What do Russian women make good wives? All foreigners who married Russian brides know the answer to this question.

Russian women always have been very popular among foreigners. Russian women have always been very popular among foreigners. Among the representatives of other countries they stand out not only by the peculiarities of their mentality, extraordinary views, the ability to find a way out of any difficult situation, but also by the combination of the character traits of an angel and a demon along with an attractive appearance.

Moral fibre

Strength of will, spirit and character – that’s what do Russian women make good wives. The first thing about which all men who have Russian wives turns out, contrary to all stereotypes, is not beauty, but the amazing strength of the character of the Russian woman. “Russian women never give up and fight to the end. They are independent and strong-willed”– this is how Russian women are described, for example, a British citizen. It seems that everyone sees this, except for the Russians themselves. Indeed, very often Russian women think that without a man by his side, whatever he is, they will not cope with either the family or all this harsh reality. Although Russian wives alone year after year and generation after generation support and strengthen the family.

‘’Among foreigners, Russian wives are quite popular: moderately exotic, economic, and beautiful. Many women marry French, Italians and Spaniards. The result is happy, full-fledged families. ‘’

Often for a Russian man, a Russian wife is not the best option, since he cannot adequately appreciate everything that a woman gives him, takes care and care for granted, without gratitude, and a woman receives little caress and feels deprived. On the other hand, Russian wives are too soft and comfortable, few people are able to “push her husband to feats”, and they put up with her husband lying on the couch and suffer “if only there was a man in the house.” Europeans in this case, the best “engines”, and the Russian potentially smart and strong men often do not have enough kick.

Russian wives have strength of will, spirit and character, never give up and fight to the end - that is what do Russian women make good wives

Tasty food

Russian women know how to cook and it also do Russian women make good wives. It would seem that the banality and the Russian man this has long been no surprise. However, in Europe, women were so carried away by the struggle for equality that they completely forgot how to cook. European men, of course, did not lose their head and themselves learned how to roast meat and create desserts, however, they did not cease to appreciate a woman who was able to feed them tasty. And the fact that the Russian woman does not need expensive products and their wide choice for a tasty dinner, made European men once declare that if the Third World War begins, every man should stock up with a Russian wife. Only then can this family have a chance to survive in times of hunger.

Good mothers

Those foreign men who were lucky enough to become fathers of bilingual children made this statement. There are, of course, good mothers abroad, and women in Russia are unworthy of this name. But if you see a single woman with children in a crowd somewhere in New York on a Sunday in a park in New York, she will surely be Russian.


A man can give a Russian woman a food processor, for example, for the holiday. Do you know that foreign men never give their girls / wives kitchen equipment? Having received such a gift, a foreign woman would be offended if she understood this gift as a hint of her inconsistency as a housewife. But the Russian woman will be delighted with such gifts as a slow cooker, a vacuum cleaner. Well, a necklace, of course, in addition to flowers, chocolate and a fur coat will not be superfluous. Such simplicity do Russian women make good wives.

Many emancipated European women insist that household duties should be divided equally; they often do not know how to cook and are not ready to groom a man in everyday life. Russian brides take over all household chores, prepare five-course dinners and do not complain about the unequal distribution of responsibilities.

Russian brides never insist that household duties should be divided equally and they really love and know how to cook well - that do Russian women make good wives

Natural beauty

And of course, every foreign man considers her beauty, and natural, to be the hallmark of a Russian woman. Although, looking at the pages of Russian modern beauties in Instagram, you will want to argue about natural beauty, but real beauties just do not sit in Instagram or at receptions with plastic surgeons, they roam across the expanses of Russia and other countries, conquering and its beauty, and pancakes, and strength of character.

The very first fact to which attention is paid and which surprises foreigners – Russian women always try to look spectacular. Europeans and Americans in the first place put practicality and convenience, Russian beauties – beauty. Regardless of the reason for leaving the house, whether it is a visit to a nearby supermarket or an evening walk, the appearance must be impeccable. Make-up, hairstyle, beautiful clothes, high-heeled shoes, perhaps this is not always appropriate, but the outer gloss is above all. And if you have a special day, then the Russian wife must take care to make an indelible impression on everyone present. The only disadvantage of this quality is time. It is necessary to be patient and “wait a little” until the companion is satisfied with her appearance. But there will always be a beautiful woman next to whom you cannot look without admiration.

Accomplishments of Russian wives

What do Russian women make good wives? All foreigners who married Russian brides know the answer to this question.  In addition to the beauty, domesticity, and strength of will foreign fiancés are attracted by the following qualities of Russian women: education, inner attractiveness and empathy.

Inner attractiveness

What makes Russian women such strong personalities? Women follow traditions and cherish family values. They fight for their rights, as well as stubbornly defend everything that is important for the family. Many Russians have a good education, which makes them stronger. Linguistically gifted Russians are achieving success in other countries. Often women leave Russia for a career.

Humanity is a positive trait of inner attractiveness and Russian women know this. Although they, of course, do not always agree with what environment and in what circumstances they live, Russian women do not give up. Of course, Russian women do not always brilliantly eliminate any troubles of life. However, it should be recognized that the trend is obvious: Russian women are fighting bravely and solve problems with full dedication. This feature has a very positive effect on their careers. In this case, not only the feminine beginning allows a woman be weak sometimes.


Empathy is one of the features of the mentality of the Russian girls. A Russian wife will not be able to pass by if she sees that her husband is upset. She should definitely start a sincere conversation and find out all the hardships. She perceives her husband’s problems as her own, so she will definitely try to find a solution for them.

 The same goes for children. Russian mother will never leave her children without their attention. While the children are at the parents’ house, she will be interested in every minute of the life of her children. When children grow up and create their own family, mother becomes the most loving grandmother. She will also be happy to listen, sympathize, advise and try to help.

The majority of Russian girls and brides can not only look great, do household chores, but also have a good education and it do Russian women make good wives


In the Russian family, education has always been welcomed. At school, girls are required to study well. In addition, they usually attend additional circles: dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, needlework, etc. After school, compulsory entry to an institution of higher education. In this way, they win against the background of residents of Asian or African countries, where women are mostly poorly educated. As a result, the majority of Russian wives can not only look great, do household chores, but also have a good education and know how to play musical instruments, sing, and dance. In addition, in the case of financial difficulties in the family, almost every Russian wife can turn her talent into a business.