A picture of Polish women

There is a widely spread notion that ladies of Russian descent are beautiful and conservative. The idea has a pretty solid ground, as many topics on this very site suggest. And as the answer to ‘why is it so’ lies deep within the genetic heritage of Russians, you may start wondering, if their distant relatives share same traits.

It doesn’t only include Ukrainian and Byelorussians — the most culturally close peoples — the other two branches of Slavic family are pretty close in culture, temper and so on to Russians. 

So, do Polish, Czech, Serbian and other Slavic ladies resemble Russian women, and how distant are they exactly? This is a very complex (hence the ‘research’ label), but a relevant question. People largely ignore other Slavic girls in pretty much every way, but should they still do it? 

Reasons why other Slavic women don’t receive the attention

Pretty much all West- and South-European females receive a bunch of attention when it comes to dating. Most notably French, Italians, and Spanish, but the relationship with a European is often considered exotic nevertheless. However, it doesn’t include Eastern Europeans.

Scientifically speaking (as we all are scientists here), prejudices about Easterners (among whom the Slavs are the majority) have much to do with politics and the Cold war. Everyone knows about the propaganda war, in which even the animals of an opposite bloc were demonized. But there’s something else.

When an average Westerner (American or West-European) thinks of a communist country, chances are — he/she thinks about either USSR or Eastern Germany. Whereas Russian women have long been rumored to be extremely attractive, Germans… were not so much.

So, firstly, you may say that German women (no offense, German women) have played their part in establishing an idea that East-Europeans are rather harsh in looks and attitude. 

Secondly, there is an ancient belief, which is somewhat true, that Eastern Europe is a cesspool of Europe. This, with the region being much poorer than the West, the North or the South, is not so hard to believe. It has always been dominated by Turkey, Russia, and German-speaking states, and never received any substantial development up until the last century.

Thus, the Eastern Europe is not so popular and barely anyone really cares, what’s going on in there, sadly. That’s where the lack of interest for it or people who live there comes from.

In conclusion, the East of Europe is really one of those places most people know nothing of. That doesn’t mean that Slavic women, living here, are deemed not worth the time. People simply don’t know anything of them.

But don’t worry: now you’re going to know a bit more.

Step-by-step research about West Slavs

There are three branches of the bigger Slavic family in Europe: West Slavs, East Slavs, and South Slavs.

West Slavic peoples are not hard to count – there are just four of them: the Poles, the Sorbs, the Czechs, and the Slovaks. We are going to concentrate on just three biggest, as the fourth is just too small, you’ll hardly meet a Sorbever in your travels. 

The Poles

The Poles live in Poland, surprisingly. They are the second biggest Slavic group in existence, and their country is overall not so bad. Poland is the modern European country, pretty rich and not ‘savage’, as some tend to think of Slavic countries beforehand. 

What unites Polish and Russian women is, to the relief of many, their beauty. 81% of Polish ladies consider themselves ‘very attractive’, which is confident and pretty plausible, from the looks of it. But that’s not all:

— The conservatism of Russian women is one of the main things that attract people from all over the World to them. The traditional way of life’s still valued here and in Poland. Even more so, Polish people are still pretty religious (an oddity nowadays), and the single significant religion is the country is catholicism. That’s why you’ll probably not be scolded for being too moral.

Fascination with Westerners is surprisingly very common in Russia. Russian women are somehow magically attracted to people, who claim to be Americans, British, etc. This adoring of outsiders from the West and the Western values are deeply rooted in Polish society and Polish women.

— They are not very demanding, just like their cousins further to the East. Polish society, like Russian, is about being modest and saving. Thus, a luxurious life is mostly not what anyone wants. Simple leisure always does fine with such types.

Therefore, you may practice the charming skills you sharpened dating Russians on Polish women as well. Just keep in mind, all Polish are extremely proud and confident.

Czechs and Slovaks

Czech woman posing

Slovaks and Czechs are largely very similar in everything, except the Czech Republic is a pretty well-known place, and Slovakia is not.

Nevertheless, they both resemble their Western neighbors a bit more than their distant relatives in Russia. Despite their close friendship with the Poles, Czechs are so much different. The women there are beautiful and still not that demanding, even considering the wealth of their country.

But centuries of close ties to the West and its educational centers have left their mark. They are quite unique next to both Poles and Russians:

  • Czechs and Slovaks are very liberal. If you wanted to leave the turmoil of people trying to prove and/or state something — former Czechoslovakia is just not your place. However, they are very active ‘socially’, keep an open mind and so forth. This makes it easier to hit on an average Czech girl than on Russian.
  • Slovaks and Czechs (mostly Czechs) prefer active leisure to any simple and calm sort of entertainment. Prague is pretty much a night city. And Russians, believe it or not, don’t like to go out quite so often.
  • The Czech temper is not as harsh, as Polish and Russian women sometimes let you know. Czech women are much gentler, but remain proud and… Slavic.

Czechs and Slovaks have wisdom and beauty that of Russian women, but in many other things they are completely opposite. 

However, Slovaks don’t nearly have the possibilities the Czechs possess. Because of that, their mindset is a bit more Eastern than that of a Czech. They are, let’s say, a bit closer to Russians.

And yet, they are very different from an average American or British, that’s why you probably need to learn, how to handle them.

Southern Slavs

Why they are such a mess

On the face of it, the Balkans is just an embassy of Hell on Earth, why would you go there? They still eat people there, right? Well, it’s not that bad, but not quite the Bahamas either. 

There has been a war lately in former Yugoslavia. The war began, because you could see people with completely different values and beliefs in just one village. And the conflict alienated the locals even more. Some here hate Americans and the Western culture, some worship them. And some don’t really care.

It doesn’t affect younger generations that much, but still — you should be careful just to find a girlfriend. Not discouraged yet? Alright, here goes.

The general portrait of a South Slav

Serbian woman in a uniform

It is in nature of the Southern Slav to be almost madly proud and hot-tempered. Much like Russians and Poles, but even worse (or better, if you think it’s a good thing). 

Still, the South Slavic women are attractive, but it varies from richer regions to the more desolated. Serbian, Croat, Slovenian, Bulgarian women may be very attractive, like all other Slavs. 

And here’s how similar Croats and Serbs (as the biggest South Slavic nations) are to Russians:

— They are pretty conservative, once more. Especially Serbs, as they tend to live like Russians. They all mostly practice the old ways of living in traditional families, which is good news.

— They are not demanding at all, because a decade-long war is not something that makes a nation greedy.

— Serbian and Croatian women like spiritual recreation as well as hanging-out. They are emotional, as well as deep and gentle. That’s a really bizarre combo, and you will probably never find a more spiritually rich girlfriend than here.

A good tip would be to stick to those peoples, who like Russians more than Americans, it’s a safe bet. This includes, for example, Serbs, Montenegrins, Macedonians as well as Bulgarians to a degree (by the way, Bulgaria was not a part of Yugoslavia, for the future).

Croats and Slovenians are much more liberal, whereas Bosnia is just a poor divided hole, don’t go there.

In conclusion

The Slavic world is actually an interesting place. Its inhabitants are hard and proud pricks in various degrees of prickness. But at the same time, they are gentle souls, who genuinely enjoy being loved, like any of us. As the research suggests, all Slavs share this, however different they may be.

So yeah, you can use your Russia-sharpened charming skills on other Slavic girls as well, but be ready to improvise. But if your skills are not sharpened yet, you may try either this guide, or the video: