Still too timid to accept the hookup date invitations? It would be more modern to agree when you’re offered. Here are top ways to text back positively when you actually want to get laid.

  • “Sure, what time and place?” With this answer, you’ll sound like a pro. It’s a good way to hide your insecurities and jump into this casual affair without any doubts.
  • “Ok, do you have special wishes and kinks?” It’s also a mature and professional way to set up an intimate meeting. You’ll know more about a person in advance.
  • “Yes let’s meet the soonest as I am busy later”. If you worry about your pride, this variant of the response will let you keep cool and look highly demanded.
  • “Well, why not, it’s my horny day today”. This enigmatic and alluring answer also shows you have your dignity and you’re popular enough on the other days.
  • “I’ll come to meet, but you better prepare”. These teasing and promising words are waking up the passion in another person, and help you dominate the situation.

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