Russian women and wedding

Russian women are desired by many men. There are many reasons why this happens. This article will get you to know what steps you should undertake to make your dream come true. How to marrying a Russian woman in Russia.

Why marry Russian women?

Before talking about what to do we should enlighten why you should marry a Russian woman and not the other one. Here are a few reasons to consider:

  1. Russian ladies are very supportive and ready to surround people they love with care and joy. It’s probably one of the most significant reasons why you should marry her. She will never leave you alone or be indifferent to your problems and stuff. She will give the best advice and be by your side when you need it so much.
  2. Russian ladies look gorgeous for two reasons: they are naturally beautiful and pay much attention to their looks and dressing style. It’s a top priority in their life to have their own style and save youth and charm as much as they can.
  3. Ladies from Russia will provide the role which suits you in the relationship. It means that they won’t try to dominate, take over you and prove that they play the main role. It’s gonna be yours. She knows her priorities and will fiercely follow them. They are taking care of her family, loyalty to her husband, and being a good mother and wife.
  4. Russian women have rather good health which means that they will help you to create a strong family.
  5. Russian ladies appreciate family the most due to the traditions of their upbringing. At the same time, they try to be successful at work, but it’s not the first and foremost goal in their lives that distinguishes Russian ladies from Western ones.
Reasons for marrying Russians

How should I look for a Russian wife?

Marrying a Russian woman in Russia isn’t as hard as you think. The easiest and cheapest way out is going to an online dating platform that will offer you possible candidates to consider. You can even filter these and choose the woman that will suit you the most, sorting them out according to age, height, weight, eye color and whatever you want to see in your future wife. However, you have to be careful of this because not all the platforms are reliable and can be trusted.

The best ones are the following: RussianCupid, BridesBay, Badoo, Tinder, Mamba (the last three are extremely popular in Russia). Before registering read some reviews on the platform you have chosen so to avoid scamming.

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There’s one more solution. Just go straight to Russia! It’s one of the best ways to meet your future bride because the first date will be in person. This will allow to know each other better and decide from the very first time if you match or not. Moreover, it’s a great chance to admire the beauty of this unique country!

Where in Russia can you meet a single lady? Cinemas, theatres, restaurants will be just fine but you never know what place is the best one. Just try to be around more people as much as you can.

How can I attract Russian women?

In order to marry a Russian woman in Russia, you should behave wisely. Here we mean that you should plan what you do and should have an appealing personality.

  1. First, try to look as clean and tidy as you can. It’s not obligatory to wear expensive and classy clothes, just try to watch how you look and be attentive to your appearance.
  2. A good smell is what attracts all women despite their nationality. Again, here’s the same thing. Perfume shouldn’t be too expensive to smell fine.
  3. Be sincere when you communicate with a Russian lady. Get interested in her hobbies and life priorities, make compliments and be attentive to what she says.
  4. If there are some difficulties with English from her side, try to make some effort in learning Russian. It will seem romantic to her.
  5. Be as romantic as you can even if you don’t know how to do it. Simple signs of attention like flowers and sweets will melt her heart.
  6. Don’t push her speaking of the sex stuff. Just be patient and learn to wait because this needs time in any relationship.

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What should you do when you found your future Russian wife?

If you met in person and see that you like each other, both of you may start thinking of getting married. If your future bride lives in Russia, she may want to marry there. There are some explanations for this: a desire to see own parents during the wedding ceremony and she will just feel more confident in her own territory. So, let’s consider the situation when you will marry in Russia.

Preparation for Russian marriage
  • Collecting all the necessary documents is the first step to make.

It can be a bit tricky but if you really wish to marry, nothing is insurmountable. The papers you both have to collect should confirm that you are not currently married or give evidence of the fact that you are officially divorced. Getting such papers to Russia from abroad can take a lot of time and a decent sum of money. Before starting to collect papers, you have to find out what exactly is needed to make your marriage legal.

  • The next thing is taking these documents to the registry office. Not all of them are ready to work with foreigners, but in every Russian city you will be definitely able to do it.

Don’t forget about paying a state duty, which is 350 rubles. After that, you should sign a special marriage application which confirms that both of you are willing to get married. After being done with this, you will get a choice of dates possible for official registration. You can sign the application one month in advance of the wedding, this is the latest time period according to the law in Russia.

How to marry Russian

If you choose to get married in summer, you should think about it at least half a year before. You can ask why. The matter is that summer in Russia is a “hot season” for marriage. The registry offices are packed with brides and grooms.

  • When you know the date of your most desired day, your bride may start dreaming about making it as special as it’s possible. Not all the men want to make a great celebration out of it, but for the majority of women, it’s very important.

So, our advice here is the following: don’t try to be against it. Every single woman dreams of wearing a queen white dress and remember this very moment for the rest of her life. That’s why plan all the celebration in advance. You have to find a photographer, the best restaurant, a dress, a suit, and everything else you and your future bride want.

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Why do Russian women look for foreign husbands?

Finally, as long as you know why you want to marry a Russian woman in Russia, you may start wondering what are the reasons for their desire to marry foreigners. It’s easy to explain this. The chief causes include the following:

  1. Russian women don’t see appropriate candidates in their own country. It is reasonable because there are fewer men in Russia in comparison with women. Second, many Russian men tend to drink too much alcohol which lowers them speaking of social status. It’s understandable that women won’t desire to live with such a man. That’s why they turn their eyes abroad or just on the foreigners. At the same time, men in Russia don’t consider Russian women charming and extremely beautiful, they are just ordinary to them.
  2. Russian ladies aren’t satisfied with what’s going on in their home country. They want to change their life for the better. They want their lives to be more stable economically. Moreover, there are some other problems in Russia, like poor living conditions in some villages and inappropriate medical service.
  3. Russian women look for foreign husbands because they are just different. They want some adventures in their life, that’s why we see the evident longing to move abroad and have a foreign husband.

We hope this article was useful to you and will help in marrying a Russian woman in Russia. Be very attentive to your bride and you will succeed in living a happy life ever after!