How to be happy with a Russian lady

Due to the growing popularity of feminism in the Western world, Russian women become more and more popular every year. It’s not a surprise because there are a great number of cons when dating a Russian woman.

Western men are tired of strong and independent women, and that’s why they want more feminine girls. As a result, they tend to look for a wife in Russia. Some try their luck on online dating sites, and some come directly to Russia to find a woman of a life.

We can imagine a situation in which a Western man has succeeded in marrying a Russian beauty. But what should he do then? The majority of men don’t even think of the future life with their wives. Some of them are just eager to marry then, and they think it’s enough for a happy future life.

The truth is that a Russian woman expects more from a Western man. If they were satisfied with a simple marriage, they would stay in Russian with Russian men. Your goal is to meet your Russian wife’s expectations, or she will be disappointed in you.

It will be quite difficult at the beginning of your living together, but you’ve chosen this woman and that’s why you have to stay with her whatever happens. She will definitely try to check how well you can make decisions and do some housework.

As a rule, a Russian lady wants a man who is stronger than she is. Unfortunately, your strength can be shown not only with the help of your muscles. In fact, Russian girls are more interested in your character than appearance.

Surely, you want to be the head of your family, and that’s why it’s really important to know some facts about Russian girls, especially when it concerns everyday life. Here is what you need to do in order to become a part of your future Russian wife’s life.

Earn Russian women’s trust

Come up with new ideas as often as possible

Most men forget about the thing called a routine life. Your Russian wife doesn’t want to get stuck in it as if it’s some kind of swamp. She wants to get a portion of new ideas from you every day.

It doesn’t have to be something too difficult to be fulfilled or unusual. It will be enough if you offer her to dine at the restaurant or suggest her a walk in the park. Don’t make her sit at home all the time.

Historically, Russian women were always housewives and spent all their time at home. Times change, and they don’t want to live like that anymore. They want to cooperate with you and do everything together. So, don’t separate her from you.

For example, if you’re going to meet some friends, it will be nice if you offer her to come too. She will surely enjoy your company. She will also help you to improve your image among your friends. Certainly, they will envy you because it’s you who has a gorgeous Russian wife.

Help her with housework

If a Russian woman is associated with a great housewife, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help her. It’s extremely important for her to feel your support and help in everyday things such as housework, children, shopping, and so on.

These things may seem boring, but it’s your goal to make them interesting for you and your family. If you can’t cope with it, you will soon feel negativity hanging over your life together.

Before going to work, you can take easily take out the trash. You can offer your help with dishes after a delicious dinner cooked by your wife. She gets tired enough while cooking and that’s why she expects your helping hand in this situation.

You can clean the dust off the shelves and the floor. You shouldn’t be afraid of help your wife just because some of your friends will laugh at you. Your Russian wife is more important for you than all these stereotypes about women who clean the whole house all alone.

Common interests

You should already have some common interests at the stage of chatting on a dating website. Sometimes it turns out that you can’t find a compromise and a quarrel occurs.

If you actually consider yourself the head of the family, you should eventually give in to her. It’s quite ironic and strange but you will never be able to change the Russian girl’s opinion because they’re too stubborn.

You can only influence on her with the help of your immediate and firm actions. That means if you’re trying to prove something to her with the words, it will be much better to do despite things she says to you.

The sooner you will realize the benefits of speaking less and doing more, the happier your family will be. You shouldn’t always listen to what your Russian wife says. Sometimes it’s better to make your own decisions, and she will definitely follow you.

When you’re done playing the head of the family, it will be nice to spend some time with your wife and do something together. For example, you can teach her your native language. As a rule, Russian girls are really inquisitive and intelligent. That’s why she will surely agree to study something new about your language or country.

You should constantly use the advantage of being from another country. It’s the most important thing that can make you closer.

Russian girls want strong ones

Cultural differences

This problem is still really annoying because the differences between the Eastern and Western worlds are obvious. You should also think of this fact and realize its danger at the stage of chatting and dating this girl.

Cultural differences aren’t that serious problem if both of you can listen to each other and accept something new. Try to take advantage of that and accept it as a thing, which helps you learn more about your wife.

You should always show your manners and never take offense at her. Even if you can’t decide on a problem right now, it doesn’t mean that you should ruin your newly-minted family.

You’re the man and you’re the one who should look for a compromise in any case. Even if you clearly understand that your wife is wrong at some point, your goal is to end this dispute.

Sweet advice for you: You have to come up to your wife during your quarrel, then hug her and give her a nice kiss. This act will immediately calm the situation. It can be hard to overcome yourself sometimes but you should do it if you consider yourself a real man.

You should accept your wife’s cultural things and listen to her decision but don’t forget to protect yours too. Remember that any Russian girl loves her country, and she’s more or less patriotic. That’s why it’s easier for you to deal with it than anything else.

Become closely acquainted with her nearest and dearest

In the first place, it relates to her parents. They’re sacred people to her. If you really wish to become more than just a husband to your wife, you should definitely spend more time with her parents and other relatives.

In fact, you should know that the family is always on the first place for Russian women. They will do anything for them. Russian women will never miss the opportunity to spend holidays with her Russian relatives.

It may sound a bit offensive, but Russian ladies love their relatives more than anything else on the Earth. It’s a sort of challenge for you to become an equal member of her family.

You can suggest going on a picnic all together. Russian families enjoy spending free time together this way. It will surely help you find common ground with her relatives.

Russian girls enjoy confident and powerful men

Keep her satisfied in bed

That seems like an obvious thing but it’s extremely important to keep it in mind. Russian women can’t live without good sex, and if you’re calling yourself her husband, you’re the one who should provide it to her.

You can keep her satisfied in many ways but sex stands first on this list. You will never be able to predict your Russian wife’s behavior but your life will be easier if you two have sex every day.

In fact, all your gifts and attention can be replaced by a good bang. It will definitely bring you two closer together. You should never forget about satisfying her during your usual routine days. It will give her plenty of emotions and impressions.

Russian girls are really unpredictable in bed. They may enjoy rough and tender sex at the same time. You just have to listen to what your Russian beauty says. Actually, Russian women talk a lot during sex. They do it to guide you properly.

The quality of sex will inevitably impact on her mood. You will easily notice if you’ve done something wrong.