A wide choice of sexy Russian wives

Surely, until now you have made many attempts to find a companion, and could not quickly achieve results. Here you are promised 4 months. It is quite a bold statement, I agree.

However, I can assure you that this period is enough to find a good Russian wife. You just need to do only what quickly brings you closer to the goal, and does not make you stand still (as it was until now).

The majority of men use an ineffective strategy. They overcome an obstacle course, without understanding that the girl does not want to be with them. They are also courting her, suffering from her strange behavior.

Where to search for a Russian wife

You have to meet new girls actively. Yes, most likely, you will be rejected quite often (especially, when it comes to talking with girls on the street). However, this is the only way to fill your phone book with enough numbers.

What places should be used for dating:

Keep in mind that all the places listed below can be divided into ”more effective” and ”less effective” ones. In addition, some of them are more suitable if you are looking for a wife who prefers to stay home and cherishes her family a lot.

Places where your Russian housewife hides

  1. Exhibitions and concerts. There are a lot of wise and serious girls who are looking for a long-lasting relationship. If your goal is to find a gorgeous and intelligent Russian wife – exhibitions and other similar events should be taken into consideration.
  2. Weddings. The sense of envy cannot be exterminated in women. Especially, in those moments when they see a picture of the new happy family birth. Therefore, weddings are a good place to find a future wife. The main thing – do not try to choose too young does not work up girl. Before hunting, scan the audience for the presence of 25 years old girls. As a rule, this is a group of women that is no longer interested in free relations. If such a person sees that her friend is getting married, then you will have an opportunity to take her right away.
  3. Trainings. Of course, it should be such events, where there are much more women. For example, you know that soon there will be a training called “How to find a husband.” All you have to do is find out where and when it takes place.

Then you should just appear in that place and get acquainted with the most beautiful Russian girl there. You will hit a clear target, because each of the women present there will have a desire to get married. The main thing – act so that you have the opportunity to meet not one but several girls, and at the same time, do not behave like a womanizer.

Places for spontaneous meetings

  1. Speed dating. The format of short meetings, which we borrowed from America. Despite the fact that this country is on the opposite side of the Earth, “Speed dating” is quite popular in Russia. So, you have every chance to find and seduce your future wife almost without competition. In any case, you should not lose sight of this source of potential wives, and try to help them find happiness with you.
  2. Online dating. Perhaps, the easiest and at the same time the most difficult way. Easy, because you do not have to go outside and get acquainted, overcoming fear and excitement. At the same time, it is difficult, because everyone uses this source, and there may be too many admirers around your future Russian wife. In order not to lose time – use the search for girls through the purpose of dating, choosing the item “creating a family”. Therefore, it will be possible to choose those girls who are aimed at creating a family, and not to waste time on everyone else.
  3. Street. If you are serious, you should try the most standard type of dating – street. Statistics tell us that you can seduce and marry a girl even after street dating. Therefore, as soon as you have a free 5 minutes – do not lose a minute and come to the girl you like.

Ideally, you need to use all the places at the same time to find enough girls who are interested in you.

How to find a wife with a probability of 100%

The main mistake of most men who want to find a wife – they focus only on one woman. After a few attempts to meet you for sure you, will come across one that is not even against you to communicate and go on dates.

Make her wish you

However, the number 1 is usually bad and unfortunate. Even in business, there is such a thing as risk diversification, the essence of which is that “it is better to work in 10 directions than to do only one thing and lose everything in case of failure.”

When you start dating only one girl, you begin to appreciate her more than she deserves. In the case of indifference from her side, you turn into her errand boy. Eventually, if you spend a lot of time communicating with her, then the desire to woo someone else will disappear altogether, and you can be totally broken and depressed.

So take it, as a rule, to communicate and meet with several women (no wonder I gave you a list of places to find a potential wife). With this approach, it will be easier to find a gorgeous Russian wife, because each of them will feel your independence and behavior of a real competitor.

It is not necessary to have sex with all of them because you will look like a typical womanizer. You do not want to be famous like that, do you? Communicating with lots of women will help you to become better in expressing your emotions. You will also start getting women’s thoughts much easier.

Get rid of excess

When you find a few candidates for the place of your future wife, it is important to stop communicating with everyone who is not suitable for you.

But how do you know if a woman is right for you or not?

All stories about the list of the best personal qualities should be left for teenagers because this list will never be 100% correct. After all, there are a lot of women around who will fit this list, and with them you still may be uncomfortable!

Choose your hot Russian wife yourself

You, as an adult man, should understand:

  • how well you feel with each individual woman;
  • if she makes you feel like a man;
  • if you see her as a real woman;
  • if you have a desire to take care of her;
  • if you have the motivation to operate/to work/to do after talking with her.

If one of your potential Russian wives does not give you the necessary feelings, you should eliminate her from your life once and for all. When you stop communication with a part of the women, it is necessary to fill this gap, that is why you should get acquainted with several more. Keep doing so, until you will have a lot of women, and each should make you happy.

This is a necessary condition when you search for a wife because in order to make the right choice – you need to have something to choose from. You should understand that the lack of wide choice, oddly enough, stimulates the making of wrong decisions.

Make your plans for the future

If you consider yourself a real man, you should make your own decisions and plans. You are not likely to find a Russian wife easily if you cannot even decide for yourself.

Therefore, if you actually intended to become a married man in such a short time, you should work hard on it. Your future Russian wife will not tolerate any weaknesses or uncertainty.

Russian girls prefer dominant and strong men. If you think that they will marry a random man in 2-4 months, you are completely wrong. They will do this way only if they are confident in him.

You, as a man, should control many factors that occur in your relationship. You should take every one of them very seriously and act in order to solve the problems.

She wants to feel your confidence

If you see that something is clearly going wrong with your relationship (she sometimes agrees to go out, communicate), but also does not let you close, then try to cool it. This will allow you to understand how your prospective Russian wife really treats you: if she has no feelings for you, then you will not get any reaction (and it is good that you will understand this immediately, and not when you get addicted to her).

If there are feelings, then she will begin to take the initiative herself and realize that she also has to do something for the development of relations. Yeah, that is something you should be looking for. If you met such a woman, it is good, because your goals are the same.

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