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There are many life examples when a man who met his love online put actual effort into uniting with her as soon as possible. Depending on where she lives relative to you, it may either take a lot of said effort or just a massive amount of it. And it’s not only this factor that you should take into account, but there are others also. 

And if you want to stay in Russia to date Russian singles you’ve met, it may or may not take a considerable portion of your resources. So, whatever the circumstances, you can’t take this trip as a fun vacation, as it requires commitment most of all.

But, as always, there are clauses that can prove to or not to your advantage, let’s see.

When is it even a good idea to consider it?

You know, you can plan your trip to Russia, or wherever else your partner may live, anytime. But the real question here is whether it’s even wise to do it. It sure sounds like a reasonable doubt when your relationship is yet very fresh and you don’t trust your girlfriend very much. But some consider traveling large distances just to see their partners when it’s not even clear if they’re a good match or not.

You may feel that you’re happy when you talk or otherwise interact with each other on the Internet, but it doesn’t mean you can spend time or plain live side-by-side with her and be happy. 

Some may argue that it’s exactly the opportunity to strengthen the relationship and see if you and your partner can endure each other. Well, it’s quite true, hard to argue with that. However, it’s only a good opportunity if:

  1. The distance between you is not that large;
  2. You’re used to traveling and doing it on a regular basis;
  3. You have some money to afford to go to distant unknown locations and generally for emergencies while on trip

If neither of these three is true for you, then it doesn’t sound like a very good opportunity, does it? Rather, it sounds like a big gamble or an adventure (whatever you prefer more).

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Planning your trip

Unless the trip you’re willing to undertake meaning traveling to the nearest town (which would be sweet, but it’s not), you need to plan your way there, and you need to take a lot of things into account when you do.

Keep in mind that a lot of significant factors depend on the ease of this adventure. If it’s not very hard for you to travel to the place where your girlfriend lives, then it’s much fewer resources to spend and much less planning to do. 

And there’s also the essential information of where exactly she lives down to the district and location (which, of course, you should know, because Russia is vast even when applies to cities like Moscow and Petersburg) and if it’s alright for you to come. Visiting your girlfriend and staying with or near her isn’t exactly a small deal. Not only the fact if she wants you there at the time is at stake, but also whether she can afford you to stay. You’re not the only one who can lose something from this endeavor. 


Money is valid for every step of your journey, but in the case of Russia, it is actually not that much of a pain. Sure, it may not be pleasant to save money for the trip if you have other crucial things to spend them on or if the income you’re receiving isn’t a particularly large one. 

But if you are a European (especially from most developed countries of the continent) or a likewise provided man from any other part of the world, you may be pleasantly surprised. See, the average price for an airplane ticket from, say, Paris to Moscow and back is about $250. And this is probably the most expensive part of the whole trip you’ll be taking.

Is it cheap in Russia?

The food in Russia is overall very cheap, at least compared to Europe, and the housing (if, for some reason, you came and were denied it) isn’t costly too. Unless you aim to live in the hotels, that is. And if you can afford it, then you shouldn’t be reminded that it’s not cheap.

Still, it’s very likely that you’ll need to save money for the trip. So, if the opportunity is looming, start it as soon as you have a go.

The route

It is a very interesting subject, because, as you know, Russia is huge and, depending on where you live, you’ll have a different set of options to pick from regarding the means of travel. To be short, sometimes you can go by car and even by train if the circumstances allow it. Moreover, if you want to date Russian singles that live in St. Petersburg, you can go by boat. 

It works like this: if you live on the coast of the Baltic sea, you can book a ticket on a boat that will take you straight to the ‘northern capital of Russia’. There are several options you could pick from, some allow you to take your car with you even, but it all depends, as always, on how far away you live from your destination. 

Going by train, however, is available for the entirety of a continental Europe: the railroad networks are so developed nowadays, you can go from Lisbon to Moscow only by train. Though, of course, it works if your girlfriend lives in European Russia. You can go even further, but it won’t be very comfortable. It’s not even comfortable to travel in Europe on the train knowing you could get to your destination ten times as fast by air. 

The matter of papers

Another important matter that might just come to your mind is the issue of papers — the question of whether citizens of your country are allowed into Russian without acquiring a visa prior to it. 

Sadly, the visa-free regime is only available for a small number of European countries, like Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia. Your homeland is likely not amongst them. The list also includes the entirety of Latin America save for Mexico and a couple other small states; also Israel, Mongolia, South Korea, Vietnam, and several other Asian countries (also, likely, not a place of your residence).

If you are a European from one of the members of the Schengen area, you might be wondering if Russia has a favorable visit-and-stay policy for you and your compatriots. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to date Russian singles there if it’s not. 

How to get a visa

However, the situation may vary. You’re welcome to stay in Russia for 72 hours if your goal is to pass through the country and not stay in it (transit visit), but for other purposes, you need to acquire a visa, of course. If you designate your goal as a tourist and seeing sights (which, to be fair, is not exactly false), you’ll be allowed to stay for 30 days.

What if you mean to stay for a long time?

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If you plan to visit Russia and then stay there to date Russian singles for some time, then you shouldn’t execute this plan on your first visit. This first trip you aim to take must be for recon purposes if you will. See how the people live here and what new skills you need to develop to survive in this new environment.

And when, after a few visits, you’ve learned the necessary amount of information, then you can plan to come to live there

To be fair, even if you’d wanted it badly, you wouldn’t be able to stay on your first visit, because you need to acquire the status of the resident for it. And it’s not exactly a week-long process.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this little guide on how to date Russian singles was of some help, otherwise you’d be going blindly into a distant world of Russia (which may not be as distant actually, as you could’ve gathered). There is, of course, more to it than just money, the route you take and the papers you have, but that’s up to you to figure it out. Where’s the adventure in it if you know everything, right?

But if you still feel an urge to know more, you can quench it by reading the other articles on this websites, like this one, for instance. And, as always, if you’re tired of reading, you can rest your eyes upon this video to know how to date Russian singles better:

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