Bride scammers from Russia

You can hardly imagine contemporary people’s lifestyle without modern technologies, devices and, in particular, the Internet. Global network has successfully influenced plenty of services by accelerating the processes of information and data swapping. It also concerns such popular industry as online dating agencies.

However, along with positive features, the Internet has unfortunately brought on some negative ones. You should be aware of them if you want to evade coming across a Russian bride scam while being in search of a good wife, a loyal partner or a future fiancée from that unbelievably vast country.

Women on dating websites

It’s no secret that quite many women of different ages and social backgrounds tend to look for their dream man by signing up for dating websites. The reasons for that depend on plenty of features. Their main goal is definitely the desire to settle down to married life.

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” (H. Clinton)

Whatever country any woman is from, first of all, she is willing to be a happy wife, to raise nice children, to have family stability, and to feel confident in the future. Nowadays they have a lot more opportunities to make their sincere dreams come true.

The most popular way is the membership on one of the legitimate dating websites. Moreover, the choice of such platforms is pretty wide. That is a given that most of the young women signed up for dating websites are from Ukraine, Russia, and other East European countries.

Russian brides on dating websites

Brides from Russia on the Internet

Women from Russia are indeed frequent users of dating websites. The reasons for that depend on their age, place of birth, background, and plenty of other features. Most of pretty Russian gals are doubtlessly sincere in their desires, goals, and dreams.

Therefore, overseas guys shouldn’t suspect any good-looking woman from that vast country of some hostile intentions. The widely spread stereotype that young Russian women tend to look for well-off foreign husbands is nowadays badly behind the times.

Russian women’s personal qualities

Of course, overseas guys have heard a lot about Russian girls. Thanks to social media, popular TV channels, and documentaries, everybody knows how specific gals from that mysterious country are. Women in Russia still stick out from their European and American counterparts in plenty of features:

  • Whatever their goals, Russian women are utterly devoted to family values; children and the husband for them are far more important rather than their promotion, career or financial health
  • They possess such personal qualities that have unfortunately become less typical of Western counterparts: the ability to make a man feel that he is the head of the household and practically everything depends on him
  • Even if Russian women are involved in some business, they are good at keeping house and taking care of their children.

Although women in Russia tend to be committed to old traditions, they successfully manage to keep up with the times. They are not just absorbed in taking care of their children, keeping the house, and doing the cooking. You can see a lot of gals visiting movie-theaters, fitness centers, nightclubs, recreation parks, gyms, and a various array of other public places.

Russian women’s looks

Nice looking brides from Russia

If desired, you can find an incredible array of even scientific explanations of the the natural beauty of Russian women. Anyway, that is a given that quite many girls in Russia are good-looking and smart. Their beauty is the first feature that attracts overseas men’s attention.

Whatever public place you choose to socialize or just to observe women strolling, you will definitely come across stylishly dressed, neat, gorgeous and good-looking gals. At first glimpse, they may seem a bit unapproachable.

However, the reality suggests the opposite. In spite of their beauty compared with that what is typical of female fashion models, Russian young women are open-minded, sociable, intelligent, and easy-going.

What do Russian brides look for?

Guys who brides hunt after

Foreign guys are still the target of most Russian brides who sign up for well-known international dating sites. Their expectations are quite varied and depend on different features. First of all, on their age, background, and desire. Most girls are aimed at meeting a future husband, a bridegroom or at least a boyfriend.

The profiles of these women are usually filled with detailed information about their interests, job, wishes, and enthusiasms. Men can easily contact them, chat with them, swap messages and emails. Girls with serious intentions don’t hide facts about their location, age or marital status.

You as a user of the dating website can get in touch with a match through Skype, a video chat or one of the social media where you are both registered. Russian women will definitely appreciate it when you have some of the following attributes:

  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Physically strong and attractive
  • Determined and courageous
  • Thoughtful and romantic
  • Smart and stylish
  • Well-groomed and toned.

Do not think that almost all young women from Russia hunter after well-off guys. Of course, the financial strength of a man is fairly important to girls. However, it is not the very first feature that is necessary to build up long-term relationships.

Female scammers: What are they like?

Profiles of Russian scammers

Although most of the women sign up for popular dating websites with sincere and serious intentions, men can face some pitfalls. The most frequent menace is scamming. The first question you should ask yourself is how to spot fraudsters.

Advice to overseas men: You should carefully look into the dater’s profile to whom you have taken a liking before starting sending messages.

Catfishing doesn’t often occur on paid websites. Yet you should always be wary, especially when you have just signed up and as a novice don’t understand the rules of the exact platform.

Female con artists are, particularly, aimed at lonely middle-aged individuals. As a rule, deceptive women quite fast express their deep feelings. It is also typical of a Russian bride scam to focus on financial issues. Female fraudsters often emphasize their desire to meet up with the man they swap messages in person but they need some money for their future trip.

Some gals are good at making up sob stories about their bad debts, serious health concerns or even harassment by government agencies. They try, therefore, talk deep-pocketed men into giving them hand financially. Seasoned male daters warn guys about the necessity to watch out for gold diggers.

Deceptive gals quite often put other women’s photos in their dating site profiles. They hope that nobody notices the catfishing. Rarely do they manage to get away with it. Therefore, be wary of profiles with one or few pictures and those where gals in the photos seem suspiciously too beautiful.

The best ways to avoid risks and dangers

To be honest, it’s indeed easy to prevent yourself from coming across scammers. You only need to follow some common rules:

  • Send your selfies to your online match and ask her to do the same in return
  • Check whether her account verified or not
  • Run her photos through Google’s reverse image search
  • Try to chat with her through Skype, messengers or a video camera
  • Invite her on a date in a real life
  • Report suspicious online behavior to the site administration.

However, do not jump to conclusions. You may have just been too distrustful. It will take you some time to make final conclusions.

Reliable websites

One of the best and simultaneously simplest ways to evade facing a Russian bride scam is to sign up for one of the legitimate international dating websites. You only need to keep in mind the main features that distinguish them from dubious platforms:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Paid main services
  • A lot of active daters of both genders
  • The verification system compulsory for all female site users
  • Different options for communication
  • Cutting-edge security tools and a helpful tips section.

Dating in person

Russian brides on a date

That’s a given that if online communication is in good progress, it is gradually evolving into face-to-face interaction. Finally, the matches arrange an offline date. Whatever the place they choose (a restaurant, a recreation park, a nightclub, a hotel room, etc), they will definitely be happy with seeing each other in person.

Online dating is always only the beginning of a long-term relationship. In case the online female match keeps finding excuses for putting off your real-life date, there is every reason to suppose that you are faced up with a scam.


You should keep in mind that scammers on dating websites are now an exception. Contemporary platforms use high-end security systems to protect the scores of their users from fraudulence. Therefore, you as a man in the quest for a female match are safe from scammers. Yet you would benefit from some caution. So, you had better follow the rules mentioned here earlier.