What foreign men need to know in order to live with a Russian lady

Every man and woman knows that their initial stage of relationships and dating is focused on the same final goal. However, Russian marriage is completely different from what foreign men are used to because they follow different traditions and customs connected with marriage.

As a rule, almost every Western man is sure that Russian girls are the best wives, but they do not really know how to make a Russian woman accept their proposal, especially if her parents are not really on the future husband’s side.

Therefore, every foreigner, who is looking for a Russian wife, should know how to make a perfect proposal in order she will accept it without problems. Foreign husbands should also remember that Russian ladies rely on their parents’ opinion, and these men should try their best if they want to earn their trust.

However, the majority of male representatives from Western Europe are sure that they should be aware of any traditions connected with Russian marriage because many of them have enough money and well-paid job.

The problem is that a Russian woman can accept a proposal from a poor man if he makes it correctly because they respect their parents’ traditions, customs, and Russian culture as a whole.

Down below you will find the most popular beliefs connected with Russian ladies and marriage in this country. If you know them in advance, it will help you avoid problems with your future Russian bride and her parents as well.

How to find a Russian wife without any problems

Do not make rash decisions when it comes to Russian marriage

It is a well-spread belief that Russian women dream of marrying a Western man just because he has more money than local Russian men do, but it is not really true. In reality, Russian ladies are looking for a foreign husband because they are tired of local men.

They do not want to see them drinking alcohol drinks almost every day, local men’s bad habits are also getting on their nerves. That is why they want to try to find their beloved man abroad.

It was true that they wanted to find a foreign husband just because he had more money, but it was a long time ago when Russian women did not really work themselves, and they always relied on their husbands in order to earn some money.

Nevertheless, your money does not play a huge role nowadays, and you will not be able to marry a Russian bride thanks to your financial stability. Therefore, do not make rash decisions because you may scare your potential Russian wife away.

If you want to marry a Russian girl as soon as possible, it is better to establish close relationships with her with the help of sincere dialogue that will make you get to know each other more.

It is better to be a good person because your money will not keep a Russian wife near you. If she feels bored when she is near you, be sure that she will try to find a better talking partner in no time.

Do not insist on having sex with a Russian woman before your marriage

You will see that not many modern Russian girls will have a wish for having sex with a stranger after several dates because they are not sure if it is the right man for her.

Russian women’s parents teach them not to have such free relationships because they make them believe that they should have only one man for the rest of their lives.

They also should not marry more than once, or they will be ashamed of them. Of course, it influences Russian girls’ minds since their childhood, and they do not want to have sex with every man they like.

However, if you can woo properly, your chance of getting in bed with a Russian lady increases. If your initial purpose of dating a Russian beauty is marriage, then you should not insist on sex too much or you will spoil your newly-minted relationships.

If you are completely into each other, it is better to discuss such questions with your Russian woman directly because they are always ready to talk about it. You should talk to your Russian bride if you want to have sex before marriage, and she may agree to it if she loves you too much and does not doubt you at all.

Nevertheless, if you prove to her that you are patient enough, your prospective Russian wife will surely realize that she will never find a more loyal man than you are, and it will make her accept your proposal without problems.

What is so special about Russian traditions connected with marriage

Russian marriage is related to close relations with her family and relatives

You will never meet a Russian woman, who agreed to marry a man without her parents’ approval because they blindly follow their advice and insistences. Therefore, your way to Russian marriage lies through establishing close relations with her family and nearest relatives.

You are the only who should take an initiative in this case because Russian girls expect you to do so. Of course, you can wait until she invites you to visit a family evening one day, but it is surely better to organize everything yourself.

Advice: You should keep in mind that establishing good relations with a Russian lady’s family will help you marry her in the shortest time possible. Many women from Russia rely on their parents’ opinion so much that they do not even think themselves. So, you should prioritize her parents if your intentions are actually honest and serious.

Try to earn her parents trust because they can influence your prospective Russian wife no problem. It will help you marry a Russian bride even if she does not want to marry you in the shortest time possible.

If you can get closer to your bride’s parents and relatives, you will see how quickly you have started feeling as you are in a new family because they appreciate every prospective husband of their daughter.

Try to do everything together with your newly-minted Russian wife

Of course, Russian girls know their responsibilities perfectly well, but they are always glad to get some help from their husbands because they got used to playing weak creatures in front of men.

If you do not want to help your Russian wife around the house, she will not say a bad for to you, but you should know that she is still expecting you to help her, especially when it comes to cleaning the house where you live together.

A lot of men think that they should always buy something in order to make their women’s lives better, but if you can come up to your beloved Russian lady and simply offer her your help, it will be the best way to surprise your Russian woman because they have never seen something like this from their local men in the home country.

You should also spend more time with your Russian wife after your marriage because Russian men always do the opposite thing. They prefer to become more distant when they finally marry a woman because they think she is their own property now, and she will never go away from them. However, Russian girls do not tolerate such an attitude, and that is another reason why they want to find a husband abroad.

What makes foreign men choose Russian ladies with local traditions

Do not expect a Russian woman to be your thing

A lot of foreign men have read that Russian girls are the best housewives, and that is actually so, but it does not mean that they do not do anything else except this because modern Russian ladies are tired of such a stamp.

They are ready to do your housework alone, but then, Russian women expect you to let them do what they will because they constantly strive for self-development in order not to become a woman, who cannot live with a man if something goes wrong.

Nevertheless, a lot of local Russian and foreign men still try to convince their Russian girls that they should always be near them if they want everything to be perfect.

Russian marriage is not necessarily linked with the blind obedience because these ladies actually want to have freedom of will, and they want to make their own decision even if they are great at doing things around the house.

Ideally, you should inspire your Russian woman to do something else apart routine homework because she will be grateful to you. You will never be able to make a Russian girl truly happy if you consider her as a tool for housework.

It is better to share some of your experience because you are a foreigner, and you will always have something to tell her in order to create a new sphere of hobbies for her.