The question of Russian brides can almost always be answered by referring to the country’s ethnic Russian population. However, that is not really helpful in terms of finding Russian bridal gowns. You see, ethnic Russian women are not all ethnic Russian! The truth about Russian brides is that most are actually foreign girls, and they often have no trouble at all telling you they are foreign.

Russian brides

The sad truth about Russian brides: they aren’t all foreign! It’s not that they’re from Eastern Europe or some other far off part of the world, but instead that they really consider themselves foreign. The truth about Russian brides: they come in all different races, ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities. Here is a list of four groups of foreign women who may be considering marriage with a man from Russia:

Western Women – Many of the western women who consider marrying a man from Russia do so because they like the idea of being far away from home and without many distractions. For them, being married to a man from Russia is almost like coming home. However, if you talk to any of these western women who have married to men from Russia, you will find that it wasn’t all that easy for them. These western women had to endure many things such as a husband who was an alcoholic or abusive, high-paying jobs that kept them at home all day, a husband who never cared about their feelings, and even the death of one of their children. So yes, these ladies definitely face far more hardships than Russian brides who have only to worry about their husband’s neglect.

Chinese Women – Yes, there are a good number of beautiful women in China who wish to get married to men from Russia. However, most of them are of a very conservative outlook and do not even want to wear a wedding ring. This is because marrying a man from Russia is considered a huge social mistake in China. The majority of these Chinese women are not interested in getting married to a man from Russia.

Afghan Brides – These ladies are often referred to as “Afghans wed to Russian husbands” due to the large numbers of ladies from this country who wish to marry a foreign national. However, unlike western women who just want to get married and live happily ever after, these foreign brides enter into marriage with someone only for the sake of convenience. They usually leave their husbands and families for the sake of making money. They could very well end up having an extra marital affair and having a family of their own. Thus, it can be said that these marriages are doomed from the start.

Georgia Brides – These brides come from Georgia. They too are eager to marry a man out of Russia but due to cultural differences they end up having little or no interest in Russian customs and norms. They feel more comfortable wearing a white man from a different country. In such cases, both the husband and the wife to move to Russia and eventually marry a person from Georgia. However, this kind of marriage between a Russian mail-order bride and a Georgia national will hardly make any headway with the Georgian government since they consider all foreigners from Georgia as foreigners.

Other Brides – There are other countries like Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and many more where there are also large populations of females who are keen on getting married to foreign men. Many of these women come from outside of Russia and marry a man from Moldova. They even get married to foreigners from Moldova, thus giving birth to a Russian mail order bride. However, these marriages are frowned upon by the Russian government since these wedlockages create a demographic problem for the Russian government. They do not want Moldovans to start marrying foreigners. The local population is even incensed at such marriages since they consider these marriages a breach of the norms and culture of Moldova.

All in all, there are many things that should be kept in mind when it comes to studying the profiles of Russian brides girls. It must be noted that these females are very young and their groom usually has just begun his work in Russia. So, what exactly are the implications of such marriages? The future life goals of such young females must be carefully considered before getting into any kind of relationship with them. Otherwise, one may just end up getting into a big mess.