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  1. Updates and additions
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  4. Experts
    The Experts of the site are any verified authors who provide useful advice within qualitative, well-checked and well-corrected texts that we post on the Site.
    It is desirable but not obligatory that our Experts are certified participants or the workshops, conferences, seminars or have an official education in a field of psychology, cosmetology, fashion etc.
    We tend to choose and publish the authors with positive views rather than negative ones, although we may not adopt our Experts’ opinions completely.
    We allow both Experts and amateurs to comment our Content or publish their suggestions unless they are clearly criticizing or abusive.
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    We respect our users and post our content exactly for their profit and use, therefore, we welcome their corrections and suggestions. Such feedback can be delivered or passed to us by any means and sources.
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    The users’ objections, if any, should be delivered to us in advance but can be left without consideration.
    The User realizes and accepts that the Site doesn’t bear any personal responsibility for such non-typical situations as disasters, failures, breakdowns, war, virtual or real attacks from the third side.