards marriage and for that reason, you should be aware that it is not something that is taken very lightly when you are dating a Russian woman. When you start dating Russian woman you should pay attention to all small things that most of the woman like. For example, you should never forget her birthday, or March the 8th – Women’s Day


Considering that specific date, you should know that in their culture it is respected quite a lot. To make it easier to understand, try mixing at same date birthday, day that is special for some nice reason and add to it your anniversary. Concerning those special days, you should not forget to get them a present. It is not important if it is not expensive one, as most of them actually do not like to spend too much money on it, but it is the effort and attention they respect as well as the time to go out and get her a present. Following that logic, you should also know that it is a huge plus if you are paying attention to their look and compliment them often. Also, one of the things that is considered normal is to pay all of the bills when you take her out.

In their culture, man should always act like a gentleman, that means that you should always hold doors for her, help her get coat on, hold chair for her and similar. That is not something that will win you a girl, but it will be a huge plus. For all those reasons, dating a Russian woman can be a bit strange, but they are very grateful for those small things. They excel in all house works and are very good at organizing their obligations on daily basis no matter how tight their schedule is. For all of those reasons online dating sites are there to try and help them find someone with whom they can find true happiness and make happy someone with whom they can live happily. Even though you have heard that they come from country that is not so popular recently, as there some political issues, not everyone is interested in politics and there are those who only seek happiness.

7 Tips How to Impress a Russian Woman

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