Avoid scammers on Russian dating sites

Having a long distance relationship with a Russian girl on a dating site is a wonderful and exciting experience. Slavic women are known for their astonishing beauty, sharp mind and the right priorities in life. Plenty of men from Western European countries, Canada, Australia and the USA have already found their happiness in Russia. However, if you’re thinking of joining a dating site, you should be aware of Russian girl email scams.

Russian girl scams to avoid on dating sites

If you’re new to the whole online dating thing, it’s easy to fall for one of these scams, and instead of finding the local of your life you may end up with a broken heart and a much lighter wallet. Here are a few things you should know about in order to avoid being scammed.

Choose a dating site with caution

There are plenty of Russian dating sites all over the internet, and choosing a good one is no easy task. They all claim to have a wonderful database of women’s profiles and lots of success stories to boast. So what you should do is to search for feedback and perhaps even contact some former customers of a certain dating site. Ask them about their experience and see whether it’s something you expect from a dating service.

Also, avoid free sites as they are full of scammers and swindlers of all sorts. It’s quite possible to receive love letters from an old and fat Russian man who hides behind sexy girl’s pictures. Pay per letter sites are no good either – they’re often set up in a way to take as much money from you as possible. You’re supposed to pay for every letter you send, for every reply you receive, for audio calls, for video chats and so on.

Moreover, you’re not allowed to exchange emails and phone numbers with single Russian ladies for marriage you talk to. Generally speaking, you don’t have a chance to take your correspondence off the site until you meet a woman in person. Does it sound like a scam to you? That’s right, it’s all about your money, not about bringing two lonely souls together.

The best way to go about it is to join a site with a paid membership. As a rule, such sites allow unlimited access to their database of women’s profile. You can contact hundreds of beautiful Russian brides if you like, or you can exchange some thoughtful emails with only one of them. It’s entirely up to you. Also, from the very beginning you can ask a girl for her Skype ID and take your online dating experience off the site.

A reliable support system is another factor to consider when joining a reputable and trusted dating site. Whenever you feel you’re in trouble with Russian girl email scams, you can ask administrators to help you out.

Don’t trust love letters from strangers

If you receive a passionate letter from a very attractive woman who fell madly in love with you by simply looking at your profile, it’s a scam. As a matter of fact, it’s rather evident it’s a scam and no further explanations are necessary. However, a great many western men have fallen for this scheme. Unbelievable as it is, it’s actually true. When a person is warned about a particular kind of scam, you would think it will make them cautious and careful. But no, a great many men tend to think such things will never happen to them simply because they are special, they are not like others.

And when one of the young and hot Russian ladies tells a man she loves him in her very first letter, he believes it must be true! How arrogant and foolish is that? But of course, we’ll admit that it’s difficult to resist when you get a mail from pretty and passionate girl who cocoons your with her sweet talk.

But it’s important to remember one thing: a decent Russian woman who is serious about meeting her future partner does not sends mass mails. Besides, Slavic girls are not likely to initiate a romantic relationship with an unfamiliar man.

Usually they prefer a man to take the leading role. Of course, there are exceptions, but as a general rule, young and attractive Russian ladies don’t fall in love with a stranger who is twice their age (or even more). As you can imagine, it’s not about love. Russian girl email scams are about your money.

Fraudsters and scammers to avoid on international dating websites

What happens if you reply a scam email?

If you reply to a scam email, most probably you’ll get another letter. It will hardly contain any answers to your personal questions. Instead, a girl will keep talking about her life and her tender feelings to you. If you keep corresponding with her, she will finally stop sending generic mails.

Now it’s time for a personal approach. She’ll answer all your questions and react to every word you say. Her love and affection towards you will become increasingly stronger as you keep writing to each other, and the pictures she sends you are going to get more and more revealing.

And when she’s sure you’re hooked, she’ll hint about an expensive gift or request a certain amount of money. And of course, you can’t be so cheap as to hesitate sending a few hundreds (or thousands) dollars when she is ready to dedicate her whole life to you.

How can you avoid being scammed?

Simply put, don’t send any money to a woman you haven’t met face to face. No matter how trustworthy her words may sound, don’t take any financial responsibility over helping a stranger on the internet.

If a woman asks you for money, it’s obviously a warning signal. Things are not desperate in present day Russia, and there are hundreds opportunities to earn extra money if she really need it. A Decent Russian lady will never request financial help – it’s simply beneath her dignity. And she won’t complain all the time about the hardships of her life in Russia and money problems. She won’t come up with a sad story that requires an immediate financial assistance.

Alternatively, a scammer may ask you to pay for translation services, because with her level of English doesn’t allow her to read your mails and enjoy them to the fullest. Do not go for that either. In the world of today there are plenty of apps and electronic translating services which can help you out with foreign languages.

If she contacted you on a site with a paid membership, but later asks you to shift to a pay per letter site, don’t fall for that. It’s a kind of business arrangement between the scammer and the site, and you’ll end up receiving Russian girl email scams on regular basis.

Recognize a professional Russian girl scammer on dating sites

Ask to meet her in person

If a woman asks you for money and you’re not sure whether she’s a scammer, as her to meet you face to face in real life. You can say that since she’s facing so many problems in life, you feel like coming to her home town and supporting her in this difficult time. A scammer won’t like the idea of revealing their personality, and most probably will back off.

Don’t fall for her sweet talk

If you’re tired of loneliness and haven’t been successful with women for quite a while, it’s very hard to resist a beautiful girl’s love talk. But you must understand that extra sweetness and excessive compliments are only the tricks a scammer is using in order to make you dependent on this fake relationship. No genuine Russian woman would bombard a man with letters full of blatant flattery. You should understand that a skilful scammer sends mail full of admiration and praise to hundreds of potential victims.

Report a scam to the support team

If you suspect you’re getting scammed, report this person to the support team on the site. This way you’ll help so many other men to avoid heartbreak. People join dating sites hoping to find true love and a lifelong relationship, and it’s rather mean to take advantage of someone who’s desperate.

These are only some suggestions on how to deal with Russian girl email scams. There are plenty of fraudsters and scammers in every industry, but they especially proliferate on dating sites where people are starved for attention from the opposite sex. However, if you keep your head cool, it’s rather effortless to make out whether you’re talking to a genuine woman or it’s a scammer at work.

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