Maybe you remember being very young when the parental control prevented us from hookuping indoor, or you’re still young right now. Do not worry, such unique places for hook up are just everywhere.

  1. The closet or wardrobe room. Many students report they have tried it at least once, and it felt pretty convenient and cozy. It helps you have quick sex at your own or others’ home.
  2. WC and bathroom. Sex in a bathroom is such a classic, either in the cinema or at someone’s home. It’s also a good way to escape from the party together and hookup.
  3. Under the table. You think it sounds ridiculous? But many tables have the fully covering construction or the tablecloth on them, making it comfortable to hookup secretly.
  4. Storage room. It’s in fact a frequent Filipina hookup fantasy, having sex in a storage room. Very popular among the office workers, restaurant employees, and guests on the home party.
  5. Behind the curtain. The shoes can be seen and it’s a problem, but if the curtain is long enough and people in the room are too busy to look at it, keep going with your hookup.

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