Meet Russian women online for dating

Before we start talking about possible pitfalls in starting a romantic relationship with Russian women online, rest assured that there are much more advantages to online dating than drawbacks. After all, hundreds of thousands people have found their life partners through dating sites, penpal communities, smartphone apps and so on. With the advent of the internet, you have a chance to find the love of your life, too.

According to statistics, these days more than forty million people use online dating services on a regular basis. Every fifth romantic relationship starts over the internet. For a number of reasons, a great many Russian ladies prefer searching for their soul mates abroad rather than in their own country, and it gives you a splendid opportunity to meet the girl of your dreams who’d make a devoted wife and an excellent mother.

But in order to avoid a major heartbreak, there are also things to keep in mind when dating Russian women online.

Russian women online dating pitfalls

Most common pitfalls

If you’re considering using online dating services to improve your love life, there are quite a few reasons why you should do so. By joining an online dating site, you will meet gorgeous Russian ladies you would never meet otherwise. Going through dozens or even hundreds profiles, you’ll refine your ideas about a person you hope to start a romantic relationship with. Overall, it’s a very exciting process, and the ultimate reward is finding a compatible long-term partner. With that in mind, don’t let the drawbacks of dating Russian women online turn you down. Just keep in mind the following pitfalls:

Fake profiles

It’s no secret that photographs of attractive Slavic women can be easily stolen online. And how hard is it to create an amazing profile when you know what the majority of men are looking for?

It is highly advisable to join only reputable sites and read reviews of their previous clients.

Free sites are an abode for all sorts of scammers, so it’s better to register on paid sites with reliable customer service.

Old or heavily edited photos

Russian ladies on dating sites

Russian women are known for their astounding beauty. However, some of them try to appear prettier online than they are in real life. The majority of men are visually oriented, and they will enjoy lovely pictures on their screen without questioning their authenticity. If you’re not one of them, request the girl you are corresponding with to get on video chat. If she refuses, it’s definitely a red flag. Her photos could be taken three, five or even ten years ago, when she used to be younger and prettier.

Of course, appearance is not so important if your lady has a great personality, but having realistic expectations will help you avoid disappointments when meeting her in real life. Also, if you see only professional, heavily photoshopped images in a woman’s profile, it’s recommended to ask for a casual picture or two.

Video sessions always “cut short”

If a girl agrees to video chat with you, but always appears on the screen just for a few seconds, it’s definitely a warning sign. That’s a popular trick scammers would use to prove how real they are. They would just show you a video recording of a girl in front of the camera, and then claim that the session was cut short due to poor internet connection, low battery and what not. Make sure to spend at least ten minutes face to face with a person when dating Russian women online – an interaction like that would be impossible to fake.

Claiming to be in love with you very early in the relationship

There is no doubt, an instant chemistry exists even over the internet. But you may wonder whether it’s possible to fall in love with someone after a couple of letters or a chat via an instant messenger. Usually scammers don’t engage in lengthy correspondence and go “straight for the kill”, so to speak. If the words of love are quickly followed by requests for financial support, it’s better to start searching for your special one elsewhere.

Russian girls for dating online and marriage

Married daters

There is very little danger of stumbling upon a married lady when dating Russian women online. The majority of girls are genuinely interested in finding a future husband and start a healthy relationship with a family oriented man from the USA, Western Europe, Canada or Australia. However, there is a small percentage of ladies who would register on dating sites while staying in a matrimonial relationship with a Russian man. Flirting online provides them a kind of escape from an unhappy marriage.

What can you do to avoid pitfalls?

Generally speaking, the ability to judge well is key in dating Russian women online, or dating any person online, for that matter.

Keep realistic expectations

When you join a dating site, you’re likely to meet all sorts of women. The majority of Russian ladies are a marvellous combination of external and inner beauty, they are loving and caring, smart and witty. They know exactly what they want in life and what they’re looking for. They value family above all and consider their life incomplete without having a husband and kids.

However, there are also young girls without any serious intentions. Their primary goal is to chat to a number of men to assess their attractiveness. There are also women who go online because their parents, friends or colleagues encouraged them to do so (social pressure an unmarried woman is subjected to in Russia is not to be underestimated). Some of the women aren’t emotionally ready for international relationship. Others turn out to be unable to sustain a committed relationship for an extended period of time.

That said, it’s not the reason to lose heart. Just keep your standards high and keep searching. Becoming distrustful will only interfere with you finding the right person – there are many nice Russian women online.

Pay attention to a woman’s character

When dating a Russian girl online, it’s not a wise thing to stay fixated on her appearance, no matter how beautiful and charming she may be. In order to assess her character, pay attention to:

  • The way she responses to humour. Being able to have a good laugh with your partner is extremely important. Be careful though, she may not understand your joke due to the cultural differences or insufficient knowledge of English. In that case, explain patiently what you really meant.
  • The way she handles disagreement and constructive criticism.
  • The way she spends her free time. Hobbies and interests are an important indicator of whether you’re compatible with a person or no.
  • The way she reacts when things go wrong in life.
  • Things she cares most about. Ask the woman about her priorities in life and see whether it’s something you value the most, too.

Actions speak louder than words

It’s not so easy to judge a person based upon their actions when dating online. After all, it’s all about talking and exchanging information about each other before meeting each other in real life. But still, the way a person behaves online speaks volumes of them. For example, if a Russian girl talks only about herself during your video chat, it may be a sign of her being nervous. However, it may also be a sign of self-importance and lack of interest to you. In any case, you would prefer someone who is a good listener, right?

If a lady gives you a false idea about her appearance, age, education or other matter, and then justifies her own actions, it’s rather clear that telling lies is ok with her. It’s up to you whether means justify the ends in this case.

Don’t lose heart

If your experience in online dating is not what you expected, don’t give up easily. Russian women make the best spouses and life-long partners, and if you’re patient and persistent enough, you’ll definitely find what you want. Sometimes, in spite all your efforts, things may turn hurtful or disappointing. But it’s a good lesson to learn for the next time. Sometimes best things in life come for a price, and we’re not talking about money here.