Mentality of Russian women when dating western men

It’s no secret that at certain point in life every man starts dreaming of a loving and caring woman. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet such a woman in the west, that’s why lots of men from the USA, Australia, Canada and Western Europe try to find their should mate through international dating sites. Russian women mentality, as well as unique combination of character traits and personal preferences, makes them an excellent wife material.

Eastern European girls are famed for their astounding beauty and intellect, and there is no lack of men who’d like to try their luck with them. So what exactly a western guy should know about the way a Russian woman thinks in order to make it work.

Things to know when dating Russian women

Russian women are extremely romantic

If you’re the kind of man who falls for the romantic idea of true love, dating a Russian lady is our thing. Since they are very small, girls in Eastern Europe start dreaming of a white dress, wedding and living happily ever after. They believe that there is a person somewhere in the world who’s meant specially for them, and that destiny is sure to bring them together.

When they start dating a man, they expect old-fashioned courtship, lots of compliments and proofs of true love. You’re supposed to bring them flowers, pay them compliments, offer your help when difficulties occur and so on. A Russian girl will like it if you send her good morning and good night messages – it’s a proof that you think of her the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

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You can count on their loyalty

Russian women mentality excludes the idea of cheating on their partner. When you date an Eastern European woman, you don’t have to doubt her loyalty. She’s extremely devoted to a man she chooses to be with, and she expects the same loyalty in return.

Russian society encourages the idea that cheating on a wife is no big deal – a women is supposed to forgive her husband such “weaknesses”, because it’s just the nature of most men and nothing can be done about it.

Everyone lives like this and you’re not supposed to be different – this is the idea a Russian woman has to put up with. If she chooses to date a foreign man, it means she’s not going to accept adultery and irresponsibility – this is something she can always find with local guys in her home town.

Family is above all

Russian women are exceedingly family oriented, and this is exactly what makes western men flock to Eastern Europe in great numbers. It’s not easy to find a girl in the west who would put family above all. American and Western European women tend to start thinking of a family and kids in their late thirties.

Russian girls, on the contrary, are glad to get married very young. Grabbing a husband as early as possible is engrained in Russian women mentality. Due to imbalanced male-to—female ratio, it’s not easy to find a decent partner in Russia even for the most beautiful and accomplished girl.

If you managed to find a guy and make him marry you, it makes you really exceptional. Of course, these attitudes are getting less and less popular among educated, independent and sophisticated girls of today, but the tendency of tying the knot young is still there.

Russian women are charming wives and excellent mothers, and you will never regret marrying one of them. She’ll treat you with the most touching care and love. She’ll take care of kids and make your home the cosiest place in the universe.

She’ll always prefer family to a successful career, but if there is a chance she’ll juggle both. She’ll try to overcome difficulties in marriage and won’t leave you at the drop of a hat when things become a bit sour.

Russian women searching for romance and marriage with western men

Russian women know what they want in life

A western girl may spend many years of her adulthood figuring out what exactly she wants in life. Is it a career, travel around the world, pursuing a hobby, volunteering in Africa? Russian women mentality is different.

Their life priorities are always clear, and they won’t hide them from you. Beautiful Russian brides are extremely straightforward, and you won’t waste time trying to guess what exactly they have in their minds.

Materialism is not part of Russian women mentality

According to one of the most widespread stereotype, Eastern European girls are only interested in money and getting out of their home countries. This is absolutely not true. Russian women have lived under challenging economic conditions for many decades, and they face hardships and difficulties in life with lots of courage and strength of spirit.

Russian ladies mentality when having a romantic relationship with a western man

Of course, no one will choose to struggle if there is an option, but lack of financial resources is not something that can easily intimidate a Russian woman. When they join a dating site, it’s for their genuine desire to find a decent man and start a family. In the world of today, it’s not so difficult to immigrate to another country – it doesn’t require marrying one of its citizens.

So no need to worry, she’s not with you because of your passport. Beware of scammers though and never send money to a girl you haven’t met face to face, no matter how convincing and sincere she may sound.

Where can you meet Russian woman for dating and marriage?

If Russian women mentality sounds appealing to you, there is a number of places where you can meet them.

Dating sites

An international dating site is hand down the best place to search for a soul mate from Eastern Europe. You get to know Russian girls for marriage over the internet by exchanging emails and messages, and there is no way a physical aspect of your relationship affecting your mind when making important decisions. At the same time, you can look straight into a person’s soul by reading about her likes and dislikes, dreams, achievements and plans for the future.

However, there are lots of sites out there, and it’s important to choose the right one to start with. First of all, you should avoid pay-per-letter and free dating sites – they are full of swindlers and scammers who are only interested in getting your money.

A trustworthy international site with a large database of women’s profiles and paid membership is a safe place to start your searches.

Make sure they have a support system, lots of communication tools, clear interface and a decent number of active members. Genuine feedback of previous clients will give you an accurate idea of the services they provide.


If you choose to make a trip to Russia instead of dating online, here are a few places you can check out in order to meet a woman of your dreams:

  • Museums, art galleries and exhibitions. If you’ve studied Russian women mentality to some extent, it’s likely you’ve learnt about their exceptional appreciation for art and literature. Make sure to visit a few museums and galleries in order to meet an intellectual and interesting woman.
  • Nightclubs and bars. Young carefree girls usually dance their nights away at the most popular clubs in a city – make sure to check them out if this is something you’re looking for.
  • Local parks and gardens. If you’re looking for a reserved and thoughtful woman who’s in love with nature, take a stroll in a botanical garden or park.
  • Gyms and fitness centres. Ambitious and strong willed girls can be found in sport clubs and gyms.

And of course, you can just look around and spot countless number of cute girls to approach. Every Russian city is full of beautiful and intelligent woman whose love life leaves much to be desired. Make sure to take advantage of that! You’ll be charmed by Russian women mentality and everything else they have to offer.

You can start dating a Slavic girl online or make a trip to Russia and try to approach women in different places. One thing for sure – you’ll never regret the experience!

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