Meet gorgeous Russian girls on dating sites for romantic relationships

Russian girls are famed around the world for their fabulous appearance, charm and wit, and western men keep flocking to his part of the globe in searches of true love. Usually this all starts with joining an international dating site and dating gorgeous Russian girls online. A couple maintains a long distance relationship for a certain period of time, and then they meet face to face and decide their future together.

Find a gorgeous Russian girl for dating and marriage

However, there are men who tend to get stuck in online dating. Usually a man like this says a lot about their plans for the future, but is in no hurry to meet a girl he’s talking to. He’s just keeping her interested by giving lots of promises about their happy life together, but the very thought of making a trip to Russia and meeting her scares the daylights out of him.

The truth is, he is afraid of physical intimacy with her. The majority of Russian girls are astonishingly food looking, sexy and alluring, and a simple man from the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe may feel that he’s no match to her. According to him, it’s better to keep her at the distance (literally speaking) and still having her in his life than to make an attempt to become closer and lose her.

When you go through an average Russian dating site, the number of gorgeous Russian girls might be rather intimidating indeed. Will you be able to meet expectations of one of these beautiful Russian brides? Is it possible that she may actually like a simple guy like you? No one wants to end up with heartbreak. But let us talk about fear of physical intimacy in more detail.

Romantic relationship with a sexy Russian female

Common causes of genophobia, or fear of physical intimacy

There are various factors that make a person be scared of having a sexual intercourse with their partner. Usually these factors are ether psychological or social. It’s not uncommon for people with this particular phobia to get into online dating and other forms of long-distance relationship solely because it excludes the possibility of sleeping with a partner.

Needless to say, such relationships are usually very short lived. Single Russian ladies are not interested in corresponding forever. Writing to each other is only an initial part of the relationship when you get to know each other. In the end, all the girls you encounter on a dating site want to get married, have kids and live a happy and fulfilling family life.

So if you’re not comfortable with the thought of physical intimacy with your stunning Russian girlfriend, it’s important to figure out the root of this fear and eliminate it once and for all. Here are some of the most common causes of genophobia:

A childhood trauma

If you were teased and bullied at school for your appearance, clothes or may be glasses, it could cause a permanent negative effect. Very often people with similar experience lose confidence and believe themselves to be particularly unattractive. It’s hard to get rid of this feeling even when you reach adulthood and it’s obvious that you have nothing to be self-conscious about.

Lack of experience

If you’re not an experienced lover, a thought of getting intimate with one of the gorgeous Russian girl may scare you off.

Negative previous experiences

If your partners have been dissatisfied with the way you perform in bed, it’s only natural that you fear physical intimacy. Especially with someone who looks so confident and hot like one of those gorgeous Russian girls.

Lack of confidence and inferiority complex

This is a major psychological problem that has lots of various outcomes, and fear of sexual intercourse is only one of them.

Why you shouldn’t be intimidated by beautiful Russian women

In spite of her gorgeous look, a Russian girl might be even more self-conscious than you are. Because of imbalanced male-to-female ratio in Eastern Europe, Slavic women are brought up to compete with each other for a man’s attention. If you visit any Russian city, you’ll see plenty of couple with absolutely gorgeous local women and rather mediocre local men.

A typical Russian man got used to the thought that he can easily find a girlfriend (and this is true), so he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to better himself in any way. A Russian woman, on the contrary, tends to take an excellent care of her appearance and broaden her horizons where general knowledge and self-development is concerned.

It’s deeply embedded in her perception of herself that getting a husband or a boyfriend is like winning a badge of honour. If she could get a partner while her female friends remain single, she must be better than others.

More than that, an average Russian woman rarely feels comfortable and confident even when she’s in an established relationship. Russian men tend to cheat on their partners and wives because, according to them, “men are polygamous by nature”. So as you can see, gorgeous Russian girls have to face problems that are much greater than yours.

Beautiful Russian women on international dating sites searching for a partner abroad

Something you should know about a relationship with a Russian girl

One thing to remember, Slavic women don’t take relationships likely. They don’t date for fun, or out of boredom or curiosity. And they won’t waste their time corresponding with someone on a dating site if they don’t see a chance for a happy future with this person. If a girl writes you emails, sends you messages and ecards, chats with you for hours on end, goes for Skype dates with you, it’s highly unlikely she’ll break up with you when you come to visit her in Russia.

Even if fail to perform well during the first physical intimacy with her, it will not outweigh all the positive moments you’ve experienced together. Mental connection and emotional closeness is far more important for an average Slavic woman than sex.

She cherishes the idea of romantic love, and this is what really important for her – your love, your affection, understanding, and care. And as time passes and you’ll get more comfortable with the thought of having such a stunning beauty around, you are bound to improve your sexual performance as well.

Ways to overcome your fear of intimacy with gorgeous Russian girls

There are several techniques you can try in order to get rid of your fear:

Write it all down

Generally speaking, it’s a good practice to transfer your phobias onto paper (or a Word document). Admitting a problem and being honest with yourself is the first step towards eliminating your fear. Alternatively, you can even make a sketch of your fear – it’s easier to deal with problems when they get more visual.

Then you should write down all your positive character traits and achievements in life. There are lots of things to be proud of in your life, but perhaps you’ve just ignored them or taken them for granted. Now write them down and see whether a person who possesses all these qualities deserves a nice and fulfilling relationship.

Boost your confidence

Perhaps it would be a good idea to visit a psychologist and make some deliberate efforts on boosting your confidence and uplifting self-esteem. There are lots of special programs designed to help people with an inferiority complex.

Talk to the girl and explain how you feel about begin close with her

Yes, it takes courage to do that, but results may surprise you. There is nothing like facing your fear when you are really determined to get rid of it.

These were only some thoughts and suggestions on how to combat your fear of physical intimacy with gorgeous Russian girls. Don’t lose the chance of having a wonderful love story with a stunning Slavic lady only because you don’t think she won’t appreciate a particular aspect of a romantic relationship with you. You’ll never know how it hoes unless you try!

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