birthday present for an attractive Russian girl you date online

When it comes to giving birthday gifts to attractive Russian girls, there are no universal rules. It’s all depends on a person, their interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. It’s also the question of your budget, originality of thoughts and limits of your imagination.

Send a lovely birthday gift for your Russian girlfriend

How expensive should be your gift?

One thing to remember when choosing a birthday present for a beautiful Russian girl is that it shouldn’t be exorbitantly expensive. It’s better to focus on sentimentality of your gift rather than on its price tag. If you date online and haven’t met your girlfriend on real life so far, sending her costly presents is a big no no – she may thing you’re trying to purchase her affections.

However, if everything is very serious between the two of you and you’re sure this person is your life partner no matter what, there is no reason why you can’t give her a relatively pricy gift. But in any case, keeping it casual is best. Let’s have a look to a few birthday gift ideas that might prove to be useful to you.

Sentimental presents

The majority of attractive Russian girls are extremely romantic by nature, and they like it when a man reveal his sensitive soul. Giving her a sentimental small gift is a proof of our sensitivities and romantic nature. A good example of such gift is a book of love poetry with a dried flower between its pages and a beautiful bookmark with a message from you.

A girl is going to treasure this gift for the rest of her life. Firstly, lots of Russian women are extremely well-read, and they have a soft spot for books. Secondly, love poetry is a proof of your serious intentions. And giving a dried flower is simply an utterly romantic thing to do.

Alternatively, write her a handwritten letter and insert a beautiful greeting card. Pair it with a high quality chocolate bar or some other local goodies, and you’ll get one of the most amazing gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday.


You can never go wrong when sending flowers to a Slavic woman. Beautiful Russian brides adore all sorts of blooms, and a lovely bouquet from you is sure to make your girlfriend’s day on her birthday. Lots of dating sites offer flower delivery services, so you can check out yours. Alternatively, do a quick search to see whether there are some reliable flower delivery companies in her city. These days they offer all sorts of unusual arrangements that are bound to melt a girl’s heart.

Roses in a pretty box is a wonderful idea. However, it’s strongly recommended to find out what her favourite flowers are well in advance. These days girls object to receiving red roses – according to them, a man chooses the easiest route when going for classic red roses. It takes more imagination to select something more original. Chrysanthemums, orchids, tulips, narcissuses, daisies, carnations and gladioluses are at your disposal in the Ukrainian flower shops.


If you know exactly what perfumes she wears, give them to her o n her birthday by all means. She’ll be happy to receive a gift like this. However, if you have no clue, you can still choose some perfumes on your own and tell her you‘ve imagined they will suit her. There is always a chance you’ll succeed, and she’ll definitely appreciate your efforts. Generally speaking, you should go for perfumes of well known brands – their fragrances are more likely to please the majority of women.

 Present for a Russian bride you date online on her birthday

A plush toy

Attractive Russian girls consider a plush toy a wonderful souvenir from a boyfriend. You can go either for a tiny sweet bunny or a huge teddy bear. Make sure it won’t occupy half of her room though. It’s a wonderful present, and romantic Russian girls don’t find it childish at all. They like to cuddle with a soft teddy, bunny, elephant etc. In bed right before falling asleep and think of a person who gave it. And if you want ot be that person ,you know what to do.

Hobby gift items

This is one of the most thoughtful ways to make attractive Russian girls feel special on their birthday. If you give them presents that have something to do with their hobbies, it’s sure to melt their hearts. It means that you deliberately searched for a special present to make your greetings really unique. For example, if she likes embroidery, you can give her a new embroidery kit with lots of colourful high quality threads and great fabrics.

If she likes gardening, give her a set of exotics flower seeds, only make sure it’s possible to grow them in Russia. If she’s a musician, a quaint music box shaped like a miniature piano will out a smile on her face. And if she’s an artist, a set of paints and brushes will make her day!

Gift vouchers

In the world of today, it’s possible to give your Russian girl a voucher form any shop or a salon in her home town. Everything you need is your laptop, internet connection and credit card. Give her a voucher for a certain amount so that she could buy something she really wants. It could be a bookstore, a jewellery shop, a beauty salon, electronics store and so on. Think of your likes and preferences, and make your choice based upon that. To say she will be grateful is to say nothing!

A tri

If she likes travelling and you can afford it, book a trip for her. It’s not necessary to go for air tickets and to plan something out of this world. If she’s a real adventurer and explorer, she’ll be happy to make a trip just to another city in her own country. Train journeys are fabulous, and so are the buses. You can book a nice hotel room for her in that city so she could enjoy her experience without worrying about a place to stay.

Alternatively, you can arrange for the two of you to meet in another country. She’s bound to remember this birthday forever. Make sure to plan a trip according to her interests. If she likes museums and monuments, most probably she won’t appreciate bar hopping. If she’s fond of extreme sports, spending time in an all inclusive hotel is not the best idea.

Before you arrange a trip, make sure she can take a few days off at work.

Birthday gifts that Russian women are always glad to receive

A surprise visit

Attractive Russian girls are very appreciative if a man really puts an effort in order to please them and make them feel special. One of the best surprises would be to arrive at her city and wish her happy birthday in person. Sound crazy? So it is! But she’ll be surprised and grateful, without a doubt. Just imagine her face when she opens the door and sees you with a giant bouquet of flowers. Well, maybe not so giant – any flowers will do. A man who is capable of such gestures is certainly worth staying with.

An engagement ring

And if you’re absolutely sure it’s your kind of person and you definitely want to spend the rest of your life with her, feel free to propose on her birthday. It’s bound to be hands down the best gift she’s ever received. Make sure you do it in the most romantic ambience – perhaps in a lovely restaurant with pleasant instrumental music.

Alternatively, invite her to a theatre or opera, especially if a performance has something to do with love, wedding and marriage. You should be smartly dressed when proposing – she’s going to remember every details of this day.

These are only some of the gift ideas that you can consider when getting ready to wish attractive Russian girls happy birthday. But even if you simple send an ecard, it’s absolutely all right. It’s the thoughts that counts.