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Even if you are getting ready for your Russian date extremely thoroughly, you just have to check whether everything is actually that good as you expect it to be. For example, a lot of foreign male representatives tend to forget about the most obvious differences in mentality.

Besides, you may notice it too late when your date is already ruined. Therefore, you need to be careful when you arrange the first meeting with your Russian lady. You should keep in mind the fact that some of these females can get really nervous and violent because of a few small details.

You should be aware of too many factors because every one of them can actually spoil your Russian date without you noticing that. So, you just have to think everything over in order to surprise your Russian lady with some unexpected ideas or gifts.

Surely, you are not likely to succeed after the very first attempt just because Russian girls are too far from your understanding. However, you will become better at picking them up once you start practicing more.

In fact, you can find hundreds of new ways to get acquainted with Russian women who do not mind meeting foreign grooms. The only thing is that your life goals should be kind of similar since it will serve as common ground once you begin newly-minted relationships.

Down below you will discover the most popular things that can literally ruin your romantic period with any Russian ladies. Try to avoid the worst-case scenario in order to increase the chance of being successful with the woman you have chosen. You will get the hang of it eventually anyway.

Your Russian date should be the one she has never experienced before

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Of course, it will be extremely difficult to organize such a date for a Russian woman who has had a lot of relationships before you. Although, it is still possible if you actually have romantic plans for her. In addition, it is a good start exactly for you because you have to surprise an experienced female.

Remember that it is better to start dating Russian girls who are young and do not what to do when a man woos them. Nonetheless, the best option happens rarely since they are also afraid of relationships with foreign male representatives.

Moreover, some of them consider you dangerous or too different in comparison with local Russian men. Therefore, you will have to try hard enough to prove that you are better than any Russian male possible. It may take a few weeks or months depending on her size of fear.

The most important advice is to keep in mind that she is already yours since it will bring you success when you finally arrange the first Russian date with her. Being a foreign man already gives you a higher possibility to get her in bed at the end of the evening.

After all, you will need to decide whether she is actually your woman or you are going to use her as another example of getting a romantic experience with Russian ladies. This is the first step you need to take in order to move further.

Become a different man to increase the chance of success

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Apparently, a lot of males do not believe that Russian girls are falling in love with muscular, strong, and confident men since thousands of articles tell about this. Nevertheless, it actually works, especially if we are talking about modern Russian females who pay too much attention to men’s appearance.

In other words, you can consider that you already have sex with this or that Russian lady if you look confident and your body is in good shape. You will not believe how simple it works because your new girlfriend will do everything for you.

Eventually, you will need to take the initiative in your hands not to fail with a Russian woman because she will definitely send you many hints that mean she is ready for you. All these special character traits will make you a different man, which is what you need to succeed with Russian girls.

After a few months pass, you will notice how positively your Russian bride influences you because the majority of males actually approve this fact. No one knows how it happens for sure but it is definitely true that men tend to become better when they are in relationships with them.

If you are not satisfied with these changes, you can always return to your previous image in order to see if she likes you the way you are. It may happen so that there will be several conflicts between you immediately because your Russian lady got used to you in your present role.

Do not expect your Russian date to be excellent right away

Even if you spend many hours preparing for your meeting with a gorgeous Russian woman, no one can guarantee you success since you cannot predict her behavior during a date. Therefore, you have to be ready for everything even if the worst things happen.

In order to make sure that everything goes well, you need to understand that making a Russian date is extremely difficult and only a few foreigners can arrange it perfectly after the first try. In many cases, you are likely to fail just because you cannot predict all the small details.

It is advisable to relax because your nerves can kick in at any moment, which will definitely lead to bad consequences. Moreover, you can spoil the first impression because some Russian ladies are really sensitive and emotional. They tend to take everything to heart.

So, it is definitely admirable that you are trying your best to impress your Russian woman but you should not forget that no man is perfect. This rule will help you remain yourself without creating any awkward pauses and situations in general. In addition, it is a good way to stay relaxed and confident even if you feel like the situation is out of your control.

Portrait of a beautiful Russian woman with a coral color makeup

Decide why you want to date exactly this Russian lady

You have definitely heard that having a certain plan may help you conquer any Russian girl’s heart but you cannot even imagine how well it works in reality. If we are talking about young females who expect you to be romantic, there is no way you should talk about marriage and creating a family too soon.

Conversely, if you see that a Russian woman is already over 40 but she is still single and is looking for a man with serious romantic intentions, you should mention the fact that you are ready to create a family in the nearest future.

All these things will make your Russian date look understandable and certain because a lot of Russian girls simply do not realize what foreigners want from them when they start dating them. That is why you should be different to show you who you really are.

There is nothing wrong about flirting with Russian females if they wish to do it themselves because it only increases the chance of getting her in bed sooner. Although, you should focus on serious long-lasting relationships with older women who are not ready to be the victim of a long wooing process.

Do not make her choose between two things

This may happen so that you have done a great job arranging your Russian date but you do not know how to end this evening perfectly. However, the most important rule is not to make your Russian lady choose between two great options.

If you have paid the bill already, it does not mean that you do not have to pay for a taxi because you are the one who has organized this whole meeting and you pay for all the expenses. Do not even try to suggest your Russian woman split the rest of the expenses because she will not get it anyway.

Besides, if went to a shop, there is no way you should reject to make this or that purchase just because of the price. If you feel like you cannot afford it or you simply do not have enough money in cash, try not to visit such places while your Russian woman is around.

You will need to try hard to make it look natural if you do not want to go somewhere because Russian females are actual spenders and they can waste money for absolutely nothing. So, you should be ready for this; otherwise, your first date may become the last one once the evening is over. This is how the Russian girls’ way of thinking works and you cannot do anything about this to fix it.

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