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If you’ve been thinking of dating sexy Russian girls in order to start a long-term romantic relationship with one of them, you may feel a bit intimidating by the way they look and behave. The thing is, gorgeous Slavic girls are exceedingly inspiring, alluring and charming, but at the same time it may feel a bit challenging to date someone who seems to be out of your league. It can hit you really hard if you’re a shy and introverted guy.

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That said, you shouldn’t give up your dream so easily. If you feel that you and a beautiful and sophisticated Russian girl have good chances of being happy as a couple, by all means make this dream come true. Don’t get easily disheartened where your love life is concerned, and you’ll be amazed by the number of opportunities that will suddenly start popping up.

One of the most effective ways to combat your fears is to go on a group date. When you don’t have to face your date all alone, it’s easier to handle challenges, no matter whether they are real or imaginary. If you date Russian girls in your own city, ask two –three friends to keep you company and join in with their girlfriends. If you are going to date stunning Slavic beauties in Russia, perhaps you’d like to join one of so called romantic tours. These tours are usually arranged for a group of foreign men who travel to Russia in order to date local single ladies for marriage and find someone compatible for a long-term relationship and marriage.

Why should you try a group date?

There are several reasons why you should try group dates when meeting sexy Russian girls. Let’s have a closer look at some of them:

  • Group dates can boost your confidence. If you feel shy in a presence of a gorgeous Russian female, other people’s presence can be rather reassuring and helpful. Besides, other men can say some nice things about you, so you won’t have to boast and show off. Your girl will get the idea that you’re a nice guy.
  • You’ll be able to avoid awkward silences. When you’re on a group date, you don’t have to talk much if you don’t feel like it. A couple of jokes here and there, and an occasional compliment to your girl will do – it’s never boring with a group of other people.
  • You can diversify your experiences. There are more opportunities to diversify your experiences when you go on group dates. Some places might be rather expensive to frequent on your own, but with other people paying their shares you can easily afford them.

There are also plenty of other advantages (they depend on a particular situation), but we’ve specified only some of the most obvious benefits.

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Interesting group date ideas

There are plenty of fund ides to try when setting up a group date. Let’s discuss some of them:

A cooking competition

A way to make a group date with sexy Russian girls a wonderful success is to set up a cooking competition. It can be anything – from desserts, quick snacks and salads to the most sophisticated dish of the Russian cuisine. The majority of Russian girls are excellent cooks, and they will enjoy participating in a culinary themed group date.

You can compete either in couples or boys vs girls. It’s always lots of fun! Make sure the kitchen is big enough to accommodate all of you, otherwise everyone will end up crowding and stressing up. In the end of the date, of course, you’ll get to eat all the culinary masterpieces you’ve prepared. A candlelit dinner is not a bad idea, especially if it’s followed up by a relaxing walk or a nice romantic movie.

Computer game challenge

Yes, it sounds like something a group of teenagers would like to do, but it proves to be lots of fun even for the most serious adults. Choose some fun and easy games for everyone to play, and enjoy all the shooting and running around! But don’t be surprised if sexy Russian girls will turn out to be better players than you are!

A marathon challenge

Well, you don’t have to run a marathon exactly, but the idea behind this group date is jogging together and having fun on the way. Jogging in the local park with other couples is always fun. You can also do some simple work outs or have a yoga class together.

Russian girls approve of a healthy and active lifestyle – they’ve seen too many Slavic men running their health with smoking and alcohol, bad eating choices and lack of physical activity. They would rather have a healthy and strong partner around who chooses to remain young and active for decades to come.

Skating rink fun

Visiting a skating rink with your girlfriend is always a winning date idea, whether you are on a group date or it’s only about the two you. What can be more romantic than glide together, holding hands and smiling to each other while listening to some lovely tune playing in the background? Afterwards all of you could have a cup of hot chocolate and discuss your impressions.

A weekend escape

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of a big city is also a wonderful idea. GO on a road trip to the suburbs and arrange a lovely picnic or a barbeque. If one of you plays a guitar, everyone could sing some of the popular songs. Everyone will also enjoy a good hike, swimming or boating. Visiting a farmer’s market is also fun – you can buy some fresh produce and cook a lovely dinner together.

Trying something absolutely new

When setting up a group date, arrange something neither of you ever tried before. It would be interesting and challenging at the same time to try your hand at something absolutely new. Sexy Russian girls are bound to love the idea, too. It can be anything from painting to horse riding, bungee jumping or taking a salsa class. Trying something new will bring an element of excitement to the whole group.

Things to remember when going on a date with a Russian girl

It’s important to remember about the rules of Eastern European dating culture when going out with a Russian girl. It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting her alone or with a group of other people. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Dress to impress

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Yes, appearance is extremely important to a typical Russian girl. She takes a lot of efforts in order to look good, and you should do it, too. Of course, no one expects you to spend hours on end styling your hair or mixing and matching your clothes, but it should be obvious to a Russian woman that you took trouble over looking good for this date.

This way she will know you’re taking her seriously and trying hard to win her affections. So wear some stylish, clean and ironed clothes, use your favourite perfumes and don’t forget about accessories – a nice watch, sunglasses, or a wallet does make a difference when you go on a date with an Eastern European lady. Clean shave and perhaps even a haircut is also appreciated. Keep in mind that there will be other men on a group date with sexy Russian girls, and you don’t want to look boorish and uncivilized compared to them.

Behave like a gentleman

With atmosphere being more relaxed on a group date, it’s still important to remember that Russian girls for marriage appreciate all sorts of chivalrous gestures when dating a man. It’s a nice idea to bring a small bouquet of flowers, to pay compliments to your lady and to keep an eye on whether she need anything throughout the date.

You’re supposed to be patient when dating Slavic girls – they enjoy a prolonged courtship, and things don’t happen overnight with them, literally. Also, don’t forget that it’s you who is supposed to pay the bill. It goes without saying that on a group date you’ll split it with other men, but don’t expect sexy Russian girls to pay their share. It would be considered extremely rude if you ask your girlfriend to pay for her coffee, ice-cream or dinner.

Well, these were only some ideas and thoughts on arranging a successful group date with beautiful Russian brides. Feel free to improvise and come up with fun ideas of your own. Best of luck!