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Interacting with people of culture you’ve never faced before is never simple. You’ll likely say something offensive or don’t even know how to react to something that’s considered routine in the country. With Russians, it’s not impossible, despite the fact that the culture is pretty exotic. People start dating single Russian women with nothing regarding it in mind, and they succeed. 

There’s really nothing special about it, you just need a bit of practice at first. After all, these single Russian women aren’t a lot different from people you interact with every day

But how are they different in conversation?

Russian women are very different from the average European woman. The way of life, the set of values and the view on the world all are different. It differentiates per person, but it’s not the point. The point is, whatever gruesome things you anticipated from the conversation with a Russian woman, it’s probably not going to happen.

They aren’t cold or arrogant (most of the time). They are different from what you could have experienced when you talked to ladies of your own culture. People from the West are usually quite reserved while you talk to them online. Sure, they send emojis, but you don’t feel that much emotion. Offline, on the other hand, you get to absorb all sorts of reactions and feedback in a conversation.

Russian women, on the contrary, don’t hold the emotions back if they talk to someone, especially a dear person. But in the public place they don’t smile at people just to be polite (contrary to how people in Europe behave in public), they don’t show emotion when it’s not needed. Emotion is something you need to earn.

How do you practice?

Socializing with people is, in fact, not a thing you can learn anything viable about from reading. However, it doesn’t apply to the subjects like ‘Where should I talk’, ‘How should I start a conversation’ or ‘What shouldn’t I say if I want my head attached to my body after the conversation’ and such.

No, don’t worry, you won’t get actually murdered. But you’ll likely scare a potential girlfriend away by saying a wrong sentence.

Try VKontakte

Surely, you’ll want to practice your conversation skills online, where you don’t spend too much time for nothing in case of failure and where you can’t see the reaction of people’s faces. 

For that, you can either use a dating website, such as this one, or a some social network, like Facebook. Now, Facebook may be popular and convenient for you, but Russians largely prefer their own social network — VKontakte (VK for short) to stay in touch with their fellow countrymen and people from neighboring countries (like Ukraine or Kazachstan).

If you want to date single Russian women efficiently, you may consider downloading this as an app on your smart phone. VK is as convenient to use as any other social network. It may be confusing at times, but it still works flawlessly and runs on any modern smart phone (as any app should). An as a bonus, virtually any Russian who knows what the Internet is has this app on. 

Engaging in conversation

And while you try to find a new feminine acquaintance, the best thing you can do is try not to impose yourself on her. The Russians tend to self-contain more than usual people prefer. That’s not to say that all of them are introverts, but should she read your message and just ignore it — you’ll know what happened. You tried to rush your way in and failed.

Many people in Russia aren’t even introverts. They like to stay in touch with their friends, and that’s the only reason they are online. They don’t need some English-speaking guy to randomly say ‘hello’. There’s a chance you actually stumble upon a very talkative and open person, but you rarely can judge this trait just by looking at the profile. 

Don’t come ‘empty-handed’

Certainly, you need to prepare something before engaging in a conversation with a person you like:

-First of all, you need to be in VK for a while (if you’re new to the platform, it shows), collect some friends (it’s easier than picking dates) and communities to follow;

-Secondly, you should have at least a common ground to say ‘hey, I see you too follow this community I know’. You can pick one of many communities that try to learn English together, that’s how you know that she knows at least some English (that’s a bit of a problem in Russia);

-Thirdly, have a reason to message her, don’t just pop up without a cause. You can sneak into a group chat, participate in a conversation, and then message one of the girls that participated too, just to talk. That’s a respectable reason, at least

Then, you just need to say hello and find a common interest to discuss.

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What you should and shouldn’t say

Remember, it’s a practice, normally you don’t really need to date these people you practice your skills of socializing with Russians on. You can say a compliment to a girl you know, Russians like to do it, but refrain from doing something:

-Over-the-top sweet and sensual, that will just be awkward. You may not even be friends at that point;

-Erotic. You may stumble upon a woman that’s into ‘sharing’ with strangers. But more likely, you’ll just be laughed at even for a hint. Unless it’s some kind of joke;

-Stupid. Just think twice before typing anything, it’s important around Russians. You have a large supply of time to answer a question or say your opinion — and you say something unreasonable? 

There are a lot more things that can make you look awkward, silly or worse in the eyes of single Russian women you tried to talk to. But it’s really better to leave it for you to experience it yourself. And you can experience some good things too, but that’s what you better know beforehand:

Be less serious. Mess around, have fun and joke — it seems that that’s the only reason Russians even have the Internet. Sometimes it leads to toxic results, but they have fun, and that’s good;

Tell her about your country. Learning how common people live in different countries is somehow very interesting to Russians. And if you’re from some romantic country (like, say, France, Italy, Spain or Afghanistan) — you’ll have double the result on the single Russian women you elected to talk to. Sure, it works best with the Western countries — Russians genuinely like to know how people live there over the wall;

-Again, compliment her half-jokingly. It’s the kind of compliments Russian people really like — you don’t quite understand if the interlocutor’s hitting on you, but, at the same time, you’re flattered. Don’t do it too often, though, you’ll just make it too sweet, and that’s a no-no

What to do when you feel ready?

Whenever you feel that you’re no longer a beginner and can actually talk to and date single Russian women offline — you should still be mindful. 

Remember: Russians are different on- and offline. The principle, however, stays the same — try talking if you feel you have a very solid common interest, visit places where you can find a girl that shares such an interest, talk if you have a bit of interaction already. 

Don’t just spring up to her and say ‘hi’, you need to realize a moment to do so. Ask her to help you with something you know you both are interested in, ask for directions to an event (a convention, for instance) you know you both head to. Improvise.

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In conclusion

To be short, start by practicing online, but don’t push too far, don’t impose yourself. Understand how Russian people (and girls, especially) think and behave. And then, once you’ve practiced enough, you may get to dating single Russian women offline.

But that’s not the only theory you can get to make your dating experience smoother. There are lots of guides on how to do just that here on these websites. And if that’s still not enough, watch this helpful video right below: