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Truth be told, an average Russian female doesn’t believe in a frequent change of partners. Thereby, the chance of you suddenly getting single is quite low, especially if there were no premises for it. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your lady to break up with you. On the contrary, there are several unique reasons she might be pushed to leave you by. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered if you made your Russian girlfriend unhappy and, consequently, pushed her closer to the realization that her relationship isn’t that great — you can do either or both following things: calm down and read the article to understand if you’ve pushed some limits you didn’t know about.

What can persuade a Russian female to break up overall

In other words, who do Russian women expect their partners to be? This is a tricky question and the answer to each individual woman’s desires is different. Luckily, people came up with words like ‘typically’ and ‘on average’ just for this occasion (not certified data). For that, let’s pick an average Russian student of weaker gender.

How should a boyfriend behave in a relationship

Like in many other cultures, people in Russia expect you to behave in certain manner not because that’s their weird kink, but because everyone in their culture behaves similarly.

Or, alternatively, because they think you, an outsider, will do something accordingly to the stereotypes they’ve heard.

So, what are most Russian men like? Typically, young men are pretty initiative and confident. Some even more so, it causes trouble and getting into fights with others. The reality is so that men are expected to be strong and help women not only in their families but also out in public.

That’s an upbringing, at least. You should also keep in fact two factors that affect this behavior:

  1. It’s the 21st century, the people are encouraged to think for themselves, be independent. Being a conformist is discouraged, on the other hand. That’s why some people act out in disregard of values (helping others out, cherishing family values) society deem appropriate and healthy. In the end, don’t expect that every Russian female will expect you to be a gentleman. That, however, has a much bigger chance of happening than out in the West.
  2. Students like to experiment with their lifestyle. Therefore, apart from the upbringing and the experiences of childhood, there are also bad habits, bad influence, and generally irresponsible attitude. That’s also why not everyone believes that men must be strong and initiative. Being passive in life is also an option that not every person decline.
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A Russian female may be very assertive

This time, at least, the rumors didn’t let you down, as you may have already guessed. Russian women may be pretty tough to dissuade or to say no to. You can get an earful just from saying that you don’t want to do something she really likes. Add to that usual female ability to dig deeper than needed, and you’ll regret your decision soon enough.

However, you must say ‘no’ at some point. However, you should also say it gently, not to give her any ground to doubt you. After all, you should appear confident and speak your own opinion. It may not be what she would have wanted at that moment, but that’s what she wants in the end.

How does it affect you?

In short, should you show that you’re passive about some things and don’t want to do something simple just because you don’t feel like it, whereas a Russian female you date urges you to join her — it will look bad. And ‘something simple’ isn’t doing drugs or anything of a sort. Some people straight away don’t want to leave their homes to walk a bit. 

Alright, it is possible to come up with a good excuse, but, trust this, the one that includes words ‘I am tired’ isn’t viable. If the leisure involves something particular you don’t want to participate in, state that you don’t want to, and propose an alternative.

What you, as an outsider, can do wrong?

Apart from the general idea of what man should be like your own unique qualities may cause a break-up.

A deep rift between values

As was mentioned before, Russian students nowadays are pretty non-conformist. With that, the values that society or some other force try to impose on them mostly get rejected. However, there are also patriotic people who acknowledge that Russia has its own set of values that are healthy to live by. It is probable that you came across just such a person.

The values aren’t the type that rejects democracy and supports despotic ways, or whatever people may think Russian society is based around. It’s more of whether you should cherish traditions and the traditional way of life. Many in the West, as seen on countless occasions, don’t really feel like doing it.

Every day, new barriers are broken down and others are build instead. You should keep your mouth at check not to be deemed homophobic, sexist or fascist for the slightest misunderstanding in the West. That’s the type of ostracism people in Russia don’t understand. 

They don’t dislike to be these things, what they really dislike is trying to impose it on them for no reason.

The interest of dating a foreigner ran out

Sadly, it may happen. If you started dating out of pure interest in having a relationship with a person of another culture — you may find sooner or later that your own personality doesn’t combine with hers. 

It’s too late to advise against engaging in such a relationship, that’s why the second-best advise here would be to keep the interesting parts going. Entertain her with showing how people in your culture do the usual routine, ask her to do the same. Consider traveling, if the circumstances allow it. 

After all, while participating in all of this, she may actually see how much you value to her, and how deep a person you are (probably).

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Sources of discontent

Well, first of all, maybe you’re just overthinking it, and there’s no crisis. Especially after reading this, you may doubt that your qualities are good enough. This, however, is a stray path, don’t take it. If you can tell that a Russian female whom you call your girlfriend cares for you (and you do, too) — then there can be no crisis.

But how can you tell if there is actually one? Well, there are several ways:

  1. She doesn’t yell at you (or scolds you in any way). It’s either that she thinks there’s no way to fix it or she just doesn’t like to yell at people. Russians even have a saying: she loves you if she hits you. Scolding means she cares;
  2. Intimacy suddenly faded away. If you’ve never been close to each other and thinking that it’s a problem — don’t worry about it, the time will come. But if you have been close and don’t get close any longer, that’s a bell ringing. Maybe she’s just having a rough week, you should know it if she does. If you don’t — no wonder she wants to break up;
  3. She doesn’t tell you interesting stories anymore. Well, if you two are from two different cultures — you must have a lot to tell each other. But if she feels that the heat ran out, she won’t bother

Don’t overthink it

It, however, isn’t a set of rules. Your girlfriend is her own person, connecting dots like that isn’t very fair. It’s just that many people behave like this. In order to figure out if everything’s bad, you really should ask directly if she thinks you both have a problem. 

That’s the ultimate way to solve the problem. If the relationship became a wreck very quickly, however, that means that you weren’t compatible, to begin with. And that you can’t help.

In conclusion

Curing relationship, especially deep, isn’t easy. You can only deduce a few sources of discontent like those above if the bond is fresh and new. If it’s been years now, you pretty much need to figure it out yourself.

But if you need some other practical advice to strengthen your relationship — you can check out some other guides on this website, or even watch the video below for more info:

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