Russian women like the best choice

Russian women are famous all over the world. But is there anything you didn’t know about them? There certainly is, and we are ready to share these captivating facts with you.

The unique appearance of Russian women

Have you ever heard about the beauty of Russian ladies? You definitely did and that’s what we are talking about. Ask anyone about Russian women and you will get the response involving the fact of approving their unique appearance. Basically, that’s why so many men aim for marrying a woman from Russia. So, what’s so unusual about their appearance?

Mysterious Russian women
  1. Their faces are usually pretty. This is one of the brightest features you can notice about the women from Russia. They have big deeply looking eyes, sweet passionate lips, turned-up or pointed nose. In general, their facial features are very attractive and expressive.
  2. Hair. They are naturally long, strong and appealing. Russian pay much attention to their hair and take care of it properly. For Siberian beauties, it’s a subject of a real proudness. By the way, it doesn’t matter if the hair of Russian women is curly, wavy or straight. It looks great anyway.
  3. The body. This shape you can see in front of you when you get acquainted with a Russian woman! Oh, my! That’s impossible to describe. Russian women try to keep fit and work out on a regular basis. That’s why they look so perfect. Moreover, they like to go to the spa, which makes skin look even better. Some of the Russian women use plastic surgery to make the natural shape more expressive, but in most cases, they look amazing without it.
  4. The strong desire to improve themselves and develop further, which means using make-up, nice perfume, fashionable clothes, exquisite jewelry and so on.
Ideal Russian women

The traits of character and personal peculiarities to pay attention to

Of course, as we can understand, the physical appearance is not the only criteria why men prefer having a Russian wife. There are some more things to look at and to fall in love with. And here we are going to mention the so-called Russian soul and the traits connected with it.

  1. Russian women are very helpful and ready to give advice. It means that if you feel nasty, experience problems at work or just face sadness, she will always listen to you and express her sympathy, which is always delightful and improves the moral condition. If you don’t believe it, check yourself and you won’t have any further questions!
  2. Ability to face difficult situations without much fear. Famous Russian proverbs tell us about this fact. It means that they won’t complain because of many real-life problems and won’t trouble you with that. They are just ready for the hardships because it has been historically. However, don’t forget that if you want to make a loving and caring couple, you should pay attention to what’s going on in her life yourself. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give enough support to her.
  3. Interesting and fulfilling personality. What does it mean? The curious thing is that Russian women have a lot of skills in various life spheres. They are able to know how to sew, knit, take care of plants and know three languages at the same time. Nowadays many of them know English, which makes the relationship even more convenient and pleasurable.
  4. General intelligence. It means that the majority of Russian women are smart and educated. Even if they don’t have higher education, they normally try to get high academic results at school. That’s why in the end they are smarter than women from other countries and it’s easy to have a conversation with them almost on any topic.
Wisdom of Russian women

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Curious things to know about Russian women: facts that will amaze you

We have already mentioned the unique appearance and traits of character, which are appreciated by men so much. But certainly, this is not everything we wanted to say. Here you will get to know the facts able to get you mad and make you get even more interested in a relationship with Russian women.

  1. The reasonable majority of Russian women wear fur coats. Actually, this is not too surprising because winter is cold in Russia. But you can ask why don’t they just wear warm coats? The answer is simple: they want to look perfectly beautiful in any weather, and they deserve respect at this point.
  2. Russian women are so strong and brave that they even serve in the army! They do it without complaining and if they have a desire to express their love for Motherland. The Russian government even wanted to make the service obligatory, but it’s still not clear if this is going to happen.
  3. Russian women make perfect wives. They are able to keep the household, be ideal lovers (here we mean sex, you will never get bored with these women) and be great listeners speaking of anything you want to share with them.
  4. Russian women don’t have very high self-esteem. The majority of them consider themselves ugly. That’s the reason why they are so crazy about beauty stuff.
  5. Russian women don’t wish to marry too early. They usually do it when they reach the age of 25 years old. Such a thing is connected to high career aims. Women here don’t want to start a family very early, because they aren’t sure of themselves and their financial state. When they make a successful career, they will feel more confident and be ready to become mothers and loving wives.
  6. The whole world is still surprised at the way Russian women can cook. Moreover, it’s even more surprising how they are able to manage cooking, work, and general household stuff. They are like multifunctional creatures, which is really unbelievable.
  7. There are a lot of poems devoted to Russian women, where you can find out about their wisdom, beauty, and great character traits.

An intimate talk: how good are Russian women speaking of a sexual relationship?

That’s another topic for discussion. As you can guess, here we are about to praise the ability of Russian women to be perfect lovers. That’s an addition to things to know about Russian women.

Why are we going to discuss this at all? The matter is that it’s rather significant criteria for choosing a perfect match. Can you imagine a happy relationship or even family life without a harmonious sexual relationship? We think the answer will be negative.

So, to begin with, Russian women aren’t shy at all. You won’t have to persuade her to have sex with you. She is ready for this if she feels good. Certainly, like any other women of different nationalities, there are times when the body doesn’t feel like having sex. But for Russian women, it’s more like an exception than a rule. In most cases, they are ready to have sex and do it with great pleasure.

Second, Russian women are ready to experiment. They don’t face new stuff in a sexual relationship with a negative attitude, which is so appreciated by men. Of course, we are speaking about sensible stuff in the reasonable human limits. So, if you enjoy experiments, a Russian woman is going to become a perfect match for you.

The adultery: that’s an issue that troubles many people nowadays. The world is becoming more and more perverse, and there are more betrayals than ever. It can not be said about Russian women. The majority of them are loyal to one person and are ready to stay in a long-lasting relationship. So, that’s another advantage of Russian women.

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Is there anything else left to praise Russian women for?

If you wish to date a Russian girl and what’s even more, to marry her, be ready to become a patient man.

They won’t marry after they check that everything is alright and the man will be able to provide fine well-being for them and future kids. It’s extremely important for them. So, it’s better to take this point into consideration. A week or a month won’t be enough for sure, in the majority of cases, you will have to wait at least half a year. However, if you are persistent enough, you will be able to win her heart.

One more thing to say as a conclusion is the following: Russian women definitely believe in true love and they will try to save the family for as long as it’s possible to do it. It’s more like an advantage because they will be extremely considerate to the husband and other family members to make the relationship and atmosphere inside the family very harmonious.

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To sum up, it’s great fun and luck to have a relationship with a Russian woman. You will never complain if she will become your match. Get ready to experience a bunch of positive emotions and pleasurable experiences with such a woman! We will guarantee it will be unique for you. You’ll succeed ‘cause now you possess things to know about Russian women!