If you’ve been to Russia, there’s some truth to some of those stereotypes regarding Russian women. According to, the Russian state-sponsored statistical service, the male population of Russia consists of 55% men and 45% women. However, many men in Russia do not date women from other countries. The proportion of women dating foreign men is much higher, which makes Russian girls a popular choice for men from America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

A large percentage of Russian women living abroad are single and not interested in marrying a Western man. They choose a boyfriend or simply a life of leisure. If you are one of those men who is interested in dating a Russian woman, there are a number of things you should know about the Russian culture. First of all, unlike in the West where marriage is the central focus, in Russia a husband typically leaves his wife to pursue a woman who has a Russian passport. Some expats have already married women without having these documents.

Russian culture also places great emphasis on family. Unlike in western countries, in Russia a husband does not leave his family to go to work. He stays home with his wife and kids. In fact, in Russia a husband in today’s world, is more likely to stay home and oversee the family. This has led to much of today’s Russian woman being educated in the arts of domestic and sexual management. As a result, some women from Russia are highly sought after as wives overseas because of their skills.

Of course, while western cultures place a high value on dating a western man, Russian culture frowns upon dating Russian women because of their cultural differences. Russian culture is quite different than what we see in the United States. Russian men are quite aggressive with their women, and they can be quite violent in terms of how they treat their wives. Because of this, many men prefer to date foreign women instead of Russian women because they are afraid of getting murdered or suffering from violence at home. Many Russian men prefer to date western women because they feel safer in their country of residence.

In addition to the cultural differences between western men and Russian women, many expats worry about the safety of dating a Russian woman. Some fear that Russia may be next to putting an expat on a list of those who have been killed in Chechnya, or that they could be forced to leave the country. Of course, these concerns are completely unreasonable. First of all, while Chechnya may be a hotbed of terrorism, Russia as a whole is relatively safe. Plus, Russia has a long history of treating its citizens well.

One last point about getting married to a Russian woman should be made. Yes, many men choose to get married to foreign women simply because they love the culture so much, but this is not a universal reason. There are plenty of western men who marry Russian women for similar reasons, such as they wanted to experience life in a different country. Russian women generally raise great children, who are loyal, well-mannered and very responsible.

While many stereotypes about Russian women do exist, it is important to remember that just like western men, they can generally expect to marry someone who shares some common cultural differences, not necessarily all negative things. If you are seriously considering dating a Russian woman, it’s important to learn about all the different cultural differences so you can make an informed decision. You do not want to spend your whole marriage dealing with some cultural gap.

The bottom line is that you will have to sort through a lot of cultural differences to find the right match. Just like finding a partner anywhere else, you will often get what you pay for. On the other hand, Russian girls generally will make great spouses because they are so loyal and caring. And yes, western men do actually choose Russian women to date, but there are plenty of beautiful western women to choose from as well. If you’re looking to get married to a Russian woman, you will have plenty of opportunity.