Send good night messages to your Russian girlfriend

Good night and good morning messages for Russian, Ukrainian women are a great way to diversify your communication when dating them online. There are plenty of communication tools on trustworthy and reputable dating sites, and it’s highly recommended to use them all. Handling a long distance relationship is no easy task, and you should keep your Slavic girlfriend’s interest by brining as many “real life” elements to your communication as possible. Texting her good night messages is one of such elements.

Send cute and witty good night messages to Russian women on dating sites

In what way sending good night messages is beneficial?

Well, texting her just before going to sleep is like a ritual that brings the two of you closer to each other. She gets a good night wish from you across thousands of miles, and it creates a wonderful effect of your presence in her life. This way you can demonstrate that you really care for her and think about her when you go to bed.

It’s rather frustrating when you can’t hug and kiss a person you’re in a romantic relationship with, but at least you can send them a sweet message to assure them that they are in your thoughts. These are some of the most touching moments of a long distance relationship, and when are you’re finally together, you’re going to remember them for years to come.

The majority of Russian, Ukrainian women are very romantic by nature, and the way you behave during a courting period is very important to them. They like old-fashioned gestures and gentleman-like manners. They expect a man to give them flowers, help them in and out of the bus, hold doors for them and move chairs in a restaurant.

If you date online, these options are not there due to the obvious reasons (well, except for sending flowers and gifts – there are lots of delivery services in every city of Eastern Europe). But what you can do is write her long and thoughtful emails, send her hand written letters, select some gifts for her, and text her good morning and good night. She is sure to appreciate your efforts.

Message your Russian girlfriend good night and good morning

Examples of good night messages

If sending good night wishes is something you’ve never done before, here is a list of good examples to help you out.

  • Hello sweetheart! Hope you’re snug and warm under your blanket, good night and sweet dreams!
  • Hey sweety, just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking of you. Good night hugs and kisses!
  • Hi darling, I’m about to go to sleep, and I’m sure you’ll be in my dreams again. Warm hugs.
  • Have a good rest, my darling. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You’re so important to me.
  • Lots of kisses and hugs your way, my precious sweetheart! I don’t know what I would do without you, thank you so much for being in my life. Sweet dreams!
  • I wish I could kiss you goodnight, but if I can’t, just remember that you’re always in my thoughts and in my heart. Sleep tight!
  • Hope will meet tonight in the world of dreams. And one day these dreams will come true. Gentle kisses, good night.
  • Dreaming of the day when I see you the last thing before falling asleep and the first thing I wake up. Sleep well.
  • Thanks for brightening my life with your presence, my love. Sweet dreams, have a lovely rest.
  • Thinking of you makes me feel so peaceful and serene. It’s a blessing to have you in my life. Kissing you goodnight.
  • I wish you were here with me tonight. Love you to bits. Good night.

These are only some god examples of messages you can send to Russian Ukrainian women when dating them online, but you should also improvise and use the power of your imagination. Let her know what s in your thoughts.

Make your wishes sound personal

Personalizing our goodnight messages is one more impotent thing you should pay a close attention to. Don’t send the very same text every day, or she’ll think you just forward an automatic message to her.

To let her know she’s really in your thoughts, try to add a little bit of personal touch to each message you send. Make sure to refer to an event you’ve recently discussed, or make a funny joke. Let your personality shine through each line you’re sending to her. Think of a cute, witty and affectionate way to wish her sweet dreams.

Should there be any sexual hints?

Depending on the style of your communication with Russian, Ukrainian women on a dating site, your goodnight wishes could be more playful and sexy. If you haven’t met in real life yet, sending her anything explicit is not recommended, but something innocent yet alluring is quite acceptable. After all, sleeping and physical intimacy are both done in a bedroom, so it’s hard to separate one from another.

And why would you? Both of you are adults, after all. Talking of sleeping together implies you’re going to be a real couple one day, and it makes one strive even harder for this goal. Besides, it makes your intentions more obvious. If you’d like to bring your online relationship to a whole new level, sending sweet and sensual goodnight text is the right way to do so.

According to scientific research, information we get just before sleeping is bound to get imprinted in our mind. It means one best remembers things that were said just before bedtime. So by sending you a goodnight message with a sexual hint, you make her brain process this information during sleep. And that’s almost as good as having a sexual intercourse for real.

Send good night messages to Russian, Ukrainian women when dating them online

Is it alright to send goodnight wishes to more than one woman?

When you join an international dating website, it may get a bit overwhelming with all those gorgeous Russian, Ukrainian women looking for a husband abroad. It’s not easy to find a soul mate when you have too few options, and it’s equally difficult when you have too many.

What you should do is use a search tool and specify all the criteria that are important to you. Go through your search results and bookmark the profiles you liked best. Generally speaking, it’s alright to correspond with up to ten or even fifteen beautiful Russian brides in the initial stages of your online dating experience.

Slowly you’ll narrow down your searches to only three or four of them. Do your best to get to know these women better in order to make the right choice. Express your views on marriage, family life, gender roles and romantic relationship, but don’t promise anything and don’t make any commitments.

You shouldn’t imply anything to give a person false hopes. Sending a good night message to a woman is a very intimate thing to do, and it’s not recommended to text anyone good night until you consider yourself a couple. So we would suggest leaving it until you make your final choice and have a long distance relationship with only one woman.

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Should you Skype her before going to sleep?

Having quick Skype session is also a wonderful idea that brings a “real life” feel to your relationship. Instead of texting her goodnight, make a quick call to wish her sweet dreams. Don’t talk for too long though as she might need to get up early in the morning.

And mind the difference in time – you should know the exact time of her going to bed, otherwise you may wake her up in the middle of the night. If you don’t feel comfortable with video sessions, audio calls are also alright. Just make sure to keep them short and sweet. She’ll be happy to hear your voice and to know she’s in her thoughts.

These are only some suggestions on how to go about sending goodnight messages to Russian, Ukrainian women you meet on an international dating website. Encourage your girlfriend to do the same for you if you feel this is something she’ll enjoy doing. It will help you establish a special connection between the two of you.