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Judging by the fact that everything regarding Russian women tells how pretty they are, they should overall be quite beautiful. And that’s exactly why people travel to Russia, it’s much easier to find a hot Russian than any other hot European woman, right? 

Well… it’s not exactly a myth or a false rumor that Russian women are on average pretty attractive, mind you. But comparing their qualities to those of their European counterparts is wrong for several reasons. For starters, Europe isn’t one integral nation for someone to compare it as a whole to something.

And then there’s also a problem of subjectivity — comparing the two factors like these isn’t often justified by data or even observing. It’s mostly just assuming.

It’s time to expose the truth. Do you really have a higher chance of meeting an attractive woman in Russian than in any other European country or (since the subject has been touched) Europe overall?

Is it even easy to find a hot Russian woman?

Should you observe or read a topic on the subject, you’ll find that the attractiveness of an average Russian female isn’t a myth. But there is also a factor that can distort your perception.

The word ‘average’ doesn’t apply to the places you’d go in Russia. You would likely prefer Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan or even Baikal lake and Caucasus. But the most popular cities for a foreign tourist are much denser populated than what you’d call average in Russia.

You can sometimes see hot Russian women in Moscow because there are a lot of them on the streets and in public places. And when you see one — your interest and attention are drawn to her. That’s why you think you’ve found a lot of hot Russian ladies today.

However, in common cities like Voronezh, Omsk, Ryazan, Novgorod and alike the population density isn’t that high. Overall, that’s where most Russians live. Should you travel to one of these cities and towns, you’ll find some good-looking Russian women now and then, but not as often as you would’ve wanted.

Again, that’s not because there’s less of them than you were lead to believe, you just see them a lot in Moscow and other megacities because there’s a lot of people, to begin with. 

So, it is easy to find a hot Russian woman in any part of Russia, but it’s a lot simpler in more densely populated areas.

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Are European women ugly?

Alongside the major belief that Russian women are very attractive, there’s another that says that, in contrast to them, the European and American ladies are plain ugly. Well, this one is definitely a false rumor.

The idea of it comes from mass media and their depiction of a modern European woman as independent and feminist. Which, as seen in the same very media, means being fat. You, however, shouldn’t believe everything the media says, especially if something they told you is exactly what you wanted to think. Their primary goal is to sell, even if it requires misinforming their own readers and viewers.

Is it easy to find pretty European women?

It really depends on what you perceive as Europe and what you think about when you say the word. The usual image would be the mix of Britain, France, and Germany, they are the behemoths of economy and diplomacy in the area. Nevertheless, Europe contains 65 countries, not just these 3. The more you know…

Most countries in Europe suffer the same distorting as Russia. However, now that you know it exists, it should confuse you anymore, if it even did at some point. Keeping that in mind, there are several regions in Europe where you can be sure that women are most attractive. That includes:

-West Slavic countries, namely — Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland;

-Scandinavia, namely — Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Faroe islands;

-Some parts of Southern Europe, namely — Italy, Spain, Southern France, Portugal, Malta, and Greece

Don’t get jumpy if your country isn’t on the list, the list only includes places where you can meet beautiful women just by walking down the street, according to rumors and beliefs. 


Unknown for many, Scandinavian ladies are, in fact, quite attractive. And it’s actually more common to meet a hot Scandinavian than it is to meet a hot Russian woman. Even though cities here aren’t that big (Stockholm, for instance, only has 1 million inhabitants), it’s still not that difficult. Due to the population density being pretty low, you won’t see a lot of difference between the capital and the other cities and towns.

Beautiful women aren’t that scarce in these parts, you’ll definitely not feel like you can’t find any. At least some parts of Europe can compete with Russia, but what about all the rest?

Southern Europe

Known, this time, for many, Southern ladies are attractive. And it doesn’t only apply to Europe, but many other places across the Globe. But let’s just focus on one continent now.

So, the women in the South are good-looking, but are they hard to come by? In fact, no, even with any kind of distortions and such, all Southern women seem to be pretty each in their own way. That’s why finding women in these parts aren’t even a challenge. Italy alone is known anywhere for several things: the food, the culture, and women. 

Italy and Spain aren’t at all like other parts of Europe even mentality-wise. Whereas most of the continent is progressive, the Italians stay conservative, especially in the Southern half, in Napoli, Messina and other cities.

West Slavic countries

You may say that West Slavs are just like East Slavs in this aspect. Beautiful women are all over the place, the only difference is that you can see more hot Russian women in Russia because Moscow is so large. But even with Warsaw’s 1.7 million citizens, it’s nothing compared to the capital of Russia.

The population numbers play the role, too. There are in fact fewer people in these countries than in all of Russia. Take Slovakia – the country only holds 5 million people, and that’s less than just Moscow. And the Czechs barely catch up, too (11 mil of them against 12 mil of Moscow citizens). 

You can find women with similar qualities here, but there’s so much less of them. So, these countries aren’t reliable, it’s much easier to find a woman in Moscow.

Why the Southern Slavs are a bit… off, by the way, are beyond understanding. Well, you can blame the recent war and emigration, but it’s not like Russia has seen good times lately, too.

Europe on average

Except for these countries, there must be some other that host good-looking women to speak of, right? Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium sound prosperous. This, however, isn’t usually the case. People here don’t tend to themselves as much as those in the South, and they don’t have the sports inclination the people in the North have. 

In conclusion

Image of hot Russian woman

There are, certainly, beautiful women to be found in Europe, nor are they harder to come by. The belief that Russian women are extraordinary comes from the false perception of media and your own choice of what to remember and pay attention to. 

Well, of course not every country in Europe has such a large supply of hot women as Russia, but they try. At least Scandinavia and South Europe can compete. In short, it is easier to find a hot Russian woman in Russia in contrast to European women in Europe, if you pick a country and a city in this country well enough.

The theory is good, but what about practical advice in case you really run into a hot Russian woman somewhere in Moscow? Well, you can learn a few tricks from guides like this, or even watch a pretty helpful video on a subject: