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Living in Russia isn’t the same as living in Europe, obviously. Europeans have a lot of day-to-day basic principles that they try to adhere to. In Russia, a country where many European concepts don’t enjoy any popularity or even exist, you may be taken aback when a Russian female you date says something controversial.

A lack of understanding for some of these is sometimes a motive for people to move to Russia. Though, you must really hate it to move to Russia where, frankly, life isn’t as easy. Still, sometimes it’s so good to run from the new obtrusive trends the Western media like to shame people with.


Russians are often portrayed in media of other countries as the tactless people. Maybe not even intentionally, but that’s the image folks here have, thanks to the news networks.

To be frank, there are everyday displays of racism in Russia, but they are not the same as you may have in your country. It is usually aimed at the people of African descent, rarer — the Asians and the Natives. 

There aren’t many Africans in Russia, nor are they subject to racism if they don’t behave saucily. Asians and the peoples Russians live side-by-side with can be called words for the same reason (never without a reason). Russian people, however, are quite used to living near people of other races and ethnicities, they even choose to marry and date them

At the same time, a Russian female you date or virtually any Russian person you know may say a racist slur at any given moment. It’s especially common to exchange racist jokes among friends. The idea of shaming people for being racist in Russia pretty much only comes up if the joke was aimed at your own ethnic group. 

And even then, people largely think it’s pretty funny and won’t shame you for it. Though you specifically shouldn’t speak any prejudice out loud in Russia, you, as a foreigner, don’t have that privilege.

That’s just Russian humor for you.

Prejudice towards foreigners

You would think Russians had something to say about every nation in the World. Well, that may very well be so, but in terms of calling the outsiders names — they don’t do that unprovoked. 

Generally, you can describe the Russian attitude towards any people who can be a good target for prejudice as a sleeping bear. They won’t care if you exist if you don’t do anything noisy or impudent. And if you do — they may or may not (depending on a person) unleash all they can upon this cocky foreigner.

You are probably used to a fact that Europeans tend to be polite to each other (the Western Europeans, at any rate). But if, say, a bunch of French tourists is being disrespectful and noisy, a Russian female you date will call at least call them the ‘frog-eaters’. And not silently, no — she probably will say that to them.


That’s another huge trend in the West that Russians blissfully ignore. Yes, women too — a Russian female is a very influential role in itself, you don’t need to fight for your rights anymore. They pretty much have all they need. Russian women are scary and powerful. Among other things, the list of roles they possess in Russian society includes are:

-The teachers, almost completely;

-Managing positions in bureaus, political institutions, banks and a lot of other places;

-Police, a lot more in percentage than in Europe;

-Politicians, also a lot more than in Europe;

-Army, again

Seeing a pattern yet? Russians from the earliest age can’t help but respect women. Sure, the feeling fades away after a while, but given women have a lot of powerful positions in Russia — it just doesn’t go away. Sure, you can joke about women all you want, but you’ll be helpless without them. 

So, feminism really has no place in Russia. The movement itself is now diminished to fighting against the images that define women, it would be ridiculed to ashes in Europe at different times, but gets support now for some reason. In Russia, on the other hand, even women ridicule this nonsense.


People in the most developed and civilized countries of Europe generally don’t tell you what to do, they ‘respect’ your right to do whatever you want until your actions start affecting people around you. And even then, they may still ignore you. That includes wearing whatever you want, speaking in the way of your own preference and alike. 

If you people don’t suffer from your presence, it’s quite alright, do what you have to do.

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Old ladies and other sources 

In Russia, on the other hand, you can get shamed pretty easily. If you dress over-the-top flamboyantly, speak in a weird manner or just do something that to people around you seems strange — they’ll have a silent opinion at the very least. The worst you can do is to get one of the babushkas to start lecturing you, and not in a healthy manner. Most of the time, they’ll just say how idiotic you are. 

Babushkas (the old ladies) are Russian Pandora box. You can never tell if she’ll be sweet and understanding or completely mental.

They are the source of most of shaming in these parts. But a Russian female of one of the younger generations can also join the fun but in a gentler sense. Younger people are much more chill, but they will not hesitate to tell you to stop acting like a fool if you bother them too much. 

What they say on the Internet

The Russian Net is a pretty wild place. You know what it means if you’ve ever encountered a Russian person in a videogame or dated a Russia person online. Their side of the Internet is filled with strange opinions that don’t have any grounding or sense. 

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How some Russians like to serve their opinion

The deeper you go into the Russian websites, the more your head starts to throb. The recipe behind a classic Russian political opinion is to take notes from the news source that deliberately lies to you, add even more drama into it and then block anyone who says something even remotely opposite to what you said.

Not all people in Russia really like to show in the Web how smart and observant they are, but if a Russian female you date is using any social networks on regular basis — chances are, she’s posted something very dumb in the past.

Or maybe she’s still posting this sort of ingenious content. It’s not really anyone’s place to judge people for their opinions. But if the way she expresses it tells you she isn’t easily reasoned with — any quarrels you may have can be pretty unbearable. But keep in mind that it’s not certain because a person rarely behaves identically on the Internet and in real life.

In conclusion

If you’ve decided to make a relationship with a Russian female, there may be some wild facts you should get used to hearing. Usually, however, Russian women are gentle souls, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to hear it constantly. Sometimes, it may take you aback because of how sudden or seemingly unprovoked it came out.

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