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Feminism has steadily been growing viral for the past decade. The old expectations of how women may behave are now broken down, and a few of these new ideas are kind of disturbing. That’s the reason, why many frustrated gentlemen have moved to more conservative parts of the Globe, where being feminine is not a sin yet.

Conveniently, the Russian-speaking hasn’t yet been touched by this controversial notion, and everyone knows, that Russian girls are really good-looking.

However, a woman is a woman, whether in Africa or Russia or the West. American (let’s settle on this nation for the standard) ladies are somewhat similar to Russian girls, believe it or not. It’s always been this way due to biological reasons, but the damned Globalization too left its mark on women of the Globe.

We really should quit stalling around and get to the topic itself.

The general similarities in behavior

It’s one of those occasions, when you get amazed, how astoundingly alike people from different corners of a Continent may go about their usual business. It is truly amazing. 

Disclaimer: some things below may be stereotypical for some degree, but don’t get bummed out — they are somewhat true as well

First of all, many women all over the World try to improve their looks as best as they can. This includes Americans, Europeans, and Russians, of course. Though, for Russians, it goes even further. No matter, where you go, if people exist there — you must look good. And they demand the same of their lovers (little tip here).

Secondly, they typically get mad easily (depends on a person, though). It’s likely their ultimate difference from boys — nothing’s ever said lightheartedly. But that’s not a point. The point is: the Russian girls aren’t much gentler than Americans or Europeans. Just a little, maybe. But don’t think you can relax, while talking to one, they are still women.

By the way, you can pick up a few tips about talking to Russian girls from here as well.

Thirdly, hearing these stereotypes about Russian coldness can make a man believe that Russian girls are cold as snow. But that’s not a case. If anything, women in Russia are even more emotional than most of their counterparts in US. Living in Russia demands a little more struggling than usually in Western countries. This doesn’t allow both mind and body to be idle and makes them more alive.

Fourthly, women in Russia like compliments as much as their colleagues from different parts of the Earth. So, don’t get miser on saying good things — it’s really one of the main levers to show your good intentions. Don’t say them bluntly, though. Think of something delicate (that’s another small tip for you).

Fifthly, the Russian temper may be harder than what you usually encounter in the Western World. But the women there still adhere to the principles of a good relationship. She won’t typically take on the initiative and will not dominate (well, maybe just a little) you in it (if that’s what you fear). That means you should probably both get acquainted and start a conversation first. As well as propose other joint leisure.

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Well, it should answer most of the questions on how dating Russian girls resembles usual dating. You may use it in practice, in case you didn’t read attentively. Nevertheless, let’s keep going through the topic.

Untrue legends that you probably heard somewhere

Getting a Russian girlfriend has lately become considered an exotic yet wise move for many reasons. Some of them are true, like natural Russian beauty and them being not so demanding. Some are pretty much fiction, suggesting that Russian ladies are very different from the decadent witches of the West (or whatever) and so on. Here are a few more of such legends.

It is untrue that:

  1. Russian women do not work and pretty much look after the household. Russian girls are taught to sew and cook at school, but it doesn’t mean that it’s their primary concern. Most find themselves a job and make a living out of it, same as in Europe and America. Sure, she’ll probably be efficient in helping you keep the home together. However, don’t just push the chores onto her. Not helping a woman is considered a poor habit in Russia.
  2. Russian women are absolutely loyal. Depends on a person, really. Just like anywhere else, there’s no some rule that compels women to always stay loyal to you, if you don’t deserve it. It’s a personal concept, which you should learn of by yourself.
  3. ‘Good men are scarce in Russia, and women are desperate’. This notion roots in demographical statistics and the stereotype that a regular Russian man is an alcoholic who yells ‘cheeki-breeki’ as a welcome. On average, males in the World are a bit more numerous than females. But in Russia it’s opposite. Nevertheless, the ratio is not 2 to 1 or even 1.5 to 1, and it’s not that notable too. Plus, Russian guy is not an average stereotypical Ivan, come on. They are as desperate in finding a boyfriend as anyone.
  4. Considering that one can remember at least one famous Russian sportswoman, there is a myth that sports in Russia are still super popular. Therefore, women in Russia are really fit. This is more of a base of deeper research, but as far as one can notice, it’s not one of the primary occupations. Kids usually attend some sports section or another, but being fit is not a ‘nation’s spirit’ nowadays. Russians are pretty much as slim as Europeans on average.
  5. ‘Every Russian woman would want to leave Russia’. It’s quite controversial, but there’s just a tiny seed of truth in this statement. Leaving to reside somewhere with better living conditions is pleasant. But no one in their right mind would leave a country right away without even a semblance of a plan. It’s not like Russia is some kind of Somali, but with Slavs, remember. It’s just the same that drives Brits, for instance, to live in Norway, Denmark or Germany — better living conditions.

Why do these legends even exist

There is certainly more to what people believe Russian women are, but these were probably the most common. Many people, who adore women from Russia, are prone to giving them properties they don’t have. The origins of this reside perhaps in the constantly growing confrontation of the West and Russia. 

If there’s something wrong with the place you live in, it means Russians clearly have it totally the other way. It’s just an opinion but looks like it’s exactly what’s been driving people to Russia for the past ten years.

Picture of some Russian girls

Cultural similarities

Here’s where actual questions start to pop up. You see, a good conversation will be available only when you have common interests with your interlocutor. Like when you both like the same show or both play videogames. Conversations soon begin to start occasionally.

Is being raised in Russia really so different

But what really worries people abroad Russia is ‘what if she is just raised the other way and we have nothing to talk about’. Considering the differences in history, tempers and culture overall, this is a legitimate thing to be afraid of. But not really.

If you’re both (conveniently) human beings, you have probably been raised the similar way. Maybe you have been given different snacks and toys, but that’s just it. However, if you’re genuinely interested, how culturally different they are — click here.

How is it different today

Say, 50 years ago living in Russia would be a weird experience for you, a capitalist oppressor from consumer society. Modern Russia may still look like a tyrannical dictatorship to an unenlightened outsider, but its population:

  • Visits fast food regularly;
  • Watch fresh American TV-series and movies at home and in theaters;
  • Follow the popular trends with the rest of the World;
  • Actively use the Internet;
  • Start dating freely from the age of 16 (sometimes sooner);
  • Regularly use slang words from the English language;

What it means is Russian girls (especially from the younger generations) pretty much behave like the people of their age from other places in the World. Of course, you can’t forget about traditions, temper and other local differences. It’s not something Globalization can wipe away… yet.

Age barriers

It depends on age, though. Older people (not old, just older) may struggle a bit while connecting to you. But the Web-culture is very deep in the younger Russians. They are very similar to their fellows abroad. They still have their own quirks, however.

In conclusion

The still hugely isolated Russian culture sometimes makes it uneasy to connect with people there.

But, quoting a genius actor Tommy Wiseau: ‘Love is blind’.

Nevertheless, women remain women even in the most remote parts of the known world. Conveniently, Russian girls respect the latest trends, making them relatively easy to hit on. Though if you want to know, how to hit on them more effectively, check out the video below: