Russian brides dating single dads from abroad

It’s easy to start a romantic relationship when you’re free and young. And it’s not so easy anymore when you have a heap of commitments to take into account when finding a partner. One of such commitments is having a child from a previous relationship. In the world of today, it’s rather difficult to find a person who would accept you with all your likes and dislikes, advantages and shortcomings, and it’s even more difficult to find someone who would try their best to make it work with you child. Do single dads have a chance with women for marriage?

Well, things are not as hopeless as they appear at first site. If you don’t get easily disheartened and keep searching no matter what, you’ll definitely find a devoted woman who’ll accept your child as her own. A Russian dating site is a nice place to start your searches – Eastern European women are famed for their family values and love for kids.

Romantic relationships between Russian women and foreign single dads

Dating as a single dad

Needless to say, things are different for a person with kids when it comes to dating, romance and marriage. It holds true for both men and women. However, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about your personal happiness and dedicate your life solely to your child. Of course, there are women who would find it extremely difficult or almost impossible to have a relationship with a man who brings up his kids on his own. Lots of young Russian girls for marriage are not ready to share such responsibility.

Or even if they think they are ready, they don’t have a clue what exactly it involves to raise your partner’s child. But the simple fact is, if a woman loves you, she’ll love your child as well, just because it’s an integral part of you and your life. It takes time and effort to find such a woman, but it’s not impossible. If your aim is to start a happy long-lasting relationship with someone special, you should keep searching in spite of all the obstacles and failures.

There are Russian women with kids who wouldn’t mind dating men with kids. There women who can’t have kids, and they would rather marry someone with a child than take chances adopting a baby from an orphanage. And there are also women who don’t consider a partner’s child a burden. As you can see, there are plenty of options to make things work, and dating as a single date is definitely possible.

Advantages of having a relationship with a single dad

When beautiful Russian brides receive a message from a single dad on a dating site, it’s likely they’ll have their doubts. There are lots of pitfalls in dating a man who’s raising a child on his own. However, an intelligent woman is sure to appreciate his courage and sense of responsibility. And she’ll definitely consider the option of having a relationship with a man who’s not afraid of challenges. Let’s have a closer look at possible pros of dating a single dad.

Women consider single dads reliable

Women for marriage are usually very cautious when starting a relationship with a man. Contemporary Russian women are brought up by mothers and teachers who tried to convince them that the majority of men only look for sex and nothing more. It makes an average Russian woman rather distrustful when it comes to a man’s intentions in a relationship. However, a single dad is automatically considered more trustworthy than an average man – he’s not running away from responsibilities.

Her efforts are always appreciated

If a woman gives this relationship a go, a single dad is sure to appreciate her efforts. Lots of make take everything a girl has to offer for granted. But a person who knows how hard it is to make a home cosy and full of love without a woman, is more likely to value his new girlfriend. Her support and help is not going to be left unnoticed.

A single dad has already proved he’s a great father

For a woman, one of the most important criteria of choosing a potential husband is whether he’s going to be a good father. Lots of marriages come to an end simply because a man discovers he’s not ready for the responsibility of bringing up kids.

With a single dad, a girl has a living proof that he’s one of those guys who run away from hardships leaving their wives to fight all the battles in life on their own.

If he’s a good father to his child from a previous marriage, it’s more likely he’s going to be as good to kids in a new relationship.

Russian women for marriage dating single dads

Tips for Single Dads on dating women for marriage

If you want to make your romantic relationship with a Russian woman a success, here are a few tips on dating you may find useful:

Don’t hide the fact that you have a child

Some single dads don’t mention they have kids when starting to date a woman. According to them, if a woman falls in love with a guy, it won’t matter whether he has kids or not. However, this strategy rarely works as expected. A woman feels like she was taken advantage of and questions herself whether she wants to have anything to do with a man she can’t trust.

To avoid an unpleasant situation like this, never hide the fact that you have a child. Write about it honestly in our profile on a Russian dating site. If a woman finds it unacceptable to date someone with kids, she won’t contact you to start with. If it’s not a problem for her, she’ll accept both you and your child from the very beginning of a relationship.

Don’t talk only about kids

Although it’s absolutely understandable that a child takes an important place in your life, it’s not recommended to talk too much about kids when you start dating women for marriage.

A girl shouldn’t get an impression that you’re looking for a new mother for your kid rather than for your soul mate and potential life partner.

Make sure to get to know her, ask her questions and reveal genuine interest in everything she says. Discuss different questions, share your opinions, pay her compliments and make your connection a pleasant experience, no matter whether you date online or in real life.

Pay attention to your appearance

Russian women give a lot of importance to their looks. Also, they give a lot of importance to their potential partner’s appearance. If you look through profiles on a Russian dating site, you’ll easily notice how attractive those women are. And it’s not only because of good genes – an average Eastern European girl takes lots of effort in order to look good.

She purchases stylish outfits even if her salary leaves much to be desired. She takes care of her skin, hair and nails. She rarely goes out without a perfect makeup. She works out in order to remain slim. Under such circumstances, it’s rather unfair if your date looks like a goddess and you resemble a tramp.

Taking care of a child takes lots of time and money, there is no doubt about it. But it doesn’t take much to look presentable. Just make sure to shave, comb you hair and wear clean and ironed clothes. Using a pleasant perfume is always appreciated, too.

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Don’t introduce her to your child at once

You may feel very excited in the beginning of your relationship, but even if she appears to be the most amazing woman in the world, don’t introduce her to your child at once. Give it some time for both of you to get to know each other. Only a time-tested partner can become a new mom for your little one. Children are rather sensitive, and it will be hard to explain why a person is no longer in your lives if your relationship comes to an end.

Russian girls dating online with single dads

Don’t lose heart and keep searching

Even if you have to face more failures than you expected when making a decision to join a Russian dating site, don’t give up. Finding a soul mate is no easy task regardless whether you have kids or not. Keep searching, and your persistence will be rewarded.

These are only a few tips on how to date women for marriage when being a single dad. However, there is no universal scenario to a love story between a western single father and a Russian woman looking for a husband abroad. Just listen to your heart and let things happen!