Healthy relationships with a Russian lady

The development of the Internet has inevitably led to the creation of different dating sites. Nowadays you can easily chat with a person from the other part of the world.

This also concerns the relationship between men and women. Western men tend to search for a loving and domestic wife today. That’s why the popularity of online dating sites is constantly growing.

Those men just want to be sure that this or that woman is what they’re looking for. Then they’re ready to come to Russia and live there. Sometimes their future Russian brides don’t mind going back to the husband’s country.

Luckily, Russian women are highly intelligent and most of them know more than only one language. This fact helps to communicate with them without serious problems.

Russian girls are lovely, pretty, and hot. Their personal character traits and appearance make foreign men fall in love with Russian ladies.

Russian girls are looking for a true gentleman because they’re tired of Russian men who sometimes act as tyrants. They appreciate care, love, and support from men. Your bad habits such as the use of alcohol and smoking must be excluded forever.

Advice: By not drinking alcohol, you will sufficiently increase your chance of getting a Russian woman. Don’t underestimate that fact because it’s very important for Russian women that their men should have no bad habits.

Any Russian girl who is actually serious about her future relationship will ask about it quite soon.

Russian women are looking for the best men

The language gives you two a common ground

The language will indubitably bring you together. The majority of Russian girls from Moscow and St.Petersburg know English well enough to communicate with foreigners.

They may be shy at first, but you shouldn’t stop asking her different questions. Then her ice will break. You will see that your prospective Russian wife is really talkative.

It will be even better if have basic knowledge of the Russian language. Try to learn some salutations at least. If you’re headed to Russia, you will soon notice and understand the importance of the language.

Good knowledge of the Russian language will also help you find a will-paid job in a big city. Your future Russian wife will be glad if you will be able to stay in Russia and work there.

Don’t ask for too much

Russian girls as well as all Russian people are quite hospitable and always ready to help. It doesn’t mean that you should ask for too much. Even if you see that your prospective Russian bride do everything for you, that’s not the sign that you should ask for more.

Of course, Russian women are strong in any sense of this word, but they expect you to help them and take the initiative. Once you show your inability to support and help, your Russian bride will only rely on herself.

Russian women also work hard, and they have to look after the house as well. It will be very nice to show your new acquaintance that you can share some housework.

Don’t hesitate to talk about it when you start getting to know each other on the Internet. It will prove your Russian girl that you can easily take responsibility.

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Wait until she invites you to Russia

Of course, it’s obvious and easy to invite her to your place, but it may scare your Russian girlfriend away. It will be much more convenient for her if you come to her place first.

She will definitely show you everything around. You should accept it as a gift from her. Russian girls adore their country, and they will appreciate it if you’re also interested in its history and background.

Be nice and talkative all the time, and don’t do too many sexual references when talking to her on the Internet. She shouldn’t have a feeling that you use her as a sexual toy.

When you come to Russia to see her, she will satisfy your sexual desire if you’re really her man. You should mainly act as some kind of friend before your first visit to Russia. Only your first date will show if she is actually interested in you.

You shouldn’t wait for too long before the proposal

Russian women appreciate firmness and strength of men. They want to see that you really want to create a family with her. Most of Russian ladies are interested only in long-lasting relationship which will lead to a new family.

Some Russian girls are ready to marry you after two or three dates in real life. They easily understand if you’re the man she’s looking for.

You should make an unusual proposal because Russian girls adore spontaneity and suddenness. That’s why your proposal should be more than just an expensive ring and a bouquet of flowers.

Of course, she will accept your proposal even if it’s quite usual and expected, but try your best to surprise your future Russian wife. They will notice everything you give them, and they count it as a sign of your loyalty.

She will also want you to meet her parents before your marriage. That’s the most important part of the process. Never skip this part because the role of the family for your prospective Russian wife is so high that she may even break up with you if you refuse to meet with them.

Try to impress her parents as well. Act as a gentleman, and they will definitely notice your behavior towards their daughter.

Use paid dating sites instead of free ones

There are tons of dating websites where you will find a lot of Russian ladies who want to chat or even create a family with you. They’re there for different reasons. There some girls who want to have a hookup with a foreigner, but you won’t see such girls too often.

Using paid dating sites will certainly help you avoid fraud while trying to get acquainted with a Russian woman. There also will be less ”spam” and advertisement on paid sites.

You will find more serious relationship-seekers there as well. Free sites contain more users, but the majority of Russian girls aren’t for long there. You will face a lot of scammers who just want to find a rich sugar daddy and take his money.  

Dating agencies will be also useful. They can help you find a girl you’re actually looking for. It’s their profession to consider your wishes and then search for a Russian beauty for you. They don’t take a high sum of money for their job. So, think of using this kind of agencies.

Russian brides are the most beautiful

Don’t write to her too often

If you’re actually interested in a particular Russian girl, and you’ve already got acquainted, then it’s better for you not to write to her every ten minutes. She may think that you have nothing else to do.

Of course, you want to get to know her from all possible sides but hold your horses at least for a while. Try to live as nothing has happened and do your everyday work, and stuff like that.

It’s no secret that Russian girls appreciate and love men’s attention, but there should never be too much of it.

Not writing to her too often is also a great way to check if you’re also important to her. She will not hesitate to write first if she’s also into you.

Advice: Try to do that trick at least one time and watch her reaction. Some Russian girls start writing first and do that so often that it may be quite annoying for men.

Of course, if you see her writing to you too often, that mean she has fallen in love with you. Your task is so keep that level of interest to your personality. Russian girls never write to the random men. These ladies always do that on purpose to remind of themselves.

She’s not interested in your money

Some Western men are sure that Russian ladies are looking for a foreigner just to get his money. Of course, they want to find a financially stable man who can provide a future family with everything necessary, but it’s in their nature. All women want to be confident and secure about their future.

Your money will be useful only for you if you’re actually serious about building a long-lasting relationship with a Russian lady. Be ready to spend them to fly to Russia.

Surely, you can keep talking to her on the Internet all the time, but then you will be more like a pen pal to her. So, think about going to her to Russia as soon as possible. She will also notice that you’re a man who proves your intentions through the deeds.

Russian women are used to going to work as men do. That’s why they’re likely to keep working and do housework than just stay at home all the time. Some Russian women earn even more than men do, and that’s fine for them.