Russian wife as a symbol of a happy family

There is no way to overlook a Russian woman in the crowd. Even if she will live in Europe, America or Asia for at least five years, she stands out anyway, without any makeup or bright clothes. Why? What is so special about Russian ladies that man recognize them, turn around after them, give flowers, diamonds and other cute little things, sometimes sacrificing (!) their precious savings (note: what an act is for a foreign man).

Every foreigner who has a Russian wife says that he has never seen such an unusual woman before. Russian women are capable of desperate actions, crazy passion, and deep feelings. When a woman is in love, she can be reckless, plunge deep into this beautiful feeling, and it is not that hard to find a Russian wife.

Russian women are more interesting and educated than their foreigners of the same age. You can talk with her on any topic; you can always find originality in it. For such a woman, men can lose their head, and is ready to take acts.

The Russian woman combines childish immediacy, vulnerability on the one hand, and humility and tolerance, on the other. She can be playful and sweet, sometimes moody and unpredictable. At the same time, she knows what she wants, and expects that she will feel safe behind his back. With a Russian woman, you will never feel bored and discouraged.

A Russian wife is the most beautiful. Myth or truth?

In our intense time, the possibilities to find a Russian wife are endless. You can meet her in the restaurant, theatre, and cinema or use online options for communication. Differences in cultures do not create any obstacles to acquaintance or relations. Therefore, attractive, successful men of other countries consider that women from Russia are extraordinarily beautiful.

The fact that women with Slavic features are extremely attractive to overseas men is true. Australian men love unique beauty and devotion in Russian women; Greeks value their ability to be a wonderful mother and wife. Turks and Arabs love the sex appeal of Russian women. All these men from abroad would love to find a Russian wife and share life with her.

Why did such a diverse, peculiar beauty of Russian women appear? Its roots come from the old history of the Slavs. Each nation has its own understanding of the beauty of women. For some of them, helplessness, disproportionality or unreasonable changes in the female body are attractive.

Russia is the only country that survived the peaceful colonization of its lands by natives and the bloody invasions of many invading nations.

As a result, Russian blood mixed with many peoples: Siberian aborigines, Jews, Tatars, etc. The gene pool of the Russian nation is very diverse. Therefore, the appearance of Russian women is diverse. Among them, you can meet many fiery red, blue-eyed, blond, brown-eyed, and dark-haired.

In Russia, naturalness and health are indicators of a true beauty. Therefore, a long braid, a strong figure, rosy cheeks are highly appreciated among men. Women know how to take care of themselves. In the pursuit of a Russian wife, do not forget that deep soul and beauty create an extremely dangerous mix, in a very great way.

Natural beauty is the secret of any Russian woman

Style specifics of a Russian woman

Women in each country have their own style. These are clothes, colour, types of hairstyles, especially the intensity of makeup. Why do Russian women dress like this?

Since men in Russia are less than women, women have a huge desire to attract attention of a foreign groom. In the same time this desire coincides with the wish of foreign men to find a Russian wife.

Because the dream of every woman in Russia is to find a husband, preferably a rich man. The dream of every Russian woman is to find a prince. Moreover, for this, according to the Russians, you need to dress like a princess.

What are the unique features of the Russian style?

  • Addiction to the bright colours of clothes. In Russia, snow is lying for almost six months. The white background makes all soft colours toneless. Therefore, women in Russia love bright, rich colours of clothing.
  • The desire to look smart in any situation. Therefore, even in the pool or on an excursion to the mountains, a Russian woman can go in high heels and in an elegant dress.
  • In addition, the traditions of Russian folk dress influence the choice of Russians. Russians traditionally love red. In Old Russian, “red” meant “beautiful.”
  • Women in Russia adore gold, lurex, rhinestones, a lot of jewelery. Because in the Russian traditional costume there was a lot of jewelery, for example, a kokoshnik embroidered with gold threads. This style of a Russian woman makes her unique and special.
A perfect life you have if your wife is Russian

What is most important for a Russian wife?

Women perceive the world around them with the help of emotions. Especially emotional Russian woman. The completely emotional sphere is very significant for her. No wonder they say: “A woman loves with her ears”. Therefore, for a Russian woman it is important to know that she is considered beautiful, loved, desired, and respected. Additional words and recognition of her beauty make a woman softer, tender, and playful. Exist much more curious things about Russian women you need to know.

Family comes first.

Self-understanding and concentration on career play a big role for European, as well as for American women, but for Russians the family always comes first. Women cannot wait till 35-40, because from childhood they have heard that the main purpose is to marry as early as possible. However, in XXI century, not all ladies are ready to have children under 30, but if a foreigner comes on the way of such a woman, he will be simply happy.

Every Russian woman desires to become a wife and mother

Russian wife primary focuses on love, family and happy family life. She devotes a lot of time to her family. Women are usually monogamous. Therefore, choosing a husband, she must be sure that this is exactly the man with whom she wants to live her whole life.

Nevertheless, not only the family is important for a woman. She tries to find fulfillment as a person and professional in the desired field. Unmarried woman associates her future with creating a family. The special value for a Russian wife is health, material security, the absence of financial problems and interesting work. At the same time, a sense of duty is an important value. A woman is responsible for both work and her family.

The most faithful wife

In different European countries, nobody judges a woman if she introduces a husband to a lover. Those who do not agree with such kind of relationships are running into the search of a Russian wife, who, according to the same men, will dedicate her life to husband and kids. However, this is true: Russian woman is never searching for outside entertainment if her decision if to marry. For her, betrayal is a sign of uncertainty.

They cook delicious dishes

From childhood, Russian girls are growing with the awareness that a man in her family should be fed. With age, the girl realizes that the path to a man lies through his stomach. Many foreigners believe that the Russian wife will not let her husband to die of starvation. Even if a woman is very busy at work, runs a business, has two – three kids, she will always make sure, that the homemade food is cooked for the main man in the family – one more reason to find a Russian wife.

Husband – is the head of the house

With the spread of the idea of feminism, Western women became increasingly aggressive in defence of their rights, sometimes even pulling out all the stops. Until this, “battle of genders” caught up us, in the minds of many of Russian women a man is standing in front of his wife. The gender gap has emerged historically: for different motives, women in Russia felt a severe deficit of men for a long years, which is why males are appreciated so high in the life of any woman.

Foreigners are fascinated by this situation because a Russian wife for whom a man in the house is important will not pretend to be the head of the family.

Russian women are peaceful and reserved

There is an opinion regarding the character of a Russian woman: that, unlike a European woman, a Russian wife press her husband, even if he acts wrong, the wife will try to understand and forgive. Of course, it all depends on the specific woman, so, dear men, not every Russian woman will offer you a chance to play on her nerves.

Obviously, Russian girls attract close attention to many nations of the world. Consider yourself lucky if you got a chance to find a Russian wife. They amaze with their kindness and responsiveness, magnetism and loyalty. Men are delightful to choose Russian girls for marriage because they commit themselves to their husband and children. They easy can combine work of being mother and wife, pursue a career growth without any damage to the family. Moreover, if they have to make a choice between work and family, be 100% sure that the Russian wife will choose the second one. Every man deserve to be loved. To get the best Slav, it is enough to shown your kindness and respect to her and her family. Every woman wishes to be loved and admired.