A dream bride from Russia

That’s a generally known fact that the Internet has successfully changed all spheres of our everyday life. It has unavoidably concerned the relationships between the fair and sterner sexes.

The number of single people of both genders is increasingly seeking their long-waited soulmates by signing up for one of numerous dating websites. Especially popular are those platforms that managed to earn their users’ trust.

What nations are the most popular with foreign seekers?

Brides from Russia and Ukraine

Men from worldwide are actively seeking for a bride, a partner, a wife or a girlfriend. Slavic women, in particular, from Russia and Ukraine, are extremely popular with overseas guys, first and foremost, from Europe, North America (Canada, the USA), and South-East Asia.

Nobody wants to fail in his quest. Therefore, foreign men with serious intentions do their best to use all the opportunities available due to the world network. Their dream to be successful with their Russian bride search will definitely come true if they make efforts, study the peculiarities of women from Russia and work on themselves as well.

Why are Russian brides extremely popular with overseas men?

Quite many men in Western countries still have some stereotypes about girls and women from Russia. They often judge ladies from that vast country by those widely-spread images they occasionally see on TV or in movies. Russian female fashion models are famous for their natural beauty. It also influences men’s apprehension.

So guys often expect common girls to look like them or at least close to that. Seasoned seekers advise beginners to communicate as much as possible with Russian women on reliable websites. Gradually, stereotypes and misperceptions will fade away.

Natural beauty

Beautiful brides from Russia

When foreign guys compare the looks of Russian and Western women, they most commonly make a point that the first ones win the competition. Girls from mysterious Russia often astonish men with their natural beauty:

  • little make-up
  • clean and fresh face skin
  • bright eyes
  • upright posture
  • natural face color
  • well-groomed hair.

Some advice to men in the Russian bride search: While appreciating girl’s looks, do not forget about her personality traits. They are always a lot more vital for your future family life and even for a romance.

There are plenty of explanations of the natural beauty of young women from Russia. The main reason for that is the mixture of different nations on the vast territory of the country throughout a long historical period. However much resourcefully and ingeniously some experts explained the attractiveness of ladies from Russia, the fact is generally recognized and impossible to call down.


In contrast to their Western counterparts, most Russian women are still a lot more family-oriented in spite of oodles of the alterations that occurred throughout two decades. Because of the complicated economic situation typical of contemporary Russia in the recent years, it got far harder for women to support their families financially.

Yet the Russian fair sex doesn’t give up. Even now for most of them, the family is the first, the career is the second. Russian women successfully preserve their best personality traits that overseas men appreciate very much about them:

  • innate intelligence
  • warm-heartedness
  • responsiveness
  • politeness
  • sociability
  • temerity
  • outgoingness
  • self-sacrifice.

“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart.” (Oscar Wilde)

Life pattern

Public life of brides from Russia

In the recent three decades, Russian young women’s life mode has tremendously changed. Now they are a lot more involved in the political life of the country. They also try not only to be traditionally good housewives but also to promote themselves professionally.

A female car driver is a matter of course on the town roads nowadays. You can see women of different generations in various public places and venues:

  • political rallies
  • entertaining events
  • gyms and fitness centers
  • stylish bars and posh nightclubs
  • theaters and even stadiums.

How to get ready for meeting a Russian woman?

Whatever foreign men’s aims, it is necessary for them to be prepared for future socializing with girls from Russia. Keep in mind that contemporary women don’t tend to find an overseas husband or boyfriend by all means. Most of them prefer compatriots nowadays.

However, young women don’t still mind and even dream of meeting a decent guy from abroad. To attract their attention and affection, foreign potential grooms, husbands as well as partners need to get ready for meeting as well as socializing Russian girls:

  • be aware of current events in the world and Russia
  • take care of the appearance to look neat, well-groomed, and stylish
  • keep fit and attend sport facilities
  • get rid of bad habits, in particular, smoking
  • be financially stable and quite successful in making the career.

Overseas men should also keep in mind that there is still the difference between Western and Russian mentality. Therefore, they ought to try do adapt themselves to the so-called enigmatic Russian soul.

It is vital for foreigners who are in the Russian bride search to bear in mind that differences between regions in Russia are still quite huge. They tend to increase. There are a lot of reasons for that. Even Russian people themselves say that Moscow along with Saint Petersburg versus provinces like different countries.

Girls in villages and some towns don’t have the same opportunities as their counterparts in capital and major cities. It concerns their pastime as well as a job. They are also politically far less active than female Moscovites and Petersburgers.

How to behave on dating websites?

Brides from Russia on dating websites

To begin with, overseas guys in the Russian bride search need to sign up for a reliable and legitimate dating website. Testimonials and opinions of experts, which are now fairly easy to find on the Internet, will help them to make the right choice.

Then a lot depends on the man’s conduct on the website. Seasoned guys can give some valuable advice on the proper behavior on the dating platform. The most vital actions men should take are the following:

  • complete the profile with detailed and honest information
  • be active and take the initiative
  • communicate only with verified female users
  • hold off on conclusions
  • however different the situation can develop, stay polite and tolerant.

One of the tips may seem the most important to men with serious intentions. Guys need to be true to themselves without trying to appear a lot better.

How to behave in real life?

If the communication on the dating website ends up successfully, and the future couple is ready for seeing each other in person, men should also follow the same rules given above. Besides, they need to focus on their looks.

Russian women dislike untidy, badly groomed as well as scruffy lads. They appreciate stylish looks, trendy outfit, clean shoes, and toned physique. It doesn’t mean that they require from a man too much. Clever women don’t focus on weak spots.

Girls will appreciate if their date’s behavior is natural. Guys just need to follow some tips experienced blokes usually give:

  • try to show interest in the girl’s enthusiasms
  • do not forget to give flowers during the date
  • talk it over what place for the first date she will prefer
  • do not impose themes interesting only for you
  • tell the woman about your immediate family but not about your ex-wife or ex-girlfriends
  • do not questionnaire her about her ex-husband or a boyfriend.


Brides from Russia married and happy

There aren’t precise statistics that could give the number of people who managed to find their soulmate due to dating websites. However, judging by the information, which is available on the world network, the percentage is quite high – around 20%. It isn’t very much but worth taking into account and hope for success.

Even more so, women’s magazines and websites are full of true stories of happy couples who could find each other on popular international mail-order websites. Husbands and wives usually share their memories of the beginning of their romance and relationship with pleasure.


The main conclusion that curious and positively thinking men should draw is that it is actually vital to be active and never give up. Perhaps, the success won’t come the very first time. However, determined and single-minded guys will eventually manage to make their dreams come true.

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