In the last few decades there have been some terrible turmoils around Russian territory and to add to that that nature decided that there was bigger need of female children in Russia, there are a lot more women than man these days. For those reasons, you can find Russian woman on one of the dating sites who are willing to spend their life with you in happiness. At first, all started with women who were unhappily living their lives alone on the far north region of the country and who wanted more from life some 15-20 years ago. When some of them succeeded in finding their happiness on other places, others followed their steps and started trying to find their own happiness.

That is why these days dating sites are crowded with young, attractive and highly educated women from Russia on many dating sites. It is rooted deep in their culture that woman should spend her life with someone rather than living alone, and because of that they make judgements what race or skin tone their partner might be and what religion they are. Also, add to that that they are willing to live with someone who is way older than them for as long as they are paying attention to them and making them happy in their life. Making a Russian woman happy can be somewhat either difficult or hard, depending how you were raised and what culture you live.

If you have the habit of paying attention to them and compliment them when they change their haircut, put on new makeup or buy some new piece of clothes, than you will have no issues with gaining few bonuses. However it is far better to step on a new level of it and show to her that you are thinking about her by offering her some small presents from time to time. What is also a big cultural difference is the very term of “dating”. When you mention that same term in western culture, it is related to partners spending their time together in life to check if they are compatible to start living together and consider the marriage at some point. Dating in western cultures is quite a loose term comparing to the Russian term of dating.

In Russian culture dating is the last step two partners take as the last phase of their life before making their relationship official and get married. During that time, they meet each others families and their families meet to get to know each other and agree on how the things will work for their children. As there are no two things that are totally identical on this world, also we are all different and these guides do not have to be true. What is most important is to have a slight clue of what to expect if you start dating with Russian woman so you do not get surprised if at some point she wants to do one thing or another regardless if you are aware of that or not.

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