It is in the nature of every living being to spend its life with someone and not live alone for its whole life. That is why we have decided and help you find someone who will understand your needs and live happily with you. When we are talking about dating Russian women, there is always a question why are they seeking partners outside their own country. Answer to that question is very simple. Due to the turmoils in the past 50 years, there is significantly bigger number of women than man in Russia who are willing to take the risks and find their happiness outside their own country. For that reason, they make no judgments in general and they are very open minded.


For that reason, interracial marriages are something that is accepted as normal. Everyone understands what it actually means to be happy and it is not some uncrossable boundary as you might think. What you should know, is that dating itself is something they consider very serious in their culture. Their culture is based on tradition, and that is why they take dating very serious. Talking about culture, you should know that their main frame for it is based on roles. It is woman’s role to work in kitchen, cook, wash laundry and rest of the house works, while it is man’s role to have stable job and provide all of the necessities. From that, it is understood that man should always pay all of the bills when he takes the girl out and as well as show manners.


You should pay attention to all those small things women like. For example, if you are waiting for her at some restaurant or sitting in general, when she comes near you should get up, help her take off her coat and help her adjust her chair when sitting down. Also, it is expected from man to get up when she does and help her when she is putting her coat back on.

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Those small things will not win girl for you, as that is simply something your personality has to, but this will be a huge plus for you in general. Who knows, if you do not get the right one from the first try, she maybe has friend who is single and might be interested in you. All those good manners would shame to be thrown away like they are nothing.

Comparing to the American women, you will notice many pros and cons at same time, as with everything in life. Most of the women are highly educated, and they are happy to do the house works, but they do not like spending a lot of time doing nothing but resting on sofa or hanging out in town. That is why they excel in housework, as they always find time to do something that has to be done no matter hot much job they have left. With that, they are quite willing to help their man in all daily obligations and be there to support him when he gets in some troubles.