Photos of beautiful and seductive Russian women on dating sites

When you look through profiles on an international dating site, you get overwhelmed by the number of hot Russian brides photos. All those girls look extremely seductive and alluring, but are they really like that in real life? Can you trust the photos you can see in the profiles? Or you’ll end up making a trip to Russia only to meet an aging gray-haired woman in the airport who’ll try to convince you she’s the same gorgeous beauty you corresponded with? Well, it all depends.

Choose a dating site with caution

Pictures of hot Russian girls on international dating sites

If you Google something like hot Russian brides photos, you’ll get plenty of search results offering to register on a dating site. Some of these sites are paid while the others are absolutely free. It goes without saying that you would like to try free options first. Who would like to pay on their own accord if there is a chance to get what you want without spending a cent?

However, free dating site have proved to be a real hub for scammers and frauds – no one bothers to moderate these internet platforms and check the information provided by new members. And this is exactly a place where you can’t trust the pictures to be real. Scammers often use photos of actresses and super models to fool an inexperienced man who’s searching for love and romance with a gorgeous Russian lady. Very often such stories have a sad ending – a heartbroken man ends up with a broken heart and a much lighter wallet.

To avoid this from happening, we would recommend registering only on trustworthy sites with paid services. These 5 Russian bride sites have proven to be very reliable. When a woman from Eastern European country joins a reputable dating agency, the staff helps her out with filling in the profile in English and uploading photos. They scan her passport or other documents that prove her identity and make sure she specifies the correct age, place of living, profession and number of kids (if any). If she doesn’t have quality pictures to upload, their own photographer takes a few snaps. This way, you can trust the photos to be real.

Understand the Slavic women’s attitude towards appearance

When looking through the hot Russian brides photos, you may wonder whether they always wear such fashionable outfits and bright makeup. In many cases, they do. Slavic ladies are famed around the globe for their gorgeous external look, slim sexy bodies, long silky hair and radiant smiles. If you think it’s all because of their good genes, you’re only partially right. Russian women take a great deal of effort when it comes to their appearance. There are several reasons for them to do so:

Having a beautiful and attractive appearance boosts a woman’s confidence.

Being beautiful is part of being successful. Young girls and mature woman are trying to create an image of a successful, independent lady, and being physically attractive is extremely important

Naturally pretty and attractive Russian woman

Taking care of external looks is a woman’s philosophy of life

Lots of girls in the Eastern European countries are die hard perfectionists – they like to have a perfectly clean apartment, perfectly cooked meal and perfectly beautiful appearance.

Beautiful women have more chances to get a decent man

With male-to-female ratio being terribly imbalanced, it’s not easy in Russia and other Slavic countries to find a partner. Women ferociously compete with each other, trying to look as seductive as possible in order to attract men. Needless to say, with an attitude like those males tend to become increasingly selfish and egocentric – that’s why so many Russian women are looking for love abroad.

What does it take for a Russian woman to look beautiful?

If you think that hot Russian brides photos are extremely unrealistic, it’s not so. Slavic women do have a great sense of style, and they manage to dress up nicely even if their financial situation leaves much to be desired. A Russian girl would rather eat the simplest meals for the whole month, but purchase a designer dress she really likes.

Also, Slavic women rarely leave the house without putting make up and styling their hair. It’s not unusual for a Russian lady to spend around an hour perfecting her “smoky eyes” makeup and adjusting her hair only to go to the local supermarket to buy some groceries. She’ll also have perfectly manicured nails. Slavic women’s love for stockings and high heels is legendary, and they still wear them in spite of frequently changing fashion trends.

But of course, it’s not only about looks. Russian women possess a special charm that comes with a combined effect of intelligence, appreciation for arts and good books, kind heart and traditional family values.

Things to be aware of when looking through hot Russian brides photos

Even though the photos of Russian women are largely realistic, there are things you should be aware of.

Some women upload old photos of themselves

This is one of the pitfalls when dating Russian women online. In the world of today, when we can take hundreds pictures every week, there is no excuse for not updating one’s profile photos on a regular basis. However, some women appreciate a particular set of pictures so much that they refuse to change them for years. Even if a girl is sure that she still looks the same and uploading old photos cannot be considered cheating in any way, there is a significant difference in appearance between a 23-year-old woman and, let’s say, 31-year old one.

Seductive and beautiful Russian woman photo

Overuse of highly enhanced pictures

There are lots of easy-to-use computer programs that allow to enhance photos by adjusting the skin tone, removing wrinkles, polishing certain areas and playing with the colours. Some women tend to overuse these programs, thinking it will increase their chances of finding a perfect match. An overly sexy and attractive picture is bound to catch a man’s eye, right? However, putting unrealistic photos on the site decrease the trustworthiness.

What should you do if you feel suspicious?

If you liked certain hot Russian brides photos, but you’re not sure whether they’re realistic enough, you can always ask a woman to send you a few more pictures.

Make sure to specify that you would be interested in photos of her in day-to-day life. Staged photos for a dating site are bound to look good, but a casual photo taken with an ordinary smart phone camera will give you a clearer idea of what a woman really looks like. If she refuses to send any pictures straight away or make some excuses, it’s definitely a warning sign.

Video chats also allow you to see a person you are talking too.

Try to set up a video chat session with a Russian woman you’re interested in, and see whether her appearance meets your expectations.

Observe her face expressions, the way she reacts to different things, her smile and frown. Video chats are as good these days as seeing a person in real life. After a session or two you’ll definitely know whether there is some chemistry between the two of you.

And of course, you can always make a trip to Russia and meet the girl you’ve been corresponding to face-to-face. However, not everyone has a budget for a casual trip to another country. If you’re from the United States of America, Canada or Australia, the air tickets to Russia can be rather expensive. Things are easier for men from Western Europe. However, meeting a person in real life is the only way you can make out whether you can have a chance for a future together.

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These are only some things to take into account when looking through the hot Russian brides photos. However, the most important thing to do is to follow your heart and listen to the voice of your intuition. After all, appearance is not the most important thing in love and romantic relationships, is it?