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After looking at some pictures on the Internet, you might think that the beautiful Russian women you see on them are what an average female in Russia looks like. As if they are all, with little exception, good-looking and fit. This statement isn’t very valid because it’s neither true nor false. It’s not possible to draw conclusions like this from anything. And if it was, doing that would be pretty cynical, so let’s avoid it.

However, you should also be realistic, these photos you can see online don’t exactly represent what you can be lead to believe. Obviously, if you were to come to Russia on a trip, not all women would look like that, there’s no point explaining it. Naturally, if you’d still wanted to travel to Russia after discovering it, you’d need to lower your expectations. But how low would you need them, exactly?

What’s wrong with the photos

Type ‘Russian women’ in the search bar and switch to picture results. What you will see is probably not going to dissuade you from the notion that there aren’t bad-looking women in Russia, especially compared to many women you’ve met in life (not necessarily a result of the search).

You could also remember all those instances of the beautiful Russian women getting married to rich people and celebrities you know. Cram all of it together and — voila! — you get a ready-to-serve misbelief and the very high expectations.

What’s wrong with the pictures you’re getting shown even in this very article is that they don’t show the average people, they show the attractive people from the higher notches on the sole basis that they draw attention, naturally. 

Moreover, a lot of these pictures are made specifically for this reason with the help of models, attractive people. They’re made because they get views and attract attention, they may even get sold to others by their original publisher. The articles where you can meet these photos may not even be directly connected to this featured photo.

The inkling of a reality

Well, of course, the most featured photos are always the ones with the most attractive people on them, but it doesn’t mean that had you searched for it, you’d always get the photos made professionally. 

Some of them are actually made spontaneously on a whim and weren’t designed to sell or even spread through the Web. They get spread, however, with the same logic why the professional photos get around.

However, this fact alone doesn’t do much, save confuse you on your way to the right conclusion. That’s why you need to dig a bit deeper. And the word ‘deeper’ in this instance implies the Russian Web.


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You know, the spontaneous images can also be made semi-professionally, and it shouldn’t confuse you that much. The female users on Instagram and other platforms (Twitch, for instance) earn their money with their appearance. Luckily for them, the male users are willing to donate their money to them so they would keep the content flowing.

If it disturbs you in any way, it really shouldn’t, because the Internet can offer you a lot of things much more disturbing than that.

What’s interesting about that, however, is that many of these ‘female users’ are actually Russian, which may not give the nation much credit, but still — it’s interesting in this context. 

Reasons why this data is subjective

The large proportion of Russian profiles in this area of business doesn’t give you any real-life percentages, you can’t deduce how many beautiful Russian women are there based on that for several reasons:

  1. Though it’s possible in theory, nobody really wants or needs to deduce that;
  2. It’s generally easier to spot a Russian person online than, say, a German. If not because their profiles are completely in Russian, then surely because of the certain behavior patterns;
  3. Even if you were to, for some reason, roughly deduce it for your own use, it’s only going to apply to those Russians who actively use the Net

So, if you want to see something like that for yourself, you should go to Russia and observe. 

And yet, it’s apparent that there are a lot of Russian-speaking or plain Russian female users who use the Internet for such purposes. Meaning, there are a lot of beautiful Russian women, you can expect that much. Though it’s dumb to deduce how many, exactly.

What’s the point of it all

Remember that knowing how many attractive women are there isn’t a point. The point is to know if there are any to your liking. If there’s one — there are others. Different nations have different types of facial and body structure, so to speak. The Russians may not even turn out to be to your liking when you come to Russia head-on.

And it won’t be because they aren’t attractive (though you can live with that), but because you expected something else. Don’t pretend that it can’t happen to you, everyone has fetishes today.

Though, of course, it’s only if you’re going to stay there for a while hitting on the local women. There’s no point discussing it all if you already have a woman in mind and don’t care about it all.

So, if you consider having one lengthy relationship based not some much on the appearance of your partner rather than on her hobbies and interests, then this article isn’t even for you.


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Well, if you’re still here to figure out how low or high should your expectations about the Russian ladies be so you wouldn’t get confused when you come all the way to Russia, you can use the Russian social network called Vkontakte to figure your chances out.

Here you can also roughly how many attractive women live in certain cities in Russia and what hobbies they usually prefer to see if there are any alignments with what you personally like to do.

However, it may be hard to properly use the website if your knowledge of the Russian language is naught. It’s not that the website itself isn’t designed to the eyes of the English-speaking people, it’s actually very well translated into English. 

The problem is that most users themselves aren’t bilingual (i.e. don’t speak English). If you don’t speak Russian yourself, one of the only reliable options would be to visit the communities (the communities are an essential part of this website) that you know for sure speak English. It significantly narrows the span of the hobbies you and your alleged future partner can share, but it’s still an option.

Lower your expectations

Truly, you should be a bit realistic and not expect every woman you meet in Russia to be goddess-like. But neither should you lower them too much to be dissuaded to dating them in the first place. In the end, you’ll only figure out if they’re really to your liking or not when you see them. 

However, there are a lot of attractive women in Russia, so it’s not really disinformation to increase other people’s expectations like that.

Still, you should consider interacting with the Russian women themselves to see if you like them or not. Nowadays, you don’t even need to come to their country to see them, you can just do it via the same Internet. Yes, yes, online dating isn’t the same, but it’s good practice. Give it a chance.

A big portion of your expectations and how you yourself should manage them also comes from your own tastes. If you’re fine with one type of appearance, then you shouldn’t gamble for something better. Nor will most people.

In conclusion

The worshipping of the Russian ladies by some people is getting out of hand sometimes. It’s not to say that they aren’t fair and gentle, but not to the point some indicate. And they are definitely not like those pictures and articles on the Internet may lead you to believe. 

Overall, the debates about how much you should lower your expectations of them may last very long. Just keep your eyes peeled and take everything with a pinch of salt, and you’ll be fine.

Hopefully, this article, on the other hand, was useful to you. If it wasn’t — don’t get discouraged, just pick another one, it always helps. Or you can also go watch the video below for more tips about dating Russians:

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