Meet the hottest Russian girls for a long lasting relationship

If you’re tired of loneliness and would like to find a partner, a Russian dating site is the right place to go. Slavic women are famed for their traditional family values, intellect, devotion in a romantic relationship and stunning beauty. Lots of western man has already found their happiness in Eastern Europe, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same. However, when you look through profiles of the hottest Russian girls on a dating site, you may feel rather intimidated.

With their confident look and amazing beauty, they may appear way out of your league. But there is nothing to worry about. If you do things the right way and create a nice impression online, you’ll make your online dating experience a great success.

However, it’s important to realize that dating Slavic women online is no panacea and it takes some efforts if you’re really interested in finding someone special among the hottest Russian girls. When you apply for a job, you take trouble over your CV and job interviews. When you buy a house, you take efforts over contacting real estate agents and checking available options. Finding a woman of your dreams requires some effort, too.

Meet hot Russian ladies for love, romance and marriage

Choose the right sort of website

First of all, you should make the right choice of a Russian dating website. It’s highly unlikely that you have time and money to use many sites, that’s why it’s recommended to find only one or two. A site should be trustworthy and reputable, with a large database of profiles and lots of success stories.

Read the feedback of people who’ve already used these sites in the past and see whether their experience is what you’re actually looking for.

One thing for sure – you should go for a dating site with a paid membership and a great support system.

If you feel you are falling for a scam, there should be a reliable moderator to protect you. Also, free sites are full of inactive and fake profiles, so you don’t want to waste your precious time contacting imaginary women who will never reply.

Select a nice profile photo

It’s no secret that first impression is all important, that’s why a lousy profile photo is a big no-no when it comes to dating online. Make sure it’s a high resolution photo. No blurriness or overall darkness is acceptable. Make sure your face is visible – there shouldn’t be any sunglass, helmets, high collars and so on. Your clothes should be neat and well selected – the hottest Russian girls give lots of importance to appearance.

You enjoy looking at their photos, so why shouldn’t they enjoy looking at yours? The background should be beautiful, too. If you take a picture indoors, make sure there is no mess in the room. For an outdoor photo, choose a lovely nature spot or a cosy corner in your home town. Also, these photos are absolutely unacceptable as your profile pictures:

  • Bathroom selfies.
  • Photos of pets instead of you (cats, dogs, hamsters, bunnies and so on).
  • Group photos with a large number of people.
  • Pictures of you wearing untidy, crumpled clothes.
  • Topless photos demonstrating your muscles or their absence.
  • Pictures of you with another woman (even if she’s cut off, there shouldn’t be a women’s hand on your shoulder or around your waist).
  • Photos of you looking unhappy, sad, angry or bored. You should create an image of an utterly miserable person – no one is there to solve someone else’s problems. Women are interested in meeting confident and happy men who would like to share their happiness with their life partner.

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Meet a hot Russian woman to start a family with

Profile Descriptions

Make sure you don’t leave an empty profile. A photo is extremely important, but it’s rather useless without information you’re supposed to provide in your profile. Keep it simple when filling the fields, and make it sound optimistic and cheerful. Describe yourself both in terms of interests and personality.

Specify what exactly you’re looking on the dating site and why you would like to have a romantic relationship with one of the hottest Russian girls. Don’t be too brief, but don’t write a novel either. Avoid clichés like “My family and friends are very important to me”, or “I’d like to find a special woman to start a family with”, be precise instead. Beautiful Russian brides are not only good looking, but also smart, and they like men who are intelligent and wit.

Contacting women

It’s hard to make choices on dating sites with a large number of the hottest Russian girls trying to find their love abroad. You feel like contacting all of them. However, if you start actually reading their self descriptions, you’ll be able to evaluate their profiles and ascertain whom you’re particularly attracted to.

The widespread romantic notion is that there is someone special for everyone. But the thing is, the mankind is not like a giant jigsaw puzzle where everyone perfectly matches together. In reality, it’s much more complicated.

 Some people are compatible with almost no one while others have lots and lots of options. We would recommend selecting ten t o fifteen profiles of the hottest Russian girls and send them a carefully crafted letter to create a nice first impression.

Character traits to demonstrate when messaging Russian women

Among the character traits that even the hottest Russian girls find attractive, we would specify the following:

  • Confidence.
  • Generosity.
  • Compassion.
  • Strength.
  • Sense of humour.

Every Russian girl is dreaming to meet the love of her life – a man who will treat her like a princess and protect her from the storms of life. To be married literally translates from Russian as “to be behind your husband”, which means he’s supposed to be a protector and decision maker in the family.

Slavic women always give a man the leading role in a relationship and expect to be conquered and swept off their feet. The courtship period is extremely important in a relationship with Russian girls for marriage – you’re expected to behave like a gentleman and make all sorts of old fashioned chivalrous moves in order to win her heart.

Even if you’re dating her online, make sure this is one of the most beautiful stages of your relationship. Send her love letters and share your favourite romantic soundtracks. Wish her good morning and good night. Surprise her with little gifts and pretty bouquets of flowers – there are lots of delivery services in every Russian city.

Hottest Russian beauties on an international dating site

Make a trip to Russia

No matter how lovely online dating may be, earlier or later you should actually make a trip to your girlfriend’s home town. Meeting her face to face is a crucial point in your relationship. Both of you will l be able to make out whether there is a real sparkle between the two of you.

When visiting her family, prepare small gifts for each member of her family. If there are small kids, bring them sweets and toys. According to the Russian tradition, a new visitor shouldn’t come to your home empty handed. Make sure to spend as much time together as possible – walk along the city streets, visit her favourite places, set up perfect dates with pleasant surprises.

Keep in mind that you’re supposed to pay the bill – it’s against the Russian dating etiquette to exact a woman to pay her share. Discuss all the important questions about your possible future together. It’s not necessary to give her expensive gifts like jewellery and gadgets, but if you feel like doing so, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

It’s also important to remember that there is no universal formula when courting the hottest Russian girls. Each couple has a love story of their own. What worked for someone else may not work for you, and vice versa. However, you shouldn’t lose heart when some difficulties and frictions arise. Dating a Russian girl is a fantastic experience you will never regret, so let this experience happen.