Russian bride searching for a husband abroad

Sometimes you just feel that women in your home country and you are simply not designed for each other. At the same time, you’re tired of loneliness and would really like to settle down and start a family with a reliable partner. If you think of meeting someone abroad and keep asking yourself, where can I find a Russian bride, it’s a clear indication that you should start your searches. But how easy is it to find a Russian wife? With the advent of the internet, it’s getting so much easier to date internationally, and no longer you’re limited by geographical borders and distances.

Meet gorgeous Russian singles for dating and marriage

Try online dating

There are plenty of international dating sites all over the internet offering a great number of communication tools. All you have to do is set up your profile and start contacting women. Go through the database in order to select the most attractive profiles. And by “attractive” we don’t mean a woman’s appearance, but everything she could say about herself and her potential partner in life.

Once you start talking to a girl you like, it’s time to think of a strategy to keep her interested. After all, it’s not easy to woo someone you’ve seen only on your computer screen. It’s also important to remember that online dating makes sense only in case it has a potential to change into real dating one day. Let her know that you’re going to make a trip to Russian and meet her face to face.

Meanwhile, try to keep your communication informative, interesting and pleasant. Use emails, audio and video calls, messages, SMS and what not. Set up Skype dates, surprise her with little gifts and flowers, or send her a hand written letter. Try to learn more about Russian mentality and dating culture – it will help you avoid clashes of culture.

Be aware of dating scams though – lots of lonely men have already tried online dating only to end up with a broken heart. Avoid pay-per-letter sites were you have to pay for every message you receive or send. Don’t send money to anyone you met online.

Online dating is an exciting endeavour you’ll never regret it even if you don’t marry a Russian woman. There are plenty of reasons why men like Russian women. A relationship with an Eastern European woman is fun, but it’s also an eye-opening experience – these gorgeous women love the old fashioned courtship and chivalry, and you’ll feel like a gentleman from the era bygone.

Find some Russian women in your home town

If you don’t feel like dating online, it’s up to you. A long distance relationship is really not for everyone – it’s not easy to keep the fire burning when you’re thousands kilometres away from the object of your affection. If you feel it’s not your thing, one way to find a Russian bride is to check whether there are any people of Russian origin in your own city.

There are lots of Russian immigrants in every Western European country, as well as in the USA and Canada. Perhaps there are some young women among them who would be interested in getting to know you. What you should do is check out the local Facebook groups and talk to people who may assist you.

Ask them, where can I find a Russian bride, by all means, but don’t put too much hope here – it’s likely that every Russian woman in the west has already built her social circle. It’s even more likely that every Russian woman in the west has already got a boyfriend or a husband – a good wife material is always on high demand.

Where can I find a Russian bride for a romantic relationship and marriage

Make a trip to Russia

But in any case you shouldn’t lose heart too easily – you can always travel to Russia. It’s not difficult to obtain a Russian visa and buy air tickets – our globe keeps getting increasingly smaller, and as long as you have resources and some free time, it’s just a matter of getting on a plane. Some of the best cities to meet Russian women include:

  • Moscow
  • Sat. Petersburg
  • Kazan’
  • Sochi
  • Novosibirsk
  • Nizhniy Novgorod

Generally speaking, no matter what city you chose our you first time destination, you’ll be spoiled for choice where beautiful and intelligent women are concerned. What you should pay close attention to is tourism infrastructure. You don’t want to waste your precious time looking for a place to stay or means to move around. Large cities in Russia have lots of comforts to offer to a foreign visitor, that’s why Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most popular destinations.

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Meeting Russian women in public places

You’ll be amazed at how many gorgeous girls can be seen on the streets of a Russian city. You won’t have to ask, where can I find a Russian bride, anymore. They are always dressed to kill, and their confidence and stunning looks can be a bit intimidating at first. But don’t worry, Russian girls are rather friendly, and they don’t avoid an eye contact with a man. Just smile to her and say something nice. Try to learn a bit of Russian prior to your visit – a couple of phrases in their mother tongue is always a good ice-breaker. Some of the public places to meet local women include:

Restaurants and cafes

If you see an attractive single woman in a restaurant or cafe and it’s obvious she’s not waiting for anyone to join her, you can invite her to your table. A romantic atmosphere of such places is designed to bring people closer. Don’t forget to pay the bill – it’s not common in the Eastern European countries to split the bill when inviting a woman for a dinner or even a quick cup of coffee.

Nightclubs and bar

If you’d like to dance your night away in a fashionable night club or chill out in a bar, there is no lack of such places in Russian cities. These are the right places to go if you want to meet someone flirty, easy-going and sociable. Keep in mind, though, that Russian girls don’t approve one night stands.

City parks and gardens

There are plenty of lovely parks in Russian cities – some are large and more like a forest in the middle of the city, others are small, well-planned and cosy. Here you can meet a romantic woman who loves nature and a good stroll. If you like the same, a city park is the right place to go.

A foreign language club

Lots of young women visit foreign language clubs in order to practise their English. There is very little use for their English in day to day life, so they try to improve their skills by communicating with other English speakers. Visiting this place has an added advantage of talking to girls with no language barrier. They’ll be glad to discuss different subjects with a foreigner – you’re a native speaker, after all. And even if you’re not, the chances are your English is still better than theirs.

A gym or a fitness centre

If you’d like to meet someone fit, slim and sportive, head to the first gym you can find nearby your hotel. Young girls in present day Russia lead a healthy lifestyle, with regular workouts, proper diet and all sorts of activities to keep them young and fit.

Museums and art-galleries

Slavic women are known for their love to art and literature; they are well read, sophisticated and intelligent. They often visit exhibitions and museums for art and beauty, and if you like the same things, it’s a perfect opportunity to meet someone likeminded.

Slavic bride looking for a life partner abroad

These are only some places where you can meet beautiful and smart Russian women for a romantic relationship. But generally speaking, you can meet a lovely girl virtually everywhere: at the bus-stop, in a supermarket, drugstore or post-office. Just keep your eyes open and don’t let opportunities go.

From eating the most delicious and healthy homemade food to having a reliable partner to face any challenge in life, there are lots of advantages to having a Russian wife.

If you regularly catch yourself thinking, where can I find a Russian bride, it’s time to stop thinking and start acting. All the best in your love endeavour!

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