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If you’re planning to make a trip to Russia in summer in order to improve your love life, there are plenty of fun and affordable date ideas you can implement. Summer is a wonderful season in Eastern Europe: the weather is neither too hot nor too cool, and spending time outdoors is a pleasure. Beautiful Russian singles expect a man to come up with an original idea for a date, so you’d better get prepared well in advance.

Generally speaking, single Russian ladies for marriage like a man to take a leading role in a romantic relationship, and if you keep asking a woman where you should go and what she would like to do this evening, she might consider you meek, hesitant and indecisive. It’s better to come up with a clear suggestion and ready-made plan. Here are a few summer date ideas you may consider.

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A stroll in a local park or botanical garden

As simple as it is, a stroll in a local park is a fantastic date idea that can be implemented anytime. Walking hand in hand along the shady alleys and looking at the sunlight shining though the emerald leaves is a very romantic thing to do. Think in advance what you are going to talk about to the girl you’ve invited – it will help you avoid awkward silence.

The abundance of greenery and flowering plants create a very nice ambience for a romantic date. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other and see whether you have a chance for a long lasting relationship. You can even pack a lovely picnic to stop for a quick snack. Parks in Russian cities are large, shady and forest-like, so you can spend as much time there as you want. It’s also a good idea to skate together or to ride bicycles.

A trip to the suburbs

If you stay in a large city in Russia, it’s highly recommended to spend at least one or two days in the countryside. Eastern European nature is unmatched for beauty and serenity: there are endless fields, beautiful forests and placid lakes and rivers to soothe one’s soul in a hot summer day.

Lots of Russian singles prefer spending their weekends in the countryside, away from hustle and bustle of a big city. There are plenty of things to do with your date if you choose this option: you can pick berries and mushrooms, suntan, swim in the river, and simply enjoy the surrounding nature.

IF you happen to visit a farmer’s market, so much the better. Russian summer is very generous for all sorts of yummy goodies: apples, pears, apricots, plums, grapes, raspberries strawberries, cherries and nectarines are there in abundance. There are also plenty of dairy products and vegetables. You can buy a lot of fresh produce and cook one of the staple Russian dishes together – it’s a wonderful idea for the next date.

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Boating together

Russian singles are very romantic by nature. In fact, there is hardly any other nation that produces so many romantic females. They like old fashioned courtship and gentleman-like gestures, sweet words and promises, romantic places and activities.

Boating together is an utterly romantic thing to do in the eyes of Russian girls for marriage. Just imagine the two of you in the middle of a lovely lake, with willow trees and reeds around it, and beautiful water lilies here and there. The water is almost motionless, and only the light breeze disturbs it s surface. The sunshine reflects in the water with myriads of sparkles. This is the moment to remember for years to come. Both of you will cherish these memories when you are old and grey.

Visiting a music festival

If you’d like to invite one of the Russian singles for a music festival, make sure it’s the kind of event both of you will enjoy. The idea behind it is nice, but the choice of music is a question of personal preferences, and if you like rock concerts while she prefers ethno music, it’s going to be a problem. It’s better to ask her well in advance what sort of music she prefers. Alternatively, you can just go and enjoy the outdoors regardless the music.

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Visiting a museum or an art-gallery

Needless to say, visiting a museum or an art-gallery has nothing to do with summer or winter – you can do it all year round. However, in summer it’s especially wonderful to visit open air museums. It’s a great opportunity to find out more about history and culture of Russia, and your girl will appreciate if you revel genuine interest in this things.

The majority of Russian singles are very cultured, brilliantly educated and well read, and they appreciate a man who can discuss paintings, sculptures, original architecture, arts and crafts. It’s highly recommended to read a couple of book on Russian art and history before making a trip – Russian singles will be pleasantly surprised by vastness of your knowledge.

Going for a river cruise

In many Russian cities they offer exciting river cruises for the locals and tourists alike. It’s an excellent idea for a romantic date with someone special. Watching a changing cityscape while holding one of the hot Russian ladies in your arms is a wonderful experience, it’s hard to disagree. If you go for a guided tour, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about the city your girlfriend was raised in.

They say a place of living is one of the important factors that define one’s personality. River cruises are especially fascinating in St. Petersburg and Moscow, so if you happen to stay in one of the Russian capitals, implementing this date idea is a must.

Watching a movie al fresco

Watching movies under the sky is not a common practice in Russia, unlike in the American cities, but you can improvise. Pull out a couple of mattresses or comfy chairs and play a projector against a white wall. Don’t forget about yummy snacks. Watching a romantic movie under the stars can hep you create an illusion that there are only the two of you in the whole world.

And this is the ultimate expression of romanticism. Make sure it’s the movie both of you like an enjoy. It would be a great idea to go for her favourite Russian movie with English subtitles. Old soviet comedies and romantic movies are the hit.

You won’t understand a lot of cultural references, but it’s s till going to b very enjoyable. You can pause the movie any time and ask your date to explain this or that moment. Usually such explanations are very hilarious due to the differences in culture, and both of you will have loads of fun.

Going for a barbeque

Russians have a very particular way of preparing barbeque. It’s called ”shahslyk”, and both its smell and taste is nothing short of heavenly. Prepare shashlyk with your beloved one and enjoy a wonderful meal while talking about every subject under the sun. You can also invite her friend – even though it’s not very romantic, and but you’ll have a wonderful experience of relaxation with a group of friendly Russian people. Usually barbeque involves playing guitar and singing songs, joking and laughing, playing badminton and other games.

Gardening together

If your date has a dacha – a summer house or a plot of land in the suburbs, you can spend a day there gardening together. You can harvest or plant something, pull out weeds, cut unnecessary branches and so on. She’ll be grateful for your help, and both of you will have lots of fun.

Whatever date idea with Russian singles you choose to implement, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Not only they will help you preserve special moments in your memory, but it’s also a proof of your relationship in the immigration service. It will be helpful i n the future if you decide to get married and live in your country.

These were only few basic recommendations on what to do in Russia during the summer months. The are plenty of wonderful opportunities, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.