Amazingly wrapped present for real Russian woman

There are absolutely different ways how to impress real Russian girls. The only thing is to know what she really wants from these relations. Choosing or giving so simple presents can open your personality and help to look inside the soul of your girlfriend to see the response. Gift with a sense show her how much attention you paid while choosing the best gift.

What does she need?

Does she need anything personal? Or does she want anything for everyday use? How to impress real Russian girl with your present? What is the best way to give chosen gift? In romantic atmosphere or make an unexpected surprise?

These questions make a man nervous and practically mad. Especially, when a gift should be given to a girl you`ve never met in person before.

The problem about choosing the right gift is so burning, because real Russian girls are thought absolutely mysterious. In fact, that is the most attractive feature of a girl for men.

Even a question asked personally can stay without an answer, as girls very often don`t know what they really need. And that is a problem, but it can be solved if you know some useful tips while choosing the best gift ever.

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Best Gifts that Always Impress


This is practically the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about a gift to a beloved woman. Diamonds will be appreciated by a lady if your relationship became deeper and long-lasting. Otherwise, a girl can think that you just want to buy her somehow.

When you just start new relations, don`t pay too much money on a gift. It`s more important to give something small and nice as a reminder of your bright, first feelings.

A romantic date

This is a surprising way to impress real Russian girls. A chosen place for going out shouldn`t be crowded or noisy. Restaurant for romantic dinner have to be chosen according to your lady`s eating habits. First, find out if she is allergic to any food or cuisine. Make a reservation in a really cozy, private and intimate place whenever possible.

A fur coat

This is a secret dream of all Russian ladies. However, it`s better to postpone buying such precious present until your relations will become stronger. Otherwise, your lady may think that you want something personal from her.

Tickets to the concert

When you know your lady`s music interests, it`s easy to buy 2 tickets to the concert and impress her. The more difficult the process of purchasing is, the more impressed will be real Russian woman.


Beautiful underwear presented by a special man is a very precious gift for your sexy Russian lady. So go to the shop together if your relationship has reached that level of trust. Or choose lingerie by yourself and impress her.

SPA certificate

Right now the industry of health and beauty is quickly developing. Every lady wants to be charming and beautiful. Help her to become even more awesome by presenting her SPA gift certificate.


This is very tricky gift since you can simply waste your money on the scent she would never buy herself. So there are two possibilities: visit a shop together or choose another gift.

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Affordable presents that she will love

Handmade jewelry

She is guaranteed to love beautiful handmade jewelry. Of course, it doesn`t mean that you need to make something by yourself. Your aim is to visit local malls and gift shops or fair and craft shows. Choose something amazing and impress your Russian girlfriend. You can also find something interesting on the Net.

Earrings for beautiful Russian lady


Writing a poem is an effective method to attract her attention to your personality and increase her curiosity. However, if you are not so creative, order a text on a site for copywriters. It`s better not to lie but to admit that a poem was written special for her.


Amazingly soft slippers would become really personal present in case she loves these home shoes. Buy handmade slippers in a craft shop and your lady would be impressed. Knitted or made of wool slippers are going to warm her when you are not together.

Soft scarf

Extremely soft and nice scarf is worth buying. Choose the one that harmonizes with her eyes, her favorite dress or bag. She will appreciate your sense of style.

Scarf for elegant Russian girls

Never forget about flowers

You thought that we forgot about a bouquet of flowers? Actually, we strongly recommend you to use this classical way to show your sympathy as often as you can. Flowers should be provided in many cases: on special days, and for other countless reasons. Man without flowers in his hands on a date is considered as a really weird person. Your lady would be even insulted in such case.

The culture of flower-gifting in Russia should be taken into consideration while choosing the best gift. We are talking not only about the odd number of plants but also about the meaning of each bud. A unique bouquet of tender blossoms will be loved by each Russian lady.

Nice flowers for real Russian ladies

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Best time for gift-giving

Choosing the right time to give a present is as important as the object you have found. Here are some ideas when your effort would receive optimal appreciation:

Giving presents in the morning

If you make a surprise in the morning, she will be thinking about you and a gift all day long and remember this moment. In case, her mornings are too hectic, you can only give her a little hint about your evening plans and describe somehow her future gift. Of course, this day would last forever for her but it would be remembered for long.

Let her find a present on her own

Leave a gift in a place she could find it on her own when she wakes up, makes a bed, has a meal, or cleans the room up. You can choose a place where you`ve prepared dinner or reserved a table.

A quiet moment

Try not to choose the moment after an emotional or stressful day. Instead of this ask her to go for a quiet walk. Check that she is absolutely focused on you and give her a gift.

A sad day for your Russian girl

Give your girlfriend something positive on a sad day and let her know that you understand her feelings and share them.

Make an ordinary day extraordinary for her

Giving presents on special days is a very ordinary thing. A real Russian lady is waiting for gifts on New Year, birthdays, St. Valentine`s Day. Choose an absolutely different moment or invent this special occasion yourself:

  • Anniversary of your first meeting.
  • Anniversary of your second date.
  • A day when she gets a promotion.
  • Day of changing a habit.

The way you give a present

Find out the best presentation techniques ever. Even if you have no idea on how to wrap a gift in unusual way, keep in mind some tips for making that moment extravagant.


  1. Write a small card saying “For pretty lady” or “For my lovely lady”.
  2. Keep the receipt in case she would like to change the size or color of your gift.
  3. Use special gift bags or ask a shop assistant to wrap a present.
  4. Order a delivery to her office or home.


  1. Use a plastic bag from a store.
  2. Use wrapping paper from another season or special occasion. Girls usually notice all these inconsistencies.
  3. Always remove the tag with a price.
Way of gift-wrapping for Russian girls


There some superstitions about what not to present Russian girls. Some ladies don`t take them serious while others would be even insulted:

Sharp objects

Don`t present that entire household objects like scissors, knives and other cutlery. It is believed that these presents can lead to conflicts and quarrels.


Even if a Russian lady is very beautiful and likes looking at herself in a mirror, it`s not a good idea to give her a mirror as a present because it is believed that mirrors get negative energy.

In conclusion

Your Russian lady will be truly impressed when you pick the right moment for gift-giving, choose an amazing way for presenting carefully selected stuff.