Avoid mistakes most men make on Russian dating sites

If you’re tired of loneliness and would like to find your happiness in Eastern Europe, one sure way to do that is to join a Russian dating website. There are plenty of gorgeous ladies in Russia searching for love and marriage abroad. And there are plenty of reasons why foreign men like Russian women. Over the last two or three decades Slavic ladies have proven to be an excellent wife material, and men from all over the world flock to Russia in order to find their soul mates. But before you meet the woman of your dream face to face, most probably you’ll have to handle a long-distance relationship while corresponding via the dating site.

Online dating is undoubtedly a very useful thing – it brings together people who would have never met otherwise. However, there are lots of differences between real dating and online dating, and every single newcomer tends to make certain mistakes. In some cases, these mistakes are easy to correct. In others, they prove to be disastrous and a person concerned ends up with a broken heart.

Pictures of girls on a Russian dating site

When you join a Russian dating website, it’s important to remember that oftentimes it’s not the best man who gets a woman. It’s a man who makes fewer mistakes. So don’t start sending messages to random women the moment you’ve paid for your membership. Think of you goals and wishes and come up with a well-thought strategy on how to approach gorgeous Russian girls. And by all means avoid making these 10 mistakes:

1 Lousy profile photo

Sometimes books are judged by their cover no matter what the proverb says. On a dating site, it’s not just “sometimes”, it’s “always”. Admit it, you go through hundreds women’s profiles and select the ones you like based upon the profile pictures. After all, hot Russian brides photos are very attractive. Women do the same. After making a quick search, they go through many profiles and select the ones with attractive pictures. Words come second, photos come first. The importance of having a nice picture with a lovely smile can hardly be exaggerated.

Everything matters – your pose, face expression, location, outfit, and background. Make sure the photo’s quality is acceptable, with no blurriness or low resolution.

2 Miserable profile descriptions

Even if you hate filling forms, you should put your dislikes aside when it comes to finding the love of your life. Make sure to fill all the fields of your profile on a Russian dating website – the more information you provide: the more chances you’ll get to find someone compatible. Don’t tell lies, even if they sound pretty innocent, to appear more attractive. Women appreciate honesty and sincerity. Describe your hobbies, dreams, aspirations, and views on family, romance and marriage. Specify you likes and dislikes. Tell about your expectations from a potential partner. A bit of humour wouldn’t be out of place.

3 Sticking to only one means of communication

Diversity is extremely important in a long-distance relationship. Instead of only exchanging letters, surprise her by sending an SMS. Talk to her on Skype, write a snail mail love letter, and chat on messengers.

Modern technologies provide with so many means of communication that it gets very easy to keep the fire burning. The most important is to be spontaneous, interesting and inventive.

A woman should never get bored with you – boredom and genuine affection can’t go hand in hand.

A man checking messages on a Russian dating website

4 Being slow with your replies

In the world of today, there are very few reasons to delay your response if you genuinely like someone. If you receive a letter from a woman you like, make sure to reply within three days – no one is willing to wait for weeks when there are so many men on a Russian dating websites who don’t mind taking your place. Women like to feel wanted, so you shouldn’t neglect any letters or messages if you feel a lady who sent them could become your potential life partner. If you’re too busy with work or not feeling well, just send her short message saying you’re going to answer in depth in a few days.

5 Being overly negative

Even if you had a string of miserable experiences with women, it’s no use talking about it in an overly negative tone. You can mention it once, but don’t keep talking about it all the time, blaming all the females on earth for your misfortunes. No one is going to get inspired by a grumpy man with a pessimistic outlook. Negativity is a big turn off on dating sites – people start dating online in order to improve their lives, get inspired and find their happiness. And it’s hard to get inspired by someone who complains all the time.

6 Terminating conversations too quickly

In the initial stages of your online dating experience it’s recommended to talk to as many women as possible. Don’t stop writing after a couple of messages even if they’re not very inspiring- perhaps a girl just feels a bit shy at first. Instead, give her a chance to sow what she is capable of bringing to a relationship. The more correspondences you keep the more chances there are of developing a serious, profound relationship with a compatible person.

7 Falling in love too easily and too quickly

It takes time to form a relationship online. It’s easy to get carried away with the number of pretty pictures on a Russian dating website, but what really important is to stay focused. You’re there not to have fun, but to find a person to share your life with, so you’d better leave falling in and out of love to inexperienced and over-excited teenagers. It requires time to develop deep, profound feelings to a person at the opposite side of the screen. If you say to a woman you love her after a week or two, she won’t take you seriously. Take time to know her better to learn about her attitudes, aspirations and dreams. Make sure you are compatible before taking your relationship on a new level. She should see that you can be trusted with making important decisions in life.

Pretty Russian girls on international dating sites

8 Being too explicit

Sex is not a taboo subject when two adult people correspond via a dating site. However, there is a difference between being sensual and passionate and acting creepy. Don’t be that lousy guy who sends explicit pictures and keeps talking about all things sexual before even meeting a woman. For girls, relationships are more about feelings rather than physical aspects of love.

9 Sending money

A trusted dating website is usually strictly monitored, but fraudsters and scammers find their ways everywhere.

One thing to remember is not to send money to someone you in met online, period.

No matter how sad their stories sound, don’t take any financial obligations. If they need some travel money in order to meet you, buy them a ticket. There were lots of stories of heartbroken men waiting for their beloved Slavic girlfriends at the airport. Avoid sending expensive gifts either – no gold earrings, iPhones and fur coats. A woman who is genuinely interested in you will be happy to receive just flowers, chocolates and some small souvenirs. Ignore all the hints about difficult economic situation in Russia and low salaries.

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10 Not being clear about your intentions to visit Russia

When a woman joins a Russian dating website, her intention is to find someone special, get to know him better and eventually to meet him face to face in real life. If you’re not going to make a trip to Russia, don’t waste her time – no one wants to correspond forever. If you’re planning a visit, let her know about it from the very beginning – it’s easier to handle a long distance relationship when you know it actually leads somewhere.

These are some of the mistakes to avoid when talking to Russian women on a dating site. Don’t let them scare you off – a relationship with a Slavic girl is a wonderful experience you won’t regret no matter what.