If you want to love and be loved – do not remain passive. Go for it!

Many women wonder about happiness, but the right answer almost no one finds… This article will help to understand how to become a happy woman.

It all depends on how much You are able to accept knowledge and, most importantly, whether you do it with faith in this knowledge. Attitude to the article with skepticism will bring nothing but disappointment.

Tune in for a serious reading of the article.

What is the female nature?

Before you figure out how to become a happy woman, you need to understand what is the nature of women. Only then will the path to happiness become clear.

A woman is strong only in the sphere of personal relations.

The true purpose of women (you can click) is manifested in the family and relationships with loved ones, and not in work, business, sports or something else. The power in a close relationship comes to a woman when she serves in that relationship, and does not expect anything from them.

What does it mean “serving”?

This means that it should take care of others, help them, communicate, and it should be done very actively. This is the behavior of women. When a woman behaves like a woman, then she becomes naturally beautiful and attractive, including for the opposite sex.

It is a big mistake when women think that it is enough to make up and dress nicely to be beautiful. Yes, external attractiveness is important, of course. But on external often are attracted men with the appropriate motives: sex and pleasure, i.e. nothing serious and responsible.

When a woman behaves like a woman, she has the opportunity to get married (if she is unmarried) or family relations begin to improve dramatically (if she is married). Improvement in family life is manifested in the fact that the husband begins to treat her with much more love, care and affection.

Beautiful happy woman

Advice to unmarried women on how to find happiness

In order not just to get married, but to do it successfully, a woman needs to begin to engage in spiritual development, study spiritual laws and communicate with elevated people.

That’s when she’ll really understand how to be happy. Of all the large selection of men, which, of course, appears in the right-minded woman, she will be able to choose a decent and most developed man.

Do not seek to attract men with its external beauty, forgetting about the beauty of the inner. What’s in Your heart can ultimately help create a happy family. Once again, I remind You of the importance of spiritual development, which helps a person in absolutely all life situations, unlike most modern psychological techniques.

For example, if we talk about the happiness of a woman, she needs to constantly tell herself that she is happy. It is believed that after a while a woman should start to feel successful and happy.

Isn’t that crazy? And the same Opera and Carnegie’s advice to smile everywhere and everyone. Supposedly it will also help to become happy.

Unfortunately, many people believe that, but the truth is that this approach does not work. You can pretend to be a happy woman as much as you want, but it will not bring happiness.

Such a drumming of thoughts into your head is a waste of time and introduces a woman into an even greater illusion.

A real woman develops spiritually

Most girls ask one very important question: How to become a happy woman alone without a man?

The trouble with our society and modern methods of education is that they do not teach the younger generation really important things in life. For example, it is not accepted to say that even before the creation of relations and family, a woman should learn to be happy (and a man, too, by the way).

Ideally, each person should strive to ensure that his sense of happiness and satisfaction does not depend on the various material manifestations of this world.

A woman does not need to think that you can be happy only in a relationship with a man. Thus, it deprives itself of other possibilities of happiness.

Much more happiness can be obtained from spiritual life and God. This is the only kind of happiness that has a truly eternal nature, while material happiness from family, husband, children, money passes sooner or later.

Whether a married woman or a single one, she can be happy. Recipe is simple. A woman is woven of love and happiness, she is a manifestation of love.

If a woman feels unhappy, it means that she needs to learn to love, that is, to learn to behave like a woman.

How to learn? This was mentioned above:

  • care,
  • help,
  • communicate,
  • like: Whom? Relatives, friends, animals.

When a woman behaves like a woman, gives love to others, then in her love and happiness becomes even more, she becomes incredibly attractive regardless of what her appearance. Everyone needs a woman like that.

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The main enemy of woman’s happiness

An unhappy woman feels when she shows stinginess and greed in a relationship of love.

There is a very interesting and symbolic example on this topic.

If the street is to plant a very beautiful rose that is fragrant and pleasing to all (gives love), it will stay there for long, it’ll break. What about planting some poison ivy? No one will need it, if only the same person with the same internal poisonous mood.

A woman that everyone needs

If a woman has become generous in love with other people, it means that she becomes 100% happy.

This is how our world works. You need to understand what love is and what is not.

For example, forcing her husband to talk to her gently and tenderly — it’s not love. But to speak gently and behave so that he changed and wanted to be with her gentle love.

Or to demand that a husband buy something is not love, but greed. And to behave so that the husband himself wanted to buy everything is love.

A woman needs to overcome avarice and greed in love.

As soon as she does, her inner and outer beauty will be revealed. This will give a sincere, honest and happy relationship with all others.

Summary: how to become a happy and beloved woman?

Let’s make a brief summary of all the above, so now You know exactly how to become a happy woman:

  • No need to wait for love from others, you just need to start serving and giving love;
  • Only female behavior is the key to happiness in the life of any woman;
  • A woman needs to develop spiritually to generate more love and better understand people;
  • The cause of suffering and misfortune of a woman is avarice and greed in the relationship of love (care, help, communication, respect) with all others.

These 4 points are necessary in order to become a developed and satisfied woman. Use them in your life, the result will come very soon. Remember that a strong woman is one who behaves according to her nature, and a weak woman is one who rebels against her nature and acts like a man.

According to a survey of Dating apps, three happy heterosexual couples formed after a woman wrote to a man first. Employees of the application analyzed 100 couples who lived happily for at least a year after meeting on the Internet.

However, the expert on relations Madeleine Mason believes that such a discovery can be considered a discovery only in the world of Internet Dating:

In real life, women often take the first step, just do not realize it. Men rarely take care of a woman, if not previously received from her a clear signal of interest: a smile, a nod, hair correction, etc. This is the instinctive behavior of a woman in real life.

It is also interesting that happy couples, formed thanks to acquaintances on the Internet, have an average age difference – 3 years. In addition, 80 per cent of them had the same level of education. On average, a man and a woman sent 34 messages to each other before they exchanged phones.

Well, if you feel that you have not been in a strong, warm, romantic and truly happy relationship for too long, take the situation into your own hands. Write to the first person you like. Actively flirt with men in real life. Feel free to write to those who are older or younger than you. And do not worry when online correspondence is delayed – if you show a sincere interest in a man, he will sooner or later ask you for your phone number.

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