Photos of beautiful Russian girls

Stunning Russian brides photos are the reason why so many foreign men flock to Eastern Europe in order to get a wife. When you look through pages and pages of beautiful photographs depicting the most seductive, alluring females, it’s difficult to resist messaging them on the spot. Their stunning appearance is one of the reasons why men like Russian women. But did it ever occur to you that the photos can be misleading? Do these hot girls really look like that in real life?

What if you make an expensive trip to Russia only after months and months of corresponding with a stunning Slavic beauty only to find out that she looks dramatically different from her pictures? Perhaps she’s ten years older, with grey hair and excess weight. Of course, beauty is only skin deep and it’s personality that really matters, but you had certain expectations when you decided to make this trip, and now you can’t help feeling cheated. But no worries, the majority of Russian women on international dating sites are really that beautiful in real life. However, there are certain things you need to know.

Photos of pretty Russian girls for online dating

Are Russian girls really more beautiful than western girls?

It’s difficult to answer this question. Labelling one nation more beautiful, clever, or artistic than the other is not the way to think. There are plenty of pretty girls in the USA, Western Europe, Australia, Canada and what not. When Russian women are called exceptionally beautiful, people refer to a particular set of facial features and body types that define a standard Slavic beauty.

Russia has a turbulent history, with lots of wars and invasions taking place over the centuries. The eventful past resulted in an extremely diverse and rich genetic pool. It’s no secret that blending of different nations is extremely beneficial when it comes for the appearance and capabilities of their descendants. While some countries were relatively isolated for centuries, Russia kept mixing genes with booth Asian and European nations alike.

Another factor that defines Russian type of beauty is an extensive and consistent self-care of the local women. Russian women pay a lot of attention to their appearance in order to boost their confidence and look aesthetically pleasing for the people around. Getting married and starting a family is one of their priorities in life, and they try to attract men by all possible means.

It’s no secret that men love with their eyes, that’s why girls always try to look as attractive as possible. You’ll be amazed at how many girls with bright makeup, high heels, stocking and beautiful flaring dresses can be seen on the streets of an average Russian town. Besides that, Many Russian girls regularly work out and lad a healthy life style in order to remain slim and attractive for decades to come.

Beautiful Russian brides photos on international dating sites

Of course, when a woman takes so much trouble to look attractive, she’ll achieve certain results. Perhaps this is the secret behind the astonishing Russian beauty. So when you see those jaw dropping Russian brides photos, you have very little reason to doubt their authenticity.

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Avoid scammers

However, there are pitfalls one should avoid when joining and international dating site. Make sure you register on a trustworthy and reputable site with a paid membership. There are lots of free sites out there, but they are mostly not monitored and there is no one you can ask for assistance if you suspect a scam. Yes, it’s quite possible to talk to an old Russian man hiding behind the photos of a pretty young girl.

Lots of American men lost thousands of dollars sending money for airplane tickets, visas and personal needs of such “girls”. You may wonder why anyone would talk to you for months in order to ask for a few hundred dollars. Well, what is a comparatively negligible amount for you may be quite a decent sum of money for a person from Eastern Europe.

If you don’t want to end up with a broken heart and a much thinner wallet, avoid free or pay-per-letter sites full of beautiful women who fall head over heels in love with you after exchanging letters for a couple of weeks.

Russian girls for marriage on dating sites

How to make sure she really looks like that in real life?

There are several ways to make sure a girl you talk to via an international dating site really looks like the beautiful Russian brides photos in her profile. If appearance of a person is crucially important for you, there are several things you can do:

Make a trip to Russia

Of course, it’s not the cheapest option and shouldn’t be your first choice option when you’ve just started talking to a woman on a dating site. But if you have some free time and budget is not an issue for you, a trip to Russia is a sure way to see how realistic a women’s photos are. If they are not, there is still a chance you’ll meet someone special during your stay in Russia. If they are, you’ll get to know a woman you’re interested in. After coming back home, enjoy the long distance relationship with her without doubting the authenticity of her pictures.

Set up a Skype date

Talking to a woman over Skype is a reliable way to make sure she looks like her photographs. If you find her letters and messages interesting and there is a chance of a happy future together, ask her to video chat with you via Skype. If she really looks that attractive in real life as her photos depict, she’ll have no problems with that. Her English might be an issue, but you don’t have to talk much – just a few minutes in front of a video camera is quite sufficient.

Skype is also a wonderful way to keep the fire burning when dating online.

A long distance relationship is not for everyone, and both of you will have to make an effort in order to keep it going. Setting Skype dates is a sure way to bring diversity and excitement into your love story. Both of you can dress up like you would normally do for a date in real life. Cook the same meal and enjoy the company of each other at the candle light dinner.

However, if she refuses to talk to you on Skype, this is definitely a cause for concern. There are several explanations to this:

  • She’s using random Russian brides photos she found one the net.
  • She’s using her own photos they are highly enhanced and retouched.
  • She’s using her own photos when she was much younger, or slimmer, or more attractive than now.
  • She’s exceedingly shy.

I a woman tells you she has no technologies for setting up Skype, it’s obviously a lie. The Skype software comes for free, and one can use it on all sorts of devices – desktop, laptop, smartphone and what not.

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 Send her a present via a gift delivery service

There are plenty of gift delivery services in every Russian city, and you can use them in order to see how your virtual girlfriend looks like. To prove that they delivered gifts to a recipient, they either take a photo or make a small video. By using this option, you can kill two birds with one stone. The girl will be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers, or a plush teddy bear, or a box of chocolates from you, and you’ll get to see her real photo.

Getting a pretty bouquet of flowers is sure to melt her heart, by the way, – Eastern European women are extremely fond of flowers. As for gifts, don’t send anything expensive like branded perfumes, handbags or jewellery. The girl should feel you’re trying to buy her affections with costly gifts.

These are only some of the ways to check out whether beautiful Russian brides photos are realistic enough. If you come up with a better idea, go for it by all means. When dating online, it’s good to be cautious – no one has a spare heart in case you end up with a broken one. At the same time, don’t be too suspicious – it may leave a bitter aftertaste and cost you a great romantic relationship with a woman of your dreams.