Steal your Russian girl’s heart

If for a longer period of history the society was dominated by men, since the end of the nineteenth century, the power (and other privileges) systematically passed to women. Let me open your eyes to the brutal truth: a huge part of the things that is considered normal and natural is actually an imbalance that is extremely disadvantageous to men.

Even the most feminine and dainty Russian women are really hard to get for marriage. All modern women have now realized how powerful they are. They do not want to live with a random man because they have their own standards now.

Yes, men are more developed physically, but because of pressure of public morals and the rigid legislation, they cannot use force against women. The latter at the same time have an innate highly developed emotional intelligence.

These two forces would have to balance each other, but the use of the first is prohibited in principle, and the second is a familiar thing. Due to these, women know how to manipulate the opposite sex, which after all looks not so strong.

Be persistent for your Russian lady

Even more: since childhood, girls learn how to manipulate. Very often, this is done unconsciously, because, if you try to accuse any woman in this, you are not likely to prove anything.

All of the above-mentioned concern Russian women directly. These ladies can feminine, passionate, and dominant at the same time. Therefore, sometimes it seems that it is impossible to find worthy Russian women for marriage.

In fact, it is easier than it seems. You just need to know some basic tips before trying to find a girl of your life.

Are Russian women really so hard to get?

At the same time, Russian women will tell you that they want a serious and long-term relationship, love, and harmony. If you say anything about pick-up training in front of them, you will get a ton of sarcastic taunts. In fact, the subconscious of such a girl is initially injured and she is psychologically unable to have a normal family and be happy at the same time. As we well know, any woman can find true happiness only with her children and husband.

Apparently, once the males loosened their grip, and the cunning females took advantage of this and everything went wrong. It happened not locally, but in many places at the same time. That is, if there are male rulers over society, then women run it inside: a fictitious patriarchy, but in fact a real matriarchy.

Get your own Russian bride

Almost all men are afraid of beautiful women, especially, when it comes to Russian beauties. This is a fact, and do not do it because of some objective reasons, but because they are used to, they are taught to do so. Imagine: you see a fit and well-groomed girl, while she is well dressed and her face radiates strict impartiality. There is a 99% chance you will not even try to talk to her. Why? You are just used to doing it; you are used to avoiding it.

Communication is your only chance

If a person looks attractive or expensive, it does not indicate that he or she is not disposed to communication. It also does not mean that you need to bend over and in every possible way to fawn before him or her.

The individual who is found at the top of the hierarchy, or close to it, chooses partners, and the latter in turn can only hope and expect. In this case, the advantage of choosing a Russian girl becomes much bigger.

You have to learn to choose, not be like a product on a store shelf. Remember one rule: you are number one and she is number two. If you use this belief in every interaction and all the fundamental things, you will surely learn to succeed with women. However, it takes time and efforts to achieve such results.

If it is too difficult for you to talk with Russian ladies in reality, you can try to find your Russian woman online as they are more talkative and open on the Internet.

Russian women wait for your first step

It is necessary to know that you should get closer to two girls at the same time, to play the role of a leader, to give preference to one or the other, to calibrate the situation competently.

You need to excite both of them systematically, so that an emotional dissonance is formed in their brain. This is when instincts are so strongly dominate over logic that a person turns into a crazed animal and not able to think calmly, but can only surrender to sensual impulse.

The secret of successful dating

The first step on the road to success can be different pickup trainings. As practice shows, the majority of men having achieved success in seduction, begin to success in self-development, business, and so on.

The reason for your fear, as well as the root of your success, lies in the neural networks of your brain. You can let others teach you how to live, or you can take matters into your own hands and get what you want.

The choice, as always, is yours. The only thing that can prevent the favorable development of relations – her feminine cunning. Those girls, who badly want to marry, is actively using manipulation.

For example, she meets a man and everything develops, as it should. Then, her attitude changes dramatically and she begins to avoid communication with him. When a man tries to figure out what is going on, she lets him know (directly or by hints) that he is guilty of something.

Oddly enough, after that he begins to feel guilty that he spends little time with her. Some manipulative Russian women can ask you directly in the face about the date of your marriage. The desire to propose to a Russian lady appears after such manipulations, but it is important for you to resist them.

Maybe there is a way out

If you face this, it is not fatal, because your goals are the same. Even if you succumb to her manipulation, and she will be able to “ring” you, at first glance, you will only benefit from it. You just should be careful because when a woman manages to manipulate a man and achieve anything from him, she begins to lose sexual attraction to him.

Therefore, keep the brand of a real man and do not react to her manipulation and indifference.

She will feel the same if you position your desire incorrectly. It is important to let her know that you want a family, not for the family, but for her. Make a Russian girl believe that you see only her in the place of your wife, and only therefore make a proposal to her.

So if in some article you read that you need to talk about family values, do not rush to follow this advice. Not every girl will understand you correctly. Some of them can make wrong conclusions, thinking that if you are really into it. That you want it so much, no matter with whom.

Bright proposal

It is really important for any Russian woman to have a great wedding. You should think everything over, and then she is not likely refuse you.

  1. In order to reduce the probability of failure, you need to prepare a speech.
  2. Look on the Internet for examples of how some men make a proposal.
  3. Try to do something special. Still, much will depend on this moment. The more grandiose your proposal, the better.
  4. Ask your friends to organize this event – hardly anyone will refuse you, because it is the most valuable thing in life, and all your friends will help you with great enthusiasm. You can also tell her friends to bring your future Russian wife to the appointed place.

Before you make a proposal, consider two things:

  • At the time of a bright proposal, it is very difficult for a girl to refuse a man, because she will feel guilty before him and others if she refuses. She can only agree because she cannot psychologically refuse you for fear of judgment (though she might want to). Therefore, you have to make sure that she treats you as well as you treat her. You do not want to marry someone who doesn’t love you, do you?
  • Make sure you pick one of the best. After all, if the search for a potential wife you treated carelessly, it is likely that you have chosen not the best available to you.

As you can see, finding Russian women for marriage is not so difficult. Of course, until you put into practice the knowledge of this article, you will not feel how correct these tips were, and whether you will be so easy to implement in reality. So all you have to do is just go ahead and do what has been suggested.