Something that has become somewhat normal is to encounter dating site on the Internet, and first thing you can notice on it is that they have a lot of Russian women who are trying to find someone to spend their life with. If you are asking yourself why you should be interested in dating with someone who might be too far away from you, than you should first ask yourself why you are living alone. They have made first step towards the life with someone and you should follow their example and check if you maybe can find one of them whose way of thinking might be the same as yours. All you have to do is register to the site and start finding someone with similar interests like yours. Who knows, it might end up quite nicely for both of you and you can start living together in harmony for the rest of your lives.

But until then, here are few things you should know so you can get to that part a bit easier. You will have to do some researching on your own so you can appropriately address them and not make an insult by accident. As Russia is a big country, there are many customs in every region, but they vary a lot, so there is no need to go that far. You only need basics so you do not make some serious mistake and end up badly. When you have that covered, you should start working on your manners and prepare yourself to meet your date. In their customs, everything is related to the tradition and there is quite a big need to follow it. One of such things is to show manners of a real gentleman and help your date with everything she might be carrying, offer her your coat if she is cold, help her take off and back on her coat, hold her chair when she sits and all other small things that make real gentleman.

This will not win the girl for you, as she has already accepted to get out on a date for you, it is obvious that she was attracted to you. What is more important is that she will get much better image of you in her head and you will fit her perfect image of the prince quite nicely. Also, you should not forget to show her that she means something to you and that she is special to you. Simplest way to do so is by separating some free time to get out and spend time with her and from time to time by her some small presents. There is no need to spend too much money on them as it is not the amount of money that is important but the dedication and willingness get out and actually get something for her. That will show her that you are thinking of her quite often and that she really means something special to you and that you are filing quite comfortable in her presence.