Russian dating sites for people of different nationalities

Nobody doubts that in developed countries it has always been difficult for working women and men to find a partner, a future wife or husband. Nowadays at the beginning of the 21st century, people are overwhelmed with their work, business, financial problems and so on. Because of that, it could become a lot more complicated to find an object of affection.

Yet the Internet has entered into this area of life and made dating for men and women far easier and faster than it used to be in the era without the global network. In the recent decade, thousands of international and Russian bride sites have gone online. Thanks to them, millions of girls and guys, men and women have managed to find their soulmate.

Foreigners in search of Russian women

Men of different ages, occupations and social classes in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia are increasingly becoming users of dating websites. Quite many of them seek Russian women. What attracts them in ladies from the country that remains enigmatic for Western as well as Oriental people?

Men from different countries appreciate various female features of character. Yet there are some Russian women’s personality traits to which all foreigners are attracted:

  • Faithfulness
  • Carefulness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Gentleness
  • Emotionality
  • Kind heartedness
  • Intelligence
  • Trueness
  • Thrift.
Women and girls from Russia

There aren’t ideal women who possess all the qualities mentioned in the list. The same you can say about the sterner sex. Guys are not perfect and shouldn’t be faultfinders when it comes to the fair sex.

What impresses foreign men is the desire of most Russian women to dedicate their lives to the family. For each of them, her children and husband come first, career and job come next. Unlike Oriental women, after wedding, Russian ladies keep paying much attention to their looks.

Western guys find girls from Russia a lot more stylish, beautiful, trendy and emotional in comparison to their female compatriots in Europe or North America. European ladies tend to be equal to men whereas Russian women don’t mind being dependent on their husbands or boyfriends.

Advantages and pitfalls of online dating

While seeking a soulmate or a bride, foreign men should keep in mind that dating websites have turned into big business. First of all web portals’ owners often aim at luring as many customers as possible to gain profits. Therefore, men can come across a scam while trying to find a Russian woman for marriage or relationship on online dating services.

Advantages of dating websites

In spite of possible pitfalls, foreign men tend to sign up for Russian bride sites more and more willingly each year. This tendency is easy to explain. Online dating is very convenient and gives plenty of advantages to bride seekers:

  • Many potential matches to choose
  • The opportunity to narrow down the search by indicating preferences (first of all interests, age, religion, background, and political views)
  • Saving up time as you don’t need to go on foot or drive a car somewhere
  • Less fear of refusal thanks to a wide choice of girls and women
  • A variety of contacts and opportunities to start communication
  • The possibility to chat with any woman that is of interest to a man,
  • The opportunity to look into dating profiles to know ladies’ interests and background beforehand
  • The possibility to see any person in photos or on video from the very beginning of acquaintance.

What pitfalls can men face up with on dating websites?

When you as a love seeker visit Russian bride sites, the first thing you usually focus on is girls’ profiles. You not only study information about occupation, interests or preferences in different spheres, but also look through women’s photos.

Although some people say the appearance isn’t very important, in real life men pay much attention to girls’ looks. Exceptions are quite rare. Guys appreciate women’s desire to look perfect at home, on social occasions, and in public places. So, you as a foreigner who has serious intentions should make sure that the pictures are not a fake.

Sometimes girls post their old photos in which they look a lot younger. There are cases when women had their pictures photoshopped.

Photoshopped images on Russian bride sites

Students, retired men and other people who are desperate for the money are occasionally involved in this business. They steal ladies’ photos somewhere on the Internet (social networks, fashion or women’s websites) and post them in fake dating profiles. Men don’t even suspect that they fell for a scam.

Communication on the site can seem realistic. Men chat with girls, even get daily selfies and occasional virtual gifts, but as a matter of fact, they communicate with women or even men who are behind fake profiles and are just paid for this “work”.

Advice: beware of fast love or affection confessions; in 100% cases, it’s an evident sign of dishonest intentions.

Men aren’t immune to facing hidden married daters who look for sort of an escape from their mundane family life or girls who strive to solve their financial problems due to foreign well-off love seekers. Exactly these two groups of female dating site users tend to make quick love confessions.

There are such girls and women on dating websites who tend to exaggerate and even lie. It concerns quite diverse aspects, starting with the age or background and finishing with interests or the purpose of online dating. This tendency isn’t widely spread, but men occasionally happen to come across such ladies especially on free platforms.

How to avoid pitfalls?

Men shouldn’t be too careful while visiting Russian bride sites. Female scammers are not the majority of users of dating sites. On the contrary, most women are open-minded, outgoing, honest, and ready to meet offline. To avoid pitfalls is quite easy if you follow some simple rules:

  • Start communicating only with women whose account has been verified
  • Politely insist on occasional video chats
  • Be frank and open yourself
  • Pay more attention to girls’ personality but not to her looks
  • Be realistic and try not to expect your date to be ideal
  • Do not be afraid to hurt a woman saying goodbye to her if you feel her first and the only interest is your money.

Criteria for secure dating websites

Although there are thousand online dating sites, it’s not easy to find such a platform you can trust 100% or at least close to this percentage. Experts emphasize several criteria for a reliable site that help men narrow down their choice:

  • Many options of services that correspond to contemporary requirements
  • Combination of free and paid services
  • The possibility to contact the site’s customer support
  • All members’ accounts are verified
  • Free signing up
  • The portals use cutting-edge technologies due to which sites provide their members with high-end services: cam share, applications, video chat, and others.

About 5% of dating websites, which now exist on the market, meet the above-mentioned criteria. There are five of them that experts consider the best ones:

rating website date of creation
5 May 14, 2011
4 October 4, 2007
3 March 30, 2005
2 January 25, 2000
1 April 1, 2009

Warning: remember that free dating websites don’t often ensure safety to their members; in comparison to paid dating platforms, there is a much higher risk of falling for a scam there.

5. Charm Date

Russian bride site Charm Date

All members of this online dating platform are real people. The targeted audience of Charm Date is Western men seeking for Russian brides and women from Russia who are in search of foreigners ready to get married.

Professional translators and interpreters available on help female members create their profiles in English with personal details and pictures. If girls need to get help with chatting to foreigners, the specialists readily lend their assistance.

Men sign up for Charm Date and create their profiles free of charge. Guys need to buy credits if they want to contact women and reply to their messages. The website can help to arrange a date offline. About 80% of female members are women from databases of local matchmaking agencies.

4. Anastasia Date

Russian bride site Anastasia Date

The website is famous for its anti-scammer policy. Anastasia Date’s administration constantly monitors users’ profiles and behavior. They double-check the identity of all girls and women available on

Men need to pay for most of the services available starting with sending messages and finishing with giving virtual gifts. They have the opportunity to check women’s profiles themselves. In case of a scam, the administration immediately takes actions by blocking a fraud.

3. Russian Cupid

Bride site Russian Cupid

The majority of men signed up for are from 25 to 50 years old. They need Gold or Platinum membership status to send and get instant messages or use a video chat. The service costs each guy 29,99 $ a month.

Most female members are women aged 20–30. About 90% of them are relation-oriented, seek for a future foreign husband or at least a boyfriend. The administration checks out women’s identity by talking to them via Skype.

Women also must show their ID photos before their profiles are approved. Men have the right to screen for possible fraud if they suspect somebody of it.

2. Elena’s models

Russian bride site Elena’s models

Most men signed up for are from the USA, Australia, and Western Europe. Before approving a new female member’s profile, the administration conducts a video interview with her. Women have to show their documents and reply to some essential questions about their background and intentions.

Guys have an opportunity to sign up using their Facebook accounts. Men should be paid members to exchange Skype contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses. The services cost them 19 $ and a little more if they want to chat live on video.

Women’s genuine profiles are flagged. The website’s sophisticated software prevents male members from encountering any scammers.

1. Russian Bride

Dating site Russian Bride

This website isn’t an unalloyed dating service. Russian Bride is first of all a platform for authors specialized in writing articles on different subjects:

  • Family issues
  • Happy marriage
  • Successful dating
  • Career and family life
  • Efficient ways to seek for a potential husband or wife etc.

Verified experts available on are ready to give appropriate tips on any matter that worries website’s users. The members themselves can send their articles and become authors. If any man takes an interest in the contents and wants to get to know the female writer better, he can contact the woman who wrote the text.

Ladies signed up for the site have the opportunity to take initiative. They can make the first step to start relationships. Most women available on are from 21 to 45 years old. Men must be not younger than 24. That’s a strict requirement on which female members insist.