Unknown facts about hot Russian ladies

Every man knows what he wants to see in a woman, and what he wants to get from her. But the question is, do they know what women want from them?

When dating a Russian lady, there may be some pitfalls and non-obviousness. You will never know what they want from you. Understanding Russian women’s hints is a separate science.

You have to know some basic rules before going to your first date with a Russian beauty. If you’re lucky enough to get a chance like this, it’s better for you to prepare in advance.

Following small tips, will definitely help you not to mess up with your Russian girlfriend. As a result, you will have a chance of going to another date with her. You want her to become your future Russian wife, right?

You shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations because Russian women don’t think of you as a serious man. They want you to be this man, but they will never tell it straight to you.

Remember advice: The majority of Russian women don’t forgive bad mistakes on a first date. So, it’s extremely important to follow the things listed below and think twice before doing anything.

Try to make a proper impression on her, and only then, you can count on anything else from her. It’s your goal to gain her trust and love.

Russian girls fall in love quickly, easily and very often. Maybe even too often. So, you should always be at your best if you want her to be with you.

Always pay attention to your appearance and outfit

Russian ladies always look like professional models, and they expect the same from you. Special attention should be paid to your hairstyle and clothes. Try to look tidy and stylish on every date with your Russian girl.

Remember that Russian women enjoy well-fitting suits on men. If you’re not good at choosing clothes, a suit will be more than enough. You can also go to the clothing store and ask for advice. They always know what’s the latest fashion now.

Don’t forget about your appearance as well. Always cut your fingernails, toenails, and wash your hair. It will be very nice if have a suitable cologne or any other perfume.

Russian women pay a lot of attention to men’s hygiene. That’s why you should take a shower every day, and don’t forget to brush your teeth before going on a date. If you want to get a kiss from her, try not to eat anything like garlic, onion and other spicy stuff.

Mind your manners

You can call Russian women old-fashioned, but they actually appreciate it when a man opens a door in front of her. This kind of wooing won’t be left unnoticed.

You should act like a real gentleman from the 19th century. Offer your hand when she’s getting out of a car or public transport. You can even hold her coat and carry heavy bags.

The thing is that Russian women are far away from feminism and everything connected with it. They still count on men’s strength and support. Don’t be afraid of showing her your strength and muscles.

Your manners mean a lot if you’ve only started dating a Russian lady. They always watch the way you act in this or that situation. If you don’t want to look like a badly-mannered man, it’s better to follow the traditions.

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Never split the bill

That’s the thing, which most Western man fail to do. You should never offer her to split the bill at the restaurant or anywhere else. Men still pay for women in Russia.

Even if your beloved Russian lady says that it’s totally OK if you split the bill, you shouldn’t trust her that easy. Don’t be too naive. She’s just checking if you’re a generous man who can pay for his lady.

Russian women may seem strong and powerful

That means if you can’t prove to her that you’re “man enough”, she will definitely try to set her own rules. As a result she will see who is the boss of the future family, and will follow your. Russian women don’t want submissive men, but they try to influence on them as often as possible.

It’s a very tricky situation because you will have to balance between listening to her and your own opinion.

She will try to impose different rules, but you should have your own opinion on every matter. Some Russian women can be so despotic that they will even try to forbid you to eat food that you like.

They will throw tantrums if you don’t do what they say. They can also cry a lot. You should never believe that theater because she’s still checking if you’re strong enough to withstand her childlike behavior.

If you can protect your decision at least two or three times, it will be enough for the majority of Russian girls. Eventually, they will understand that you will never fall for their silly behavior, and they will start to see you as a leader of the prospective family.

Show some respect and be patient

Russian women believe that men shouldn’t show any signs of affection for at least two or three dates. If you do so, they will probably think that you’re a light-minded person who has no serious intentions towards her. If she does so, you’re not likely to become her partner.

So, you’re really looking for a long-term relationship and you want her to become your future wife, it’s better for you not to hurry and take care of her.

You should never try to kiss or hug a Russian girl when meeting her for the first time. You will look like an ill-bred man in her eyes. It’s better to bring her flowers because Russian women enjoy them like nobody does.

You can only kiss her hand but you should do it at the end of your date. This sign will show her that you have manners and will give her feeling of falling in love with you.

You can touch her when offering your hand before exiting transport. Such body contact will do only good for you.

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Russian women don’t like alcoholics

The word ”alcoholic” is a bit a big one here. Let’s just say that Russian women don’t tolerate those who drink alcohol or drink it too much.

You should understand it perfectly yourself. Russian ladies date foreign men because they’re looking for the better partners. They don’t want to see your drunk, unshaved face. A drunk man certainly can’t be called appealing.

When at the restaurant, you shouldn’t drink too much even if your lady allows you doing so. Russian women themselves drink wines and champagne. You should never offer them strong drinks such as vodka, whiskey, and so on.

Needless to say that you shouldn’t drink beer with your friends at home. It’s a true nightmare for a Russian woman. If you do so, she may keep silence for some time, but then she will tell you everything she’s thinking about you and this situation.

Russian women’s jealousy knows no bounds

Russian women are highly possessive towards their men, and this character trait is annoying. Even if you don’t give her any reason to be jealous, she will be. Obviously, you should never stare at another girl when you’re walking together, for example. She will definitely bury you alive if you do so.

No one knows the reason why Russian ladies are so jealous but the fact remains. Actually, you will notice that you also become quite jealous because your Russian girlfriend is surely overwhelmingly beautiful, and she will get a lot of compliments from other men.

In addition, you should forget about having female friends or even female colleagues. She will try to check your phone numbers every time someone phones you.

That fact may be really annoying but you will have to deal with it because it’s in Russian girls’ nature. At least you know what to expect now.

Don’t even try to prove anything to her about her jealous behavior or you risk getting in a violent conflict. It’s better for you not to give her a reason to talk about such topics with you.

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Russian ladies enjoy presents

You may say that girls of any nationality love presents. It’s totally true but Russian women love them more than anything. Especially, they love getting small gifts, which cost a small amount of money. Such presents serve as a reminder of your love towards her.

Russian girls expect gifts on any occasion: birthday, New Year, and International Women’s Day. It’s considered to be a tradition or something like that. They just want to get ice cream at least.

You shouldn’t pay too much money for your gift. It’s more important that you remember about your woman, and you give her something nice and small.

If a Russian girl sees that you buy too expensive presents, she will think that you want to buy her somehow. So, it’s better to present her silver earrings than a gold necklace with diamonds.

Russian girls enjoy when you give them something meaningful, not just beautiful. It may be a framed picture of you two, for example. Such present will always remind her about that happy day you’ve spent together.