Russian women rely on your determination

All relationships face conflict from time to time. It happens even more often when you’re dating a Russian lady. Due to their character traits, Russian women are not only passionate lovers but also those who don’t mind igniting a conflict.

It doesn’t mean that Russian girls don’t respect their husbands’ opinion. They certainly do. It’s just their nature to quarrel sometimes. Keep in mind that the majority of Russian women are really stubborn, and they don’t hesitate to stand firm on their position.

As a result, the difference in opinions and cultures makes every day quarreling happen. Both partners prefer taking offense at each other instead of trying to find common ground to recreate their relationship.

However, it’s advisable to sweep aside such petty grievances because every relationship crisis has its roots. You both have to find this root and consider what you can do about it.

You will definitely have to overcome yourself because man’s dignity has no bounds. Don’t forget that so does Russian women’s stubbornness. It will be good for both of you to start listening to each other.

The first prerequisite of your constant quarreling is that she’s Russian. That already means something. There are some things to expect when dating Russian ladies, and her unpredictable nature is one of them.

Become a leader in her eyes

Don’t blame her for small things

You should think twice before blaming your Russian lady for something. It’s hard to think clearly in an outburst of emotions. That’s the main difference between men and women: you should control your emotions. If you act the same as your woman does, it will certainly show your inability to control yourself.

For example, if she spent a higher amount of money on your credit card than you agreed, you’re like to become angry and make a scene out of it. But is it really worth it? Of course, you care a lot about your money, but your girlfriend will think of it as cowardice.

Let’s take another example of a possible situation. Russian women tend to have a lot of female friends. So, you should expect that she will often go to nightclubs or bars with them. It doesn’t mean that she will be drinking until she falls asleep right there. It’s not like she is going there to meet another man as well. She just enjoys chatting with her friends. Calm your jealousy down!

You should stop splitting hairs. It will not do good for your relationship. You just have to accept the fact that it’s a totally different person from another country with alternative world views and so on.

The strategy of dialogue is what you should stick to because you won’t be able to out argue your Russian girlfriend.

Support each other

That’s easier said than done, of course. If you’re going to marry this girl in the future, you should realize how essentially it’s important to support each other. You won’t be able to start a strong family if you can’t make contact at the dating stage.

Try to find somewhere more privacy where you can discuss your long-standing problems. You shouldn’t hesitate to talk to each other or it will ruin your developing relationship.

You, as a man in this relationship, should take the responsibility because your Russian girl can easily withdraw into herself. It’s important that exactly you should be the one who starts up a conversation every time your lady looks offended or worried.

In the course of time, you will see that it’s much easier to deal with the problems if you can do the right talking. If your Russian woman addresses to you when she has something important to tell, you’re doing an excellent job. It means that you’ve become a prior person in her life. She is ready to discuss everything with you now.

Pretty Russian women love firm man’s hand

Improve yourself in every way

If you prefer to blame her first, it’s time to think it through. Of course, it is much easier to blame your Russian woman instead of making a conclusion on your behavior.

You shouldn’t try to fix your relationship, or even worse, fix your Russian lady. Sure thing that some steps should be taken, but the reason for a crisis lies in ourselves most of the time.

Sometimes it happens that one of the romantic partners used to do something. This or that habit dates back to the times when this person lived all alone. In practice, it appears that this habit may play a crucial role in a relationship crisis.

Unfortunately, some couples can’t get to the point that it’s nobody’s fault. It’s a well- known fact that old habits die hard. So, the main goal of every romantic partner should be self-improvement. No one should try to change anything in the partner. Keep in mind that you’ve chosen this person yourself, and if you’ve done it, you should accept the negative and positive sides that come together with this person.

You should always examine yourself in your own life. For instance, think about your everyday things that surround you such as work and family members. Also, remember about your previous relationships so that not to make the same mistakes with a Russian girl. Everything matters.

It’s advisable to ask yourself the following questions before starting another quarrel with your beloved Russian lady:

  • Do you have reliable friends and family members?
  • Do you engage in sports regularly?
  • Is everything okay with your diet?
  • Do you exercise your mind enough in order to control your emotions?
  • Do you have a job that completely fulfills your interests, hobbies, and talents?

By answering these simple questions, you will definitely help your relationship get over the crisis. If you show your Russian girl that you’ve changed, she will certainly follow your example.

As the crisis comes to an end, make sure that you’re a different man now who will never end up in the same situation ever again.

Avoid making hasty decisions

Due to the sensitive and complicated nature, Russian women tend to make hasty decisions. You should never give in to her tricks because Russian ladies use emotions when making this or that decision.

You should be smarter and always think twice before doing something. By practicing patience, you will see that sometimes saying nothing is better than saying a huge bunch of words with no sense at all.

In an outburst of emotions, you’re likely to say something that you will regret about an hour later. Try to remember positive things, not negative ones. When a crisis happens, people tend to think about the negative sides of a relationship with a partner. It’s much better if you can recollect your morning together or her delicious dinner.

Your Russian girlfriend will definitely try to hurt you by the words. She will tell you that everything is over, and so on. On your part, you should always think about what you will lose if you break up with this precious Russian woman. Try to imagine what you will never experience if she disappears from your life forever.

If you feel frustrated when you think about your breakup, you still have something to fight for because you’re the man who should lead his beloved woman to the right path.

Be better than your Russian lady expects

Don’t bring up problems from the past

Your pretty Russian woman will certainly not appreciate if you bring up some issues from the past. You should never use this trick. Even if you want to prove your point in an argument, do it as a real man would do or you will have less chance of healing your relationship.

Russian women influence their men indirectly, but you should pick the alternative strategy. Try to talk about real problems, and don’t try to manipulate her with issues from the past.

Partners, who have a basic level of trust, will never use their deepest secrets against each other. You shouldn’t break this wall of trust just because of the random dispute.

Be accountable for your words and actions. You should remember that Russian women are really vindictive, and they will surely remind you of something you’ve said in the future.

Try to imagine how painful it would be for you if your precious Russian lady started to reproach you in every possible way using your past deeds. Keep in mind a great proverb that you should treat others as you would like to be treated. This absolutely concerns your Russian woman, not just your friends, relative, or random people.

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