Handle money issues when managing a long distance relationship with a Russian girl

If you’re new to the whole online dating scene, you may wonder whether you can afford having a romantic relationship with someone from another country. But no worries, the truth is, online dating is one of the most affordable ways to establish a special connection with a woman of your dreams. It will cost you almost nothing to maintain a long distance relationship, especially if you find her on one of the free Russian singles sites.

Think of your previous relationships when you dated women in your home country. Having a girlfriend always implied some expenses, right? You paid for dinners in fancy restaurants, you purchased movie tickets and exhibition passes, and you planned an occasional weekend escape from the city. Nothing comes for free, and in the long run dating someone locally amounts to a lot of money.

When you talk to a Russian woman on a dating site, everything happens over the internet, so you hardly have any expense at all. But this article is not about how to be greedy and stingy in a relationship.

Lots of men from the USA, Australia, Western Europe and Canada are under impression that dating a Russian woman is an exorbitantly expensive thing they can’t afford. It’s a common misconception, and we’ll try to give you a better idea of what to expect when starting a romantic relationship with a Russian lady.

Expenses to expect when dating Russian women online

There is no such thing as a free lunch

If you choose to look for you sweetheart on free Russian singles sites, it’s important to keep in mind that one has to be extra careful on websites that don’t require to purchase a membership. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

When you join a large and trustworthy dating site with a paid membership, you pay for security, intuitive interface, a set of convenient communication tools and a huge database of women’s profiles which were manually verified. When you join a free site, the only advantage of using it is that it costs you nothing.

However, free dating websites are bound to attract all sorts of scammers, and one has to be very experienced in order to recognize a typical swindler. They are there for your money, and it would be a heartbreaking experience to lose your hard earned dollars falling for a Russian girl email scam. Here are a couple of methods a fraudster may try in order to separate you from your money:

  • They will use stolen pictures of a beautiful girl, most likely a model, to attract your attention. Men are visually oriented, and scammers are aware of that. Then they will shower you with long and touching letters full of compliments and sweet words. They will claim to be in love with you after a couple of weeks. And then a request for money will take place. They will suddenly have unexpected medical expenses, or someone will robe their smartphone, or they won’t have enough money to pay for their education. And of course, a few hundred dollars is nothing for you in exchange for eternal love.
  • A very hot sexy girl is ready to visit you in your home country to make all your dreams come true, but you are expected to pay for her air tickets. Needless to say, no one is going to arrive, and you’ll make a fool of yourself in the airport.

On paid websites, on the contrary, possibility of falling a victim to a Russian bride scam is minimal.

Popular scams on free Russian singles sites – things to be aware of

Expenses to be aware of

Of course, it’s still possible to find a genuine woman on free Russian singles sites, but it may take a bit longer than on a website with a paid membership. So what expenses should you be aware of when dating a Russian woman online?

Well, for one thing, you may want to send her an occasional bunch of flowers or a small gift. There are lots of reliable delivery services in Russian cities, so you can use one of these. It won’t cost you much. Other expenses include:

Translation services

If your woman’s English leaves much to be desired and online translation tools fail to provide satisfactory results, you may want to use the services of a professional interpreter. Most dating sites offer these services, and you can get your letters translated for a certain amount of money (usually not more than ten dollars). They will also help you out during Skype video sessions and audio calls.

How to manage your finances when dating a Russian woman online

Travel expenses

After dating a Russian woman online for a certain period of time you may want to meet her face to face. A long distance relationship is meant to be followed up by a personal meeting, otherwise what’s the point to start all this at all?

If you have serious intentions to start a family with a Russian woman, you’d better think of making a trip to Eastern Europe well in advance. Perhaps you’d like to save for a few months in order to mange you travel expenses. After all, it’s not only the question of buying air tickets, but also paying for your stay and managing expenses when in Russia.

If the two of you decide to meet in your home country, the woman may expect you to cover her travel expenses. Although the Russian economy keeps improving, salaries in most regions (especially outside Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) are very low. Buying tickets well in advance will help you get much better deals.

Visa and other practicalities

If everything works out between the two of you and you decide to get married, you’ll need to pay for your girlfriend’s fiancée visa and other documents. Some couple try to go around this by acquiring a student or tourist visa, but it only makes things even more complicated when it comes to registering their marriage.

Is she only after your money?

When women join free Russian singles sites, they are looking for a foreign man to start a happy family with. And having a happy family is impossible without being financially secure. So when a Russian woman searches for a man without money issues, it doesn’t automatically make her materialistic and mercenary.

She is just concerned about her life in a new country and the future of her kids in a family she’s going to start with you. If you want to prevent money issues, the right thing to do is to have a serious conversation with your future wife about your income and monthly expenses. It will give her a clear idea of what to expect, and she will adjust accordingly.

What is the Russian women’s idea of money management in a family?

Well, one of the reasons why men like Russian women is their traditional views on family and marriage. And traditional views imply that a man should be a breadwinner and successful decision maker. It’s your responsibility to provide for your family. Your wife may work too, if needed, but her earnings are usually meant for additional needs.

It’s your income that goes towards paying bills, buying products and clothes, acquiring medial insurances for each family member and so on. The housekeeping is run by your wife. She manages the money you bring home and makes sure everything is bought and paid for in time. Most international couples experience major money issues when one of the partners fails to do their duty.

When a man doesn’t bring enough money to run the house and provide for his family’s needs, it’s a big problem. When a woman tends to spend more than her husband earns, it’s even bigger problem. Discussing money matters is a sure way to avoid major issues and make sure your marriage lasts longer.

We’ve touched only several money related questions you should be aware of when having a romantic relationship with women on free Russian singles sites. They shouldn’t scare you off – after all, expenses and money issues are inevitable no matter who you date. And even if you date no one, financial problems are an integral part of present day life. SO we would recommend taking a philosophical approach to these questions.